Monday, August 29, 2011

Top of the Day/Night/Evening/Morning to Ye (warning long post)

Look what I found at LAST!!!

I have been wanting a top hat for ages and ages years even.
I have googled them and looked on ebay I have oggled and drooled, envied and lusted (well not quite lusted lol but had some top hat lusting envy when I have seen friends with them on) and I  just didnt want to pay the money I have seen them going for..

and  at the oppy today (the one I  nearly didnt go to ( see why you cant miss any when opping?) what do I see? a loverlee Top Hat waiting for ME!!!!

 Ok so I did spend a bit more than I would have liked but it cost way less than buying a brand new one and no postage  and this one has a bit of vintage (somewhere in the 80s-mid 90s as the ph number is the old way we used to have them.Aussies will know what I mean) It even had the original tag on it.I did take the binding of the inner tho as it was crumbling away from age and sitting waiting for someone like me to come and love it.

I know its a tad too small for my fat head (yes I have a fat head lol) but it still works and the kids can use it for school dress ups and I it will keep me sated while I hunt for more and I want a  bowler too.

Its a John Bradsley Brand Fur Felt  so as the cute Vintage Coconut would say  "I WON"!!! Cheers for ME!! lol.

For more Treasures Keep Reading ......Go on you know you want to sticky beak at what I got......

Just one more hat picture tho, ha

                                       As you all know I have been busy, busy, busy lately.
                                      Organising my treasure Room (wait its coming to this blog soon) tidying up and rearranging the shed craft room.Which looked good last week but now LLs my junk is taking up space again.
                                       Moving things from Lauras house and shed to the storage shed and my shed.Organising and having a garage sale to get rid of junk.(Seriously no vintage treasures people)(ok that was last Saturday had no time to post,) it went  ok considering it had poured all night and was over cast all day.Remainder of things were given away LL was quite proud of me.But as usual am regreting one thing I got rid off.GROWL no wonder I hoard!

Getting costumes together for bookfest at school on Thursday the 1st Sept.(nearly done.)nanny Mcphee is done Rainbow brite nearly done Peter Pan almost done.Jasmine -easy have it all ready.

Painting lots of things like chairs and filing cabinets.

Providing a Hercules outfit for 21 yr old son.(finished soon)

 Running into town to get LLs car road worthy and new brakes coz she is about to sell it.
Running into town for tyres and other mechanicals for our car.(add a growl here too)

PHEW I am exhausted just writing all that.So now here are some recent finds (cant remember them all) found between and before  all of the above......

Cute owl hanging thingy
 Little Jade owl (right front)to add to the collection.
 Books books and more books.
Most are from the 70s and have others already stashed away.
 Bought this 1971 atlas to cut up was only $1.50 but
 the illustrations are too good to cut  just for the maps.
 lots of great pics.

Always love reading and seeing things about early Australia.
 Look at one of the pics.
 Heaps of 20c patterns
 My fav three

 September 2011 Madison mag for .20c crazy! they are $8.20 new. Lucky me saving $8 (which id never pay for on these mags anyway)!And look at the cute glomesh purse $1

 Betty Boop scarf 50c
 Awesome koala scarf 50c
 Red stone hearts in silver $4 no mark tho but they do look silver.

and this Jungle Book single bed sheet from a couple weeks ago  (its been ages since I shared my finds hasnt it?)Isnt this print just great.

and .......
also today

Some Enids 20c each

 these wonderful silver pieces for 50c each and I LOVE them.I didnt even know if they worked (and they do)I just couldnt resist and why not for that crazy price???Counter not sure what its use was but will be great for counting knitting rows,stopwatch and compass.

Very sweet wooden hat hanger

Lovely blanket no brand tho (everytime I see blankets and granny blankets I think of you Kylie.

the gorgeously stunning and very Talented Miss Claire (seriously you have to check her and her band out!!! she can play a violin so  brilliantly) sent me some goodies
 Wool and tortoise shell needles (how did you know I love and collect those ones girl? 2 sweet scarves,Green Tartan purse the,cutest arabian nights picture and some pineapple flavoured choccies and rasberry lollies mmmm yummmy and a very lovely sweet letter awww Claire xxxxx
 Close up of print

Choccies hiding in this gorgeous green container.Ohhh Greeen how I love you.
You are just a sweetie Claire and you didnt have to but am glad you did lol added icing on my already Top hat day

A few weeks ago I also got my tin swap parcel from Sharyn and feel awful I didnt post about it yet. Sorry Sharyn.Seems I must look like I like these chocolate pineapple lollies thingies  and surprisingly I do they are yummy and the kids think so too.

And a few weeks ago (I dont know if you remember) I said I had bought some books of amazon and they came quite fast.One is called 1000 Steampunk Creations ( I love the costumes) and the other is The Golden Books identification and price guide which bought back some great memories on some of the old books I used to have.So if you want any info on your Golden Books just ask and I will Try and find the info you want.

Well think thats it now, I know I have forgotten to show you some things but think this lot will keep you all drooling for a bit ha ha.
 Ok one more hat pic I know you want one.
Thanks so much for dropping by and may the treasure hunting road rise up to greet you and in a wonderful way.
Nelly xxx


Erica Louise said...

Oh how wonderful! I'd love a top hat too, what a fun find!

Liz said...

Glad you found a top had - get the impression you quite like it ... could be wrong, though (ha ha)! Great finds - love the books.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Catherine said...

Ha ha so you got your hat eh! Love the Faraway Tree books. I have never forgotten the time I got the chicken pox when I was 7 & my Aunty Margaret looked after me & read me all of the Faraway Tree & I loved it so much!! Silly old characters in it : ) x

Lyndel said...

top find, that Top Hat! love all your bits and pieces too, I trying hard to get more up on eBay but keep getting distracted looking/reading blogs... particularly like the long ones!!! hee hee ~ oh and if you need to find me on eBay just look for putney32

ladychiara said...

So glad you found a top hat Nelly and don't you look just fine and dandy in it too! The books are just way too awesome and what lovely happy/swap mail you received! It is ALWAYs so much fun coming over to see what you have to show and tell! xxx

sacramento said...

Wonderful with your top hat. I wonder why Spanish women never wear hats???

Kylie said...

I love the colours in that blankey Nelly. Gosh you've been a busy girl...I've been wondering what you've been up to...should've known: busy hunting for treasure of course!

Those show girls remind me of you in one of your wonderful Frock-on-Friday pics x

Krista said...

Slash from Gun's and Rose's has nothing on you in that hat. I love all your finds look at all those great books!

Vintage Coconut said...

My rabbit told me he fancies your hat. *wink*
Ohhh Nelly you look adorable in the top hat (Big head or not) "You really do not look like you have a large head.. just so you know.
You have unleashed my crazed inner love for vintage things in this post. I now feel as though I should burst outta my door and head to salvation army.
-Owl hangie thing (SO CUTE I COULD KISS IT!)
-Jade owl (Cute and intriguing all at once)
-Book with naked man (Made me giggle) "Yes I know I am soooooo mature) hehehe
-Koala scarf (SO LUVVERLY) I have always liked koalas because of their noses.
-I love those hearts. I THOUGHT they were silver by the pic too.
-Jungle book sheet!! AWWWSOMEEEEE!!!
-Clocks and counter = pretty cool finds
-Blanket (I am a blanket obsessed woman)And I have to say that the blanket in the pics is just the bee all and the end all! hahah I wanna watch a movie with it.
-Your Gifts from Claire and Sharyn are so nice.
Both had such cute things in them.

I always look forward to your posts Nelly. Maybe you can tell that by my comments. HAAHAHAH

Helga! said...

OMG Nelly,I love you top hat!Hurrah!You look hot in it!!! I have 2 of your 3 fave patterns...!!!
Greats coring Nelly,and I adore what that little darling Claire sent !!!


I love top hats, they are the king of hats, worn with style by one of my favourite comedy characters, Papa Lazarou -

Don't forget to take it off before bed....

delia hornbook said...

Wow Nelly you have been busy i am tried just reading it ;-)) Only joking. You have managed to get some great finds, love those patterens and that checked blanket looks very snug. And well your hat just makes me smile its great when you manage to find something you really love and want. Have a great week sweetie, dee xx

My Vintage Vow said...

Awesome collection Nelly, and great find on the top hat way to go. Seriously though you must have stuff packed to the ceilings you have so many good finds.

CRY said...

you are officialy a "MAD HATTER"
lucky girl

VintageSweetheart said...

Beautiful finds I love the the top hat! That little golden book guide is awesome if you could tell me anything about Baby's Birthday that would be great!

E :)

Miss Claire said...

YOU FOUND ONE!!! And it suits you beautifully! I have a too-small head, and let me tell you, I'd rather have a too-big one! Hayden used to call me an emu because I have a little kidding!! Hehehe :)

I'm so glad your parcel arrived safely and that you like it all! What a coincidence that Sharon sent you the exact same lollies!! I thought the scarfs would make nice table cloths, or draped over lamps :)

Lots of love Xoxoxox

Kitty said...

Yikes Nelly where are you going to put all that stuff?! Maybe thats partly why you're rearranging everything? I didn't know there existed a reference for little golden books, thanks for sharing.

Ivy Black said...

What a haul! I adore that top

Idee Fixe ( said...

Your top hat is wonderful! Enjoy it! Now you've got me wondering what happened to mine -- I had two Victorian top hats, the type that go flat and you pop up. So much fun! Darn I have too much stuff I don't even know where things go!

Mary Lou said...

oh u really have created a beautiful and special place here with your blog!!! i just found u and really admire all your pretty stuff and the fabulous dresses, also this hat is amazing!!! thank u for start my morning with pretty eyecandy, now i´m a new follower;)
love and kiss,mary

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Miss Claire certainly is a violin marvel and so lovely to send you a wonderful parcel of goodies:)) I LOVE the top hat and I've been looking for one forever too - I have the same problem - big head syndrome:((((. Hat's never fit me except for cocktail hats and fascinator type thingys. I love the silver watches - 50 cents - no way!!! You sound so incredibly busy I just don't know where you get the energy from - I have nothing left - I think all my energy went into the babies but now they're grown it's never come back:(((( xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Misfits Vintage said...

Oooh yay you - I've been looking for a top hat for AGES too Nelly! Congrats - you do look gorgeous in it!

I love the owls - the beautiful bright coloured one in back is darling - is that a tile?

And I LOVE the maxi patterns (20 cents! They are $5 - $10 in op shops here!)

Sarah xxx