Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Book Week Dress Ups 2011

This years  kids book week dress ups.Was in such a rush that I forgot to do the group  shot DOH!!!!!

Miss 5 wasnt feeling well but doesnt she make a great Rainbow Brite?

This ones for Krista  who is our very own Rainbow Brite
 Outfit details.Blue dress was an unfinished petticoat I made ages ago.Tshirt -opshopped.Socks
( mine) and arm warmers are from ebay.Boots oppy.Star buttons from an old belt I opped after buying buttons from spotlight (they shall be returned)
 Master 6 is of course Peter Pan albiet a toothles one lol
 Opped shirt and pants.Opped felt to make hat and boot covers.
 Miss 8 is Jasmine from Aladdin

 Outfit opped ages ago and been used on a few occasions.Head brooch opped.Wig new (spotlight) Ribbons added by me.
 Footwear old thongs/flipflops/jangles  I just glued on beads
 Miss 10 Nanny Mcphee (also known as Nurse Matilda from original story which I read as a kid wayyyyyy back in the old days)Looking for that book too if any one spots it.
 Tooth is a plastic nail painted white.Mole and unibrow thanks to my eyeliner.
 Jacket in my collection.Skirt opped and taken in and up.Hat- raffia hat that was cut into a bonnet shape and material and feather added by me (trial and error) Brooch opped.
 Stick from the bush and bark taken off by the captain.
and thats it till next Wednesday which will be end of year dance in which they dress in whatever fancy dress they like.

Now suggestions needed for LL who was invited to a dress up party by her brother (he is going as Hercules and his GF is going as Esmeralda from Hunch back of Notre Dam)LL is thinking Morgan Le Frey,Red Riding Hood ( I like that one) Or Frankensteins Bride lol which we said NOOO to.
The theme is makebelieve character Thoughts?

I will have more time soon as LL and Master 21 have moved home (10 people in this house at the moment arent I lucky that my kids like coming back to mummy?) so her house is cleaned and moved Therefore a post of my treasure room very soon but not tomorrow as thats take up for Frock on a Friday.Hope you join in if you havnet already.



fabriquefantastique said...

The expressions on their faces is priceless

Anonymous said...

What utterly awesome outfits, I know so many parents who struggle with this concept. First thing that came to mind was Puff the Magic Dragon, for a suggestion.

Miss Claire said...

Oh nelly, you always put the best costumes together for the kids-they're all great but my favourite is miss 10 as nanny mcphee! priceless! I loved the movie, haven't read the book but ill keep an eyeout for it for you!

Happy Spring!!!
xoxoxo Claire

Kitty said...

wow 10 people in the house, I don't know how you do it! No FOF for me tomorrow, just got home from having 4 teeth out so I'll be football face, LOL. Looking forward to seeing what you'll wear.xx.

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh my don't you make the freakin best costumes known to Austrailia!

-That Rainbow brite costume is just the sweetest freaking thing. I used to carry around my Rainbow Brite doll everywhere. I actually have a Patty O'green doll next to me... *shhh* don't tell. HAHAHA

-I just figured Peter pan was missing his teeth cause he got in a fight with Captian Hook! Great Costume!

-Miss 8 makes a very convincing Jasmine. And this costume is just as great as the others. I love her hair!

-Nanny Mcfee!! Using a fake nail as a tooth is a wonderous idea I would have never thought of. I would have used a chiclet and ended up eating halfway through. *heheh* The hat looks amazing nelly it really does look just like the character.

I have always wanted to be pocahontas and walk around with a racoon stuffed toy. lol

Misfits Vintage said...

They are all fantastic! My fave is Nanny McPhee - that costume is just brilliant.

Sarah xxx

Scarlett said...

I love this post! They all look amazing! I bought a rainbow brite at the bootsale this weekend, got to photo her to post. Scarlett x

kasthurirajam said...


Krista said...

Oh my this post just made my day. LOOK AT Miss 5 she is the brightest bestest Rainbow Brite in the whole wide world. Please tell her how much I adore this outfit. BIG HUG!!!!! I love all of their outfits, what fun it must have been to help them all dress up. I LOVE DRESS UP! They all look adorable, that's cream for all, on me...then off to some park to run all the sugar off!

Mary Lou said...

oh my god the little miss took all cuteness of the world so adorable!!! i love that rainbow outfit!
love and kiss,mary

RETRO REVA said...

I can't believe you found a top hat! So lucky,you!!!!!!!!!!!!
aren't your babes so cute!
Happy reading :)

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Super adorable! I've loved rainbow brite ever since I was little!

E :)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Oh so cute! Nanny McPhee especially is brilliant - although she is far too pretty to be dressed up like that!