Friday, September 16, 2011

Wigging It for Frock on a Friday.

  Yes I am a weirdo and I have a wig.(or few)
Was so tired when I did this post it nearly went on cutting room  floor.But then I thought its this or nuthin!!!
So you have to put up with this

Here I am contemplating  trying to look glam but looking glum

 Than passed out for a bit

 Then decided to wake up and
  Peace out for a bit

Small wig big head hence the brown roots 

What? you want to see the dress?
 Well ok I shall pose for a bit.

 Its a home made dress I love the pattern but the dress is not my style.(neither is the blue wig)

 From Ebay (yes ebay ,rare for me!!) with a few others in bulk some will be for sale soon.

 Then I decided to go a different wig does it suit me?

 I know its awful but made you laugh didnt I?
 The bling and shoes.all opped.
 Lovely amber necklaces Kitty has a chain one too The beaded one has  beads with threads  to twist it together.
 So yes pics should have been on cutting floor but energy levels were too low to do another.
So glad you all enjoyed my pirate post yesterday was fun to do (and wore me out hence todays sad post) and was in my head for ages.Just been a time issue for me lately.

Now for some recent treasures (over last 2 weeks)
  Yes I know ...

I love wooden scrabble pieces getting harder to get now.

 Thought this 50c glass with bell was hilarious.

 More golden books cant help myself and they are also cheap around here

 Salt and pepper pussys

 What more books?

 Miss L-Fire shoes (seems this is another expensive brand,).When I saw Sarahs Shoes I decided id like some similar for my dress ups and that same day look what I found.All leather.And Speaking of Sarah she is selling some great clothes from her blog MisfitsVintage You must go see.More being added most days.
 Gorgeous bit of vintage bling.

 I have no clue what this is for got it so you can all tell me.The numbers go up and down the board.What is it?
 1970s horse pic.Anyone with info on these prints?
 4 yes 4 soft tulle dresses .Cheap as.
 A writing folder vintage 70s?


Vintage JoyFlex shoes.Perfect fit
 Still tagged new high heels will wear alot both pairs $3 each.
 Very cute dress that Miss 10 has decided shall be hers.not sure the age but has vintage lining.Just needs a petticoat added
 Gorgeous bathroom cupboard.
 LOVED these $2 each from Cooroy Country Club
 Large carved wood frame
then I saw this cross stitch which was a perfect fit and look at all that work!Would like to vintage  it up a bit tho any ideas?
  I also got this (what was a plain white shaded lamp) for LLs new travelling van,and tissied it up with velvet and fringe.One of a few things I have been revamping .
Oh and some more books I have this thing for pop up books lately.Weirdo? yes thats me

last thing
 Trip to the dump/tip shop scored me 4 near new games and
 some vintage books inc. Blinky Bill the exact one I was searching for as I had one the same as a kid!!All games and books $3 What tha?why do people throw good stuff to the dump?I dont get it!!

Now for this weeks THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY.(there were 2 things this week tho :(

Yep the  Lovely manager of one oppy (who knows me well now)said to me " there was this awesome outfit came in but another lady who works here grabbed it,its still here".Says I "ok show me"(silly me) and this is what she brought out.Mind you other lady hadnt tried it on and may (fingers crossed )bring it back.Manager says if she does she  shall keep it for me .Lets hope!
and the label
Ok back to houseful of sickies including the Captain.
 signing off now have a wonderful weekend see you all soon 
Nelly xxx


Kylie said...

my goodness. you've done it again Nelly. and some! I hope your sickies get well soon and that you stay healthy x

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh that jumpsuit is amazing - I hope you get it, Nelly!

And if you want to sell those kitty salt and peppers please let me know - SERIOUSLY!

Love the fabric of your frock today too - and thanks for the shout out!

Sarah xxx

Bungalowgirl said...

Nelly, a few things today. Firstly you have the BEST shoe collection. Secondly, that pants suit must be yours, I can already see the blog post with you modelling it. I am hoping that the other lady who wants it is very pear shaped and will bring it straight back to the store when she tries it on and channels fat Elvis. Thirdly, you really need to have a shop or fancy dress hire or both. Most importantly that number board thing looks like a ouija board for divine spirits sharing winning lotto numbers. Golden books are the best by the way. melx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Love the frock. You've done very well! Some how I have become a sucker for little golden books too. Maybe if I give enough homes I will find my dream book. Bummer about the one that got away I would have been curious too then regretted it. Hope your bunch get better soon


Crafty Carol said...

hi nelly u always amaze me with the things you do
and you get the best bargains

Kitty said...

A house full of sickies, no wonder you're buggered you poor thing. Can never get over how much stuff you find, you'd die if you lived here op shops are so crap!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

OMG, more fabulous pics of fabulous things. Jealous. I'm loving the blue look on you btw. Hope all your sickies get well soon and that you get that awesome yellow ensemble! xx

The Glamorous Housewife said...

My goodness, you sure did get a lot of treasures! I like the glass with a bell the best- dont let my husband find out about it or I will be hearing that ringing all evening long.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Wise Rabbit Says said...

I love your glasses :) oh and ive done a mention for you and miss 10 on my blog .. u did mention how she loves my shoes :) Ashley x

Vix said...

Oh Nelly, I need that jumpsuit in my life. If you get it I'll be eternally envious!
Loving that frock on you, the cut and colour is lovely.
I've got an orange wild horses picture similiar to yours above the mantlepiece in my lounge. It's dated 1966 and came from Boots The Chemist. Disposable art for the masses back in the sixties. x

wendz said...

Oh you look like Lady Gaga in that first photo!

Love all your books - how on earth are there still so many old books rattling around there? I think England is all vintaged out - all those old things have been sold and bought and packed away in stashes just like yours. :)

pastcaring said...

Hi Nelly, have been lurking and reading so thought I'd better comment too!
What a huge and amazing load of goodies, well done you! I too hope you get that jumpsuit, it's fabulous.
Can't beat messing about with wigs, can you? I always look a total fool, but who cares?!
Thanks for dropping by to comment on my blog (ha! sounds funny, not used to saying that yet!) I appreciate the support.
Love Curtise xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

sacramento said...

I adore you in that gorgeous blue wig and sun glasses.
Have a great weekend, dear Nelly.

Vintage Coconut said...

I like your frock Nelly the colors and design!!
HOLY SHEESH on all your finds... My Gosh what did you do... Rob a second hand store??? LMAO

You found some really SWEET stuff!
Have a good weekend

Helga! said...

I don't know where to start!! The lamp revamp is fabulous,I love that frock,I love the wigs,I'm jealous of the soft tulle numbers,the shoes are amazing,no idea what that game is,omg I'm exhausted and you make me LAUGH!!!

theoldboathouse said...

Oh my, so much goodness. You did well in the shoe department. LOVE. and you look so cute in the wig!!! Have a lovely weekend, cheers Katherine

Lyndel said...

oh so many great things, and the Pirate Post was wonderful too, my computer is playing up and does not like BLOGGING some days, just 'hangs' and does nothing.
What a jumpsuit you HAVE to have it, then you can go out for the day with the lovely D.. did you see her yellow one today!!!!

I'm trying to tidy spare room as the gorgeous LJ arrives in 7 days time...

Mary Lou said...

oh this dress is so fabulous, the print is really amazing, such beautiful flowers, it is a pleasure to look at it;) and the colours too!!
haha and i love this wig idea haha you are a little bit crazy i like that;) you should try a blond afro wig too;) oh and this yellow pussys!!! so sweet!
love and kiss,mary

Hello Vintage said...

Oh WOW is all I can say about that jumpsuit. I hope it comes home with you. The little cat shakers would be very popular. Love the blue wig.Sherry :)

simmone said...

Wow, what great finds! You need to hire yourself out as a oppy-personalshopper.Get better.