Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ahoy tharrr Mateys

I be  Captain Nelly and I be  hearin tales that thar be some vintage loving swash bucklers that be wanting to dig thru me treasures.Do that indeed be true?
Be that ye?
arrr it is!!! (BTW to see more of whats in the pics just click and a larger pic will open.)

Being as I be the Captain I have decided to let ye aboard the good ship  The Lady B and I'll reward ye one and all  with a feast for thee eyes of  the  treasures I be a'storin'.This for being such devoted mateys with no Bilge rats amongst ye, arrrr.
So grab ye'self a pint of rum or whatever grog ye be a'choosin ye land lubbers and come on aboard.
 Take a good mouthful now

Come on smartly now no dilly dallying or ye may walk the plank!!
arrr I be kidding ye harr harrr

and welcome aboard

Avast there,now me hearties and  keep alert you will be spying  me mighty treasures!!arrr
Click on pic to see more
First there be this treasure chest of drawers I be having one of me scurvey crew (that would be me) made nice with a lick of paint

Click on pic to see more
 and guarding this chest be my old friend Captain Martha who was shrunk and cast in silver over some silly difference she had with a chief of an island.Poor Martha!!(really I bought her last year at an oppy for a fiver and didnt know what to do with her for awhile isnt she great?) and That do be  the extent of my  compact collection  which I shall keep sailing the seas (opshop seas that is) searching for.It do be one treasure that be hard to find in me travels arrrr!!
Click on pic to see more

and inside each box  it be guarding glooooorious treasures to behold.arrrrrr
Jewels  from many oceans away (at all sorts of oppies.)Mele  from oppy last year 60/70s vintage $4)

and these little beauties to feast ye eyes on .

and when I feel like discarding the pirates clobber and be a lady again I have these lovely neck things.

Click on pic to see more

and hand coverings
Click on pic to see more

There be head coverings too
Click on pic to see mor
and more
Click on pic to see more

and "shiver me timbers"thar be even more  (ok seems I have a hat problem but wait there will be more) Just take a scull of your rum and keep reading maties arrrr

now  look at them thar pretties  (note Top Hat (again)a glorious treasure indeed.)
Click on pic to see more
There also be head covering storers
One with (gulp)more hats the other with scarves.
Click on pic to see more
and then I do be having these in my treasure chest for me  gold coins arrr.

Click on pic to see more
Now this lot of treasures  be ones that the young mateys  do love to be dressing in.(all fancy dress costumes.)
Click on pic to see more
and see the scalps?All from scurvy Captains that have seen the rough edge of my sword arrrr.(all from my fancy dress buy a few years back Really lol)
 and some more hats (I be telling ya about)
Click on pic to see more
now swill some more of ye brew mateys.
 now  this lot ( have more packed in treasure chests ) is for all the  mateys who do love to dress up in all sorts of things.(including nuts like me who thinks she is a pirate today ,and who knows what tomorrow )

 Now ye be seein this rack that the scurvy dog (thats me again) had been working on and that one of her her crew  (wonderful daughter LL)had bought.
Click on pic to see more
that do be filled
Click on pic to see more
Click on pic to see more
 and other much treasured
Click on pic to see more
Booty I have rescued from near and far and many years and adventures.arrr yes indeedy.
Click on pic to see more
Now  top that cup up matey  I not be finished yet.

now I cannot be ignoring some me treasured footwear

and here  ye  be seeing this treasure shelf filled with books of movies and other things that makes this captain  happy.
Click on pic to see more

oh and some more bags (but you know I am the bag lady right?)and some more of Miss Marilyn.

Click on pic to see more

and this be some of my  Vintage clothes  I be rescueing from scurvy dogs who dont be seeing their  valueable beauty (that fella that you be seeing down the bottom smirking at you is full of vintage ties)
Click on pic to see more

 This be a rack of some of the items I shall be selling soon  so stay tuned..
Click on pic to see more
Do ye be seeing anything you want to see closer?Then do be  getting ye telescope out  and take another wander around  the decks  then be coming back to me and do be telling what it is you be likin' to see!Arrrr

I do be hoping that this treasure tour has sated your thirst (or it could be the rum) Arrr I be too funny!!(or drunk)

I hope some of you will be visiting it all one day in person.Indeed I do!!

 Now away with ye all ,I have to get this ship a'sailing to see what other treasures I can find.(no I really have to go clean the decks (of the house) arghh!!)

Batton down the hatches and unfurl those sails ye  hear  and untie the ropes you scurvy crew!!! (that would be me again) Or you may be getting a knuckle sandwich (had to show off some bling)

 Where all the booty I am wearing came from.
Boots -opshop and were worn on last weeks FOF post.I just added the piratey bits.
Jacket-My mums cast off
 Pirate pants- black jeans opped.
Shirt-opped many years ago,
Hat-bought new used many times by kids
Belt and sword -both opped a few months back.Had a pistol too but its gone awol
Ring bling all opped and bought from pawnshop (red ring on middle finger)
Scarf-from gorgeous and talented Miss Claire 

There will be a give-away very soon  seeing as I have over 150 mateys following my adventures.woo hoo (I know not a very piratey word )

Hope you were entertained....

 Captain  Nelly casting off  (for today ). Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum southern comfort!! harrr harrr

PPS not sure if FOF will be on this week due to the time it took to do this post (thanks alot blogger!) and other family dramas (sickness appointments etc etc)


Helga! said...

Mary Jaysus and all the saints.

I'm speechless.
Fark, Nelly!!!!!
You're making me frisky with that pirate talk, and as for that booty.....bloody HELL!!!!

sacramento said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Nelly Let me live in your wardrobe for good.
Loving your pirate jacket so much...

Kitty said...

You're a funny bugger as always Nelly! Can't wait to see what you're selling.xx.

Vintage Coconut said...

Visit your ship in person? HELL I would move in!!! *lol*
You have SO MANY freaking treasures that my mind cannot even comprehend this amazingness!
This was a really great and fun post Nelly
Thanks for taking the time to let us aboard your ship.
Your costume was awsome!

Miss Claire said...

Oh nelly, you had me in a fit of laughter and jealousy throughout that whole post! You are so funny! I'd love to invade your ship and steal all of your treasures, yarrrrrr!!!! Hope I get to see it in person one day, you have SO many amazing things!! Thank you for giving us some close-ups! Xoxoxox

Vintage Sweetheart said...

All I can say is OMG you have a lot of amazing things I would love to visit you and this treasure trove in person! I do love the pirate theme you're hilarious! Love this post.

E :)

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy guacamole! What I wouldn't give to have a rummage through your jewels Nelly!

Can't wait to see what you're selling - just don't let me buy the blue frock back!

Sarah xxx

Hello Vintage said...

Oh my GOODNESS!!! It looks like a really good vintage shop where all the junk has been thrown out and only the good stuff is left. LOVED this post! Sherry :)

Vintage Jane said...

'X' marks the spot ... wish I cound find the treasure map that leads to your haul. Wow, you've got a lot of booty there!! M x

fabriquefantastique said...

Nelly, can you add an audio to that blog? sure brings a smile to my face

Madison said...

Flamin' Nora! Can I come and play at your house please? Pretty please?

Madison xxx

Vix said...

Oh Nelly, you have been busy! I wish I could come over and have a rummage, it all looks amazing! x

Style Sud-Est said...

I thought I had a lot of stuff, but no, but no- i never seen so much stuff in room! good post Nelly - Ariane

wendz said...

You're funny nelly - gave me a huge grin and a few guffaws. Lovely things - you should open your own shop!

Scarlett said...

You crack me up Nelly - loved this post and all ye treasures me hearty!

Im in love with the hat boxes, i really would love to find some on my travels but it looks like they are all over the pond with you!

Scarlett x

Mary Lou said...

aaaaaaaah i love this fotos!!! haha you are the most fabulous pirate i´ve seen ;) oh my god i love pirates so much and your treasures are so great too, maybe i have to sail to sea to steal your treasures haha
love and kiss,mary

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Aye aye Captain Nelly, so much gorgeous booty - I'm in seventh heaven. Love it!

delia hornbook said...

aaawwww Nelly bless your heart i love reading your posts and this one just well it had me in stitches ;-))) Blinking heck can i move into that room for a week pleaseeeeeee i would love to have a rummage in there. My eyes were drifting everywhere. I love Martha how cool is she ;-)) and that blue ring on your finger i love it. You have collected some amazing items. Take care sweetie, dee xxx

Miss Peregrin said...

I loooooove this post! You are such a gorgeous pirate. I love you hat & jacket & all those beautiful rings. It looks like you have plenty of treasures to defend!

Crafty Carol said...

well nelly you have been busy, and looks like youy are all sorted, good on you, well you can come and sort me out. I am having a garage sale on the 1st oct, and will be putting all dresses out at $5 and $10 dollars, and all shoes at $10
12oo pairs all hand bags $5 each plus so much more, just want it gone but will have to have a few garage sales will sell all the racks for $10 each there is so much to do

Dressing Up For Me said...

You look so pretty in blue and I´m coveting your jewelry collection! :)

OP SHOP MAMA said...

ARRGH me hearty!!! Your booty made me bad heart sing!!!

I would love to come and play at your house!!!

My Vintage Vow said...

Oh my Nelly, oh my.......I am lost for words. What a vintage wonderland you have.

Susan @ Second Chances by Susan said...

What a fun post! Love the pirate costume (I have an upcoming pirate post.) You have me beat on the costumes, though. Great stuff!!