Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All about me with ABC

Yep jumpin on the ABC bandwagon

A is for age- 3 years from 50 Yikes!!!When did that happen?I think I missed a few years can I have a do over?
Give me a do over!
 B is for Bed-well the main room has a queen but since hubby snores so bad ( I mean real bad people) I sleep wherever there is a spare place which will be either a single bed (if a child is away or the lounge which is quite comfy thanks) Dont feel bad hubby has his op soon so no more snoring and I will be queen bedded again.

C is for Chore I hate-All!I hate housekeeping do it under duress and coz I dont want to be totally filthy but how boring it is I wish I was a bit more OCD about it.

D is for Dogs  -dont have a dog but  would if hubby would let me.Gave my last beautiful dog away before we moved in late 09 her name was Daisy she was a labrador.Her boyf. was Charlie I didnt want to seperate them so they were packed off together.I still miss her. Funny how I love dogs seeing as  I was attacked by 2 dogs when I was 19 (one bite on leg one on the butt) and still didnt scare me off them.

Daisy whispering in Charlies ear.
E is for Essential start for the day- making myself wake up knowing I have to deal with fighting kids usually.
F is for favourite colour-Green of course but purple, scarlett and turquoise are gorgeous and I would love an orange car just like this one but in orange or green or scarlett or turquoise... I just want this car!!!

G is for Gold or silver- mostly gold (seeing as  the engagment ring I got from hubby was gold and was his great grans) but now wear both due to silver gifts.

H is for- Height 5"5/6 I think (I always forget its the numbers thing I have a block with.)

I is for instruments I play- None zip zero but I have 2 full sized guitars one owned since I was 17 other opped.also 4- 3/4 guitars (yes I love guitars just am musically challenged,)I also have a piano (opped) eldest grandaughter  Miss 10 has lessons she also learns ukelele at school and I picked up a vintage one from an oppy for $1 that has just been fixed she also learns flute at school.Miss 8 has an electric drum kit (coz she can wear earphones and block the sound when she practices) and has weekly lessons.Mater 6 will be doing guitar soon and Miss 5 will be doing violin eventually.(hope she gets as good as Miss Claire) oh we also have keyboard and a real dinky di harmonica which LL wants to learn.So after all that No I cant play anything properly but expect a band from the grandies!

J is for Job title- Executive manager of domestic duties.Problem solver juror,nurse,teacher,crafter, oh and Vintage collector and opshopping queen (in my world anyway)

K is for kids- 4 of my own 27,23,21,16 and the grandies 10,8,6,5,2,and a 6 month old.I wanted 12 of my own and am nearly there since I am bringing up 5 grandies lol.(moral of story be careful what you wish for and be specific when wishing)
Eldest and baby are not in pic. feb 2010

L is for Live -and let live!! Treat others  with respect,mind your own business and dont say things unless your 100% sure coz gossip sux and can hurt others!!

M is for mums name-Dulcie (now thats a vintage name isnt it?)
taken about 8 yrs ago I look like my dads side.

N is for Nickname -Nelly,J,used to be Jelly and Kitty at school.

O is for overnight hospital stays.-When I had tonsils out as a kid.When they thought I had appendisitis when I was a teen,when I gave birth 4 times,when I had a  miscarriage,when I stayed with daughter while she gave birth,when I stayed in hospital at different times when kids and grandkids were sick.

P is for pet peeves- Are you ready???? Rude people!!!!!! Hate rudeness and unfriendlines and people that think they are better than you!!!!.Obnoxiousnous!!Rascism dont get me started!  Litter bugs for crying out loud theres a bin right there and if theres not wait till you find one you lazy pigs!!Oh wait thats rude to pigs.Baseball caps worn in places where there is no baseball.Not being able to tell the differenece between some men and woman coz they wear unisex clothes.Too tight clothing ie tights and tshirts on woman that are more well endowed and people that show undies to one and all pull your pants up please!! Ok peeved out I think. -edited to say people ( I mean family here) who dont change the toilet roll when there is none or a tidbit left GROWL!!!!!!!

Q is for quote from a film -"Always look on the bright side of life"(well its a song) thanks Monty Python (Its hard sometimes tho)

R is for right or left handed-Righty here

S is for siblings- one beautiful lil sis Carrol 2 yrs younger  and 2 half brothers Rushton and Tyson  I have only met 2 x who are 10 and 12 yrs younger and live over in Perth W.A

T is for time you wake up- School days about 7.30 coz hubby does the morning thing and gets breaky for them. Holidays  I sleep in till 8.30 or more when I can.

U is for underwear-yes I do

V is for Vege you hate- cooked carrots and parsnips ewww yuk!!

W is for what makes you run late.-not much coz I like to be on time if not a bit early.

X is for xrays you have had-one on foot as had a problem arch have had a few ultrasounds and an MRI (for kidney stones) too.

Y is for yummy food you make- I hate to cook but I am able to and my choccy cakes are yum as is most things  I make when I make it ( I said most) lol Hubby cooks yay for me.

Z is for zoo animal.-I always wanted a chimpanzee for a pet as a kid (pre kids).But elephants and girraffes are pretty cool too.

Hope you enjoyed having a sticky beak at my own ABC.

Nelly xxxx


Vintage Coconut said...

Oh my God Nelly that "Give me a do over" picture had me giggling!

Your Mom looks fabulous in her picture with the feathers, pearls & hair flower.
(I wore a flower Today, a daisy.)

My God it sounds like you have had your share of overnights at the hospital... *EEEK*

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Yay for being nosy! That first pic is hilarious and I like the one of your mum.

That's sad about your dogs hopefully one day you will get another.

E :)

Helga! said...

O,I DO love a sticky beak!!!
I really love that family pic,you look beautiful and in your element!!!

PennI Pops said...

Hi Nelly! What a fabulous idea! I love your ABC's about you! Just wondering if you would mind if I did a similar thingy on my blog too? I always like to ask first! Of course the answers would be different! Guess what? I was published by craftzine.com.blog today....my first!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!! Thanks for always being there and keeping me inspired to follow my dreams! Blessings! Penni xxx

Max said...

I want a pet chimp too!!!! I have to say you are very youthful,in looks and in attitude Nelly, great to learn more about you x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Totally with you on the housework Nelly - I am in awe of how you manage with such a large household (all gorgeous kids). You definitely deserve you job titles!


Fantastic A-Z Nelly. Who needs to spend their time engaged in chores when you have so much better stuff to do?
You look at least 10 years younger, and LOVE that car too.
Lucy x

Krista said...

I love seeing the picture of the family, you guys are cute!!!! These are great tidbit's about you! I think you have the best job ever!

Ivy Black said...

Brilliant stuff Nelly...you do make me smile. Look at your family of gorgeous chaps and chapesses! You must be so proud of them all...good on you.
I'm with you on all your peeves too!xxx

Vix said...

What a great read! That family photo is just lovely, the little grandkids are the cutest.
You are the Queen of everything. xxx

pastcaring said...

What a lovely family you have, you always sound as though you are the hub around which it all revolves. Executive manager and then some!
Your pet peeves had me chuckling with recogition! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please may I? said...

what a fab post. How many kids?! Keeps you young or so they say. Must be busy in your house.

I always wanted a chimp too!

X x

Scarlett said...

You are total super mum with all your kids and grand-babes. I hate all chores too! Scarlett x

Miss Peregrin said...

I love reading all these A-Z's! You gave such great answers as well. I love chimpanzees as well!

simmone said...

What a cute family,Ha loved P.