Sunday, August 7, 2011

I had a little cry

When I found hubby had knocked over this beautiful 70s lamp  and cracked and chipped it when we moved in late 09.Mind you it was my fault for not packing it properly. I bought it about 10 years ago  for $8 at a gsale and have had it stashed waiting for the right shade to come along.

 I love it still
 Even Battered and bruised.

Lampshade I got at an opppy its new but isnt right  

So I finally patched up the cracks and chip and decided I had to paint it.
The trouble is the paint I got I dont like,its a  turquoisy/aqua sand paint that is nice but not for the lamp.Worked that out when I started painting I  rubbed it off fast.
 I really wish I could leave the colour as is as I really love this retro green and how it has a darker colour round the edges of the pattern which  I know I wont be able to replicate that.
What colour would you paint it?

 I am asking that advise because a smart lady, who you will find HERE, saw my new old white chair 

and said I should paint it bubble Gum pink.Now you all know I love green and pink never came into my head but the more I thought of it the more I liked it so I found some pink maybe not the  bubble gum pink as advised but its Flamingo Pink and I LOVE it

Its much pinker than what it shows here.

All I need is a little cushion even tho its ever so comfy without one.Thanks Peetee for the advise but no I wont paint my lamp pink too lol.

I decided to paint my wall lady the colour I didnt use on the lamp.
here she is before.

   Here is the colour

and here she is with a fresh 2nd coat I think I liked it white better now but with white walls it needed to be coloured and waste not is my motto.

My sister and I used to make rubber moulds for plaster and I made a few of these ladies after buying the original of ebay .The original one  came from the UK my sis has it still I hope.

I had a little vistor in the car today isnt he cute? I love frogs do you?

and tada my 1st pair of knitted bikinis and most likely my last lol
 buttons on and ready to go
 and all blocked out and already packed.
 a couple of lucky ladies have gifts on the way. Wonder who they are?

and that was my day including more painting and sorting but all thats to come to your blogging channel soon.Over and out!!

Nelly xxx


Rachel said...

I love the pink chair! I don't have any good advice on what color to paint the lamp though; anything I'd suggest would probably turn out horrid.
(I added another follow button on the sidebar of my blog; I don't know why the follow button up top isn't working, but thank you for wanting to follow in the first place!)

Miss Claire said...

Hi Nelly! The lamp is groovy! I don't know what colour would work best...gloss black would be cool, although you wouldn't be able to see the nice swirly details. Maybe purple? The chair looks fab, I LOVE the colour! Can't wait to see your house once it is built and decorated....what fun!!!!!!

Xoxox Claire

Vintage Coconut said...

Well having to do with the lamp.. Why not try one of the lovely gypsy type colors. whichever you like most!! I think a purple would look very nice.
But I am no expert on lamps... heheh
I love your pink chair!!! OH HOW CUTE Now it needs a lime green pillow for an accent ;) It turned out gorgeous Nelly.
Yes I love frogs.. I actually used to have a quite large frog collection. LOL I am pretty sure I still have half the frog stuffed animals packed away in a storage bin. I sold the little frog trinkets at my garage sale last year. Apparently alot of frog collectors came for the occasion.
Why would the bikini be your last? Its Super cute!! You did a fabulous job. All your creations are gorgeous.
Just how freakin fast can you knit is what I would like to know. Its like you create things as if you run an assembly line at a factory! =P

VintageSweetheart said...

I hate breaking things it makes me feel ill! I was thinking purple for the lamp like VC. I love that pink chair it looks fantastic I love what spray paint can do! Cute frog, we have them in the back and front yard they call to each other it's nice but sometimes very loud. Apparently it's a sign of a healthy garden! I like the knitted bikini. I have got to learn how to knit.

E :)

Kylie said...

Can't you leave the lamp as is Nelly ? Try and consider the chips and cracks as part of it's charm...well that's what I would do anyway...
I used to have the most beautiful orange 70's lamp until my daughter knocked it over and smashed it to bits while they were playing chasey in the house...I have never seen another lamp like it (probably never will. sniff.) and although I've forgiven them I'm yet to forget! Childish but true!
Chair looks fab in pink and I love your knitted bikini x

Scarlett said...

I love that chair in pink - great job! The lamp is lovely too, being a lover of Red I would probably paint it a daring red. Love the pic of the frog, although not sure i wouldnt freak out if it was sat on me ;o) Scarlett x

Misfits Vintage said...

The pink chair is FABULOUS. You knitted a bikini? It's amazing, Nelly!

Sarah xxx

Protector of Vintage said...

You have been a very busy gal!! Love how the chair turned-out!


I would paint the lamp slate grey - a classic shade which suits every setting.
Knitted bikini? Are you serious?

Krista said...

PINK PINK I LOVE IT NELLY!!!!! It looks delicious!!!! I also like that Turquoise color on the lamp maybe you could distress it a bit more after painting it again. I heard that rubbing wax on parts of it before you paint makes it easier to rub off after. You gave that chair a new life!!

Your knitted items...oh my so pretty what are the black and pink stripped items??!! You got skills!

Young at Heart said...

loving the pink chair...a knited bikini? That's a bold look!!

Lyndel said...

chair is wonderful ! knitted bikini? mmm well as you know I sell vintage knitting patterns, and I do NOT like knitted bikini's at all... imagine it WET??? HA HA
Maybe black on the lamp and after it is dry (well dry), try debbing,rubbing a little gold into the swirls??

grunge-queen said...

Love the pink chair and and I like the lamp like that! And that knit bikini: seeeexxxxy!

Vix said...

I hate breaking things, what a shame, that lamp base is a beauty! I love what you've done to that chair and that lady's head, bright and beautiful, just like you.
What gorgeous knitted creations, someone's going to be thrilled. That bikini is amazing. x

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Nelly, Love love love the pink chair. It is very close in colour to a wicker chair and table I painted way back. The painted lady looks so much better too, it really brings out the detail. Sorry to hear about the lamp, just turn that part to the wall so you can't see it?? Hope your week is going well. Great swimsuit too!@

Kitty said...

I'd wait until I found a decent shade for the lamp, THEN decide what colour to paint the base. Shades are the hardest thing to find tho, it might take a while if you want an original one.x.

Ivy Black said...

Pink would be good. I love pink! I do love a frog said...

Love the pink chair.

wendz said...

I agree with Kylie - you could leave the lamp as is - it's beautiful. But if you do paint it, those dark accents could be replicated with a bit of dark glaze rubbed over the area and then wiped off - it will leave some dark colour behind.

Helga! said...

Bummer about the lamp,sweetheart.Sometimes,though,it's the knocks and bumpsthat make something more beautiful!
LOVE the pink chair!!Yay Krista! Great choice!
The knitting looks a treat.SO clever! XXX

Dayhomemama said...

I love that lamp! Have you considered painting it and using a glaze over top to create the dark shadowy areas? This lady has a great blog,, she re-did a mirror using glaze. This might be a great way of re-doing your lamp.