Thursday, September 1, 2011

Are You Red, Red,Ready?

For FOF I am/was.Now I am sitting on the back porch on the 2nd day of Spring (yay) with newly dyed  hair so all the silver strands of wisdom will be hidden for a few more weeks.
(I realised how many there were in todays prepping for FOF I knew they were there just didnt know they had been breeding so fast)
Do any of you remember when we coloured our hair coz we wanted to not coz we had to hide something?(yes you young things make the most of not having to)I do miss those days lol.

 NOOO not the camera-  note my newly painted old ugly cane chair  Goes well with Pinky
Now on with the show......

(feeling a tad like  Liza Minelli here)
Who has come to see me?
 Oh its you
  Its so nice to see you again.
Did you think I wouldnt show off my top hat again?
 How wrong you were lol (shed/craft room still a work in progress as you can see)

And as you can see
 I am once again
 winging it with these marvelous sleeves
 and for the shoe freaks amongst us here is  some shoe porn
 and nail polish porn
 Shoes are rejects (mum put these away coz one day I may want them again is what she really meant) from LL
 Cant remember where I got this dress but I think its homemade even tho it has a size tab on it The hem is unusual as it has lace inside.
 and as Porky Pig would say ...
tha, tha,tha, Thats all folks

 Nelly xxx

 One more thing.Found this brooch for $1 its old says Gilt on back I think its Jade its very cute but someone has removed the centre stone.Anyone have/know the age it may be? What do you think went in the middle?

 PPs I may not be commenting much (been so tired and even kept dozing off the other night while trying to catch up on reading blogs.) But I am still reading you all daily How could I not? xxx


Kitty said...

Lovely dress darl, I always go for big sleeves too, if I ever find them. Is the shed really looking better or am I imagining things?? Looks better to me anyway!
*Silver strands of wisdom-LOL!!!

Vintage Coconut said...

Why HELLO Nelly
You look absolutely splendid in this red frock & top hat. Your hair looks pretty and I love your toe polish.

P.S. Your cane chair looks VERY NICE!!

Madison said...

Wowser! Looking mighty fine there Nells. The Top Hat finishes the outfit off perfectly.

Madison xxx

Helga! said...

Looking SMOKIN' in that fabulous maxi and top hat,Nelly!!! And the shoes!! OH!
Um, yes,I do rememner when I used to dye my hair for the fun of it.....bloody "sliver strands of wisdom"!!!
No idea about that lovely brooch,love!

Lyndel said...

hair looks great Nelly, as do you in RED... wow. love the dress.


You certainly don't LOOK tired madam.
Red is perfect for a bit of drama, you need to dance flamenco to show off those sleeves!

Kylie said...

Grey hair sucks! Dare I say it? Yep, I'm going to...Balls!!!
I have tried to convince myself to go grey gracefully but I have failed Nelly. Spectacularly! I'm too young to wear my "greys" with pride and I spend a fortune at the hairdressers keeping them hidden.
Love the red dress. You know the song that comes to mind, don't you??? x

theoldboathouse said...

Too funny about the silver strands. I so agree. I only did mine 2 weeks ago and already I can see them reappearing. Love the shoes not to mention the toes xx hope you feeling sparky again soon

Misfits Vintage said...

Another fab winged frock - love those sleeves!

Sarah xxx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Loving the red! Where do you find all these sleeved beauties???

E :)

Scarlett said...

You always have the best sleeves! The top hat is amazing and you look rocking in red :o) Scarlett x

Krista said...

OK Nelly this outfit is bad ass! I love you in RED and thanks for the shoe PORN, my Friday just got a whole lot better! The top hat is the icing on the red velvet cake that is you!

I have been dying my hair so long now I have no idea what color it really is. Eh...who bloody cares! Have a lovely weekend my dear. BTW....I love the pink and blue chairs new life you gave them both.

sacramento said...

You are so much fun, my dear friend. I love it all, and I want to be in that room fuul of godies, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Vintage Jane said...

Red is your colour. Looking hot, especially with the topper! Sorry, I've not been commenting much either, just too busy, but have been reading. M x

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Hon, you are my woman of the year - I just do NOT know how you keep up your extraordinary energy levels: "I want what she's having!" - that's how I feel about you my friend. Haha yes I remember when I would change the colour of my hair using those wash-in-wash-out dyes pretty much on a weekly basis!! Now my hair is a hideous shade of grey mouse I'm loving being a bottle blond. I love your blue chair and this has got to be one of my most favourite outfits on you ever!!! You really have the va-va-voom to wear that incredible dress with the hat-I-will-steal-from-you-just-don't-let-me-near-it. Big hugs to you xoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Nelly, I love your adventurous spirit! It really comes through your photos. And those toenails are fabulous....

Jane said...

Hi Nelly,
I think I want to come to Australia so I can hang out with you, I have no doubt it would be a lot of fun!!
Love that top hat....and those feet were hurting just looking at them:)
Enjoy your Spring, I'm looking forward to some cooler Fall days here!

The Vintage Hobby House said...

Hello Nelly,just started following your lovely blog ,loving your dress beautiful colour and has for the heels they're fabulous just noticed Magnolia pearls clothes in your sidebar,I too just love this ladies wonderful clothes and style lovely to have found your blog bye for the now
.........X Manda X..........

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

LOVE your toes! Mine are the same color right now too!

Hello Vintage said...

You look gorgeous Nelly. Top hat suits the outfit. Funny about the lace at the hem as while I was away I picked up a vintage dress with lace on the inside of the hem also. I was just looking at it today thinking it was a bit strange but a nice touch. No luck I will fit into that dress though as it is a size 8! Sherry :)

Vix said...

A vision in red, Nelly! I hate dying my hair, I wish hair didn't have to keep growing.
There was a stall selling top hats at this weekend's festival and I couldn't help but think of you. x