Thursday, September 29, 2011

No Time for Mischief Here

whats been keeping me out of mischief?Well  treasure hunting for one (tho has been very,very light on)

 Found this lovely lady its a Louis Shabner whom I had never heard of but want more of his work now.$4
 A heap of vintage patterns 60s/70s 20c each.

a couple of wooden ladies Miss 5 claimed Babushka quick smart and was fascinated with all the littler ones inside the other lady has a bit missing on her head was she a toy or???

and Miss 5s awesome knitting machine $3 with pattern book inside.(If you find one of these machines and buy it with no instructions let me know and I will scan and send ours)

She is  Loving it.

 Book of 70s patterns
 Yay her 1st pair made all by herself.
 and as you can see she is addicted to it at the moment and is onto her 4th pair of arm warmers.

I have also been in gifty  heaven from Vintage Christine  earings and brooch I own in her draw. Love.

From Darling Kylie as she said she loved my Pirate Treasure post and knew Id love these mags.Some lucky reader ( I know who)will be getting the back one as I have it already.Wonder who it shall be?

and I won this from sweet Peta whos blog is  a challenge of wearing a different outfit for every day of the year Go see how well she is doing.Go Girl!
"Happiness is having you to cuddle".
This weeks The ones that got away (hope I dont have any more of these for awhile Must wear my blinkers again!) - 4 vintage dresses bought up by a reseller who didnt want to give me the time of day when I tried to chat and not friendly.(no pics she was way too snooty for that lol)

Also no mischief coz I have been revamping things in last few weeks.

Poor ugly sad damaged table $2

 took of all the damaged marquetry, undercoated table, glued it(where it broke on legs after I dropped it GRRR)
 and made it purdy

 with left over paint and old maps from stash

 Tip rescued, sadly neglected, sun and rain damaged, childs cane rocking chair which also had dried fungus on it $2

 undercoated (as paint got sucked right up it was so dry),and made it purple to go with pinky and bluey on my porch

2 large  Candlestick holders $1 or 2 a pair?
now hat stands

 Have a few other things in the works will share when finished.

and today Miss 5 and I have been making flower headwear (coz Desirees have been so cute and inspiring) I used up flowers in my stash and got Miss 5 to model for free.

and made her some ring bling as well.

and thats all folks

Nelly xxx


Kylie said...

I love what you did to that old table Nelly, what a fabulous transformation!
The flower headbands you made are gorgeous, love that big apricot rose your extremely cute grandaughter is modeling.
And the Shabner print...well,I want one too!


Such a good idea with the maps - gonna steal that one!
Gorgeous model, those pictures are stunning.

I wish I found such great things, 5 shops today and all I got was a jumper for OH and 6 painted tumblers.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Blimey you've been so busy. Love the armwarmers - she's a natural - and the flower headbands, and your transformations are really impressive. It's like a different table!

Vix said...

I love Louis Shabner, you lucky woman! She'd look gorgeous with my other ladies.
What a stunning model for the Desiree headpieces. You have been busy. The table is wonderful and so is that chair.
I hope that old cow got home to discover her vintage finds were covered in moth holes..hahahaha! xxx

Krista said...

That Louis Shabner is so pretty! I love this creative post all your re-do's are freakin amazing, please come over right now and help me breathe new life into some old stuff. That table looks so funky I love it! Miss 5S is so adorable I love her little arm warmers, there is nothing cuter than a little girl!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Blimey Nelly, there's sooooo much to comment on. Love Miss 5's knitting machine (I could do with one of those!) and her arm warmers are sheer brilliance. Love what you did with the coffee table - you are a genius with those maps. The flower power accessories are fabulous too. xx

Please may I? said...

You have been busy! Love miss's arm warmers they are fab!

Also loving the flower headbands too.

X x

Anonymous said...

As always Nelly you have done well and especially with all your revamps. I love, love, love that table. I saw one of those knitting machine about a month back and didn't grab it because there were no instructions.....hmm might duck back in and see if they still have it.

Vintage Coconut said...

Okay well I love that picture! I WOULD have snapped it up in seconds.
I like the wooden ladies too. The times I have come across them they were usually priced higher than I wanted to pay.

A KNITTING MACHINE?? Heck I want one for myself!! haha
My goodness Miss. 5 made herself a awsome pair of arm warmers. My guess is you will be buying ALOT of yarn you have a serious knitter on your hands. *lol*
The table you did is freaking great. I love that you did it green & with maps none the less. I have a desk I have to get to before it starts getting too cold. I bought it for a 10 at salvation army but it needs a makeover badly.

WOW WOW WOW on all the flower headbands. They are so sweet and you have the cutest model too.

PJ said...

that table looks amazing!

Tania said...

I swear you've been op-shopping in my childhood past! And no kid can ever own to many armwarmers, I reckon.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Miss 5 is freaking adorable! That table makeover is fab. You got some great treasures this week!

E :)

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh look at your little one modelling those fabulous headbands! She is so gorgeous! I love the chair revamp - you're so clever Nelly!

Sarah xxx