Monday, August 15, 2011

Stick em Up Y'all

 Yes I am talking to you.

  Just kidding belt buckle guns dont work.

 You wanna see something funny?

Are you ready?
Me doing a a Mr Bean doing a Line dancing impersonation

 Well that plum wore me out!!
As you can see I   kinda  went  country/loco today  
  Coz I have something to share

No not these awesome dinky-di leather  chaps its something else 
 Its a song I wrote the lyrics for a few years back.

 Now if your not a  country music lover ( i'll still love ya just wont like you much,kidding)  you may want to run for them thar hills now.
But if  you've got a cats curiosity (like me)  just click the play button.

Id be mighty obliged if you  listened along may give you a good old country hootin tootin  belly laugh.
It was put to music and sung by Derek McCorkell who also put it on a demo CD and played it on his radio station in the good ole U.S of A for awhile.
Look I even have that cowboy paunch going on (Note to self do some situps lol)

 Now if this dang flea bitten music thingamabob dont wanna do whats its been trained to do  just go to the right of your screen (above Little Ole me) and click on that instead.Edit- the music player is slow to start so click the triangle thingy and be patient It worked for me when I logged out and when I logged into a friends account as well Its just really sloooowwwww  xx

Now if it is still being a pain in your cowboy boots the lovely Em from Vintage Sweetheart found it online for me HERE now that should work!!

The words for the song are below in case you want to follow along.If you do follow along you will see where some changes have been made during the music adding and singing process.

"Thats all I Said"*
Got my Sanity back but lost my house.
Kept the big old dog but not the  spouse.
Left the bills in the bedroom where my marriiage went dead,

 see you later was all I said.


Its all good now, I can relax
I finally got rid of that old battleax.
I got no-one cussing coz those chores aint done

I can now go out and have all sorts of fun
I can go out and live my life
get the fishing rod out and fish all nite
I got no one to answer to no whining to hear

dont have to answer her with "whats that dear?"

*Got my Sanity back but lost my house.
I Kept the dog but not the spouse.
Left the bills in the bedroom where my marriage went dead,
I can see now she wasnt right in the head
Its all good now i got no more strife
and i aint ever getting another dang wife
Got me dog in the ute and im living my dreams

 found out marriage aint all what it seems
So here i go and wish me luck
i gunna leave this town with my old trusty truck
She can have the house and all the bills  too
I'm glad I am leaving that old whiney shrew

*Got my Sanity back but lost my house.

Kept the dog but not the spouse.
Left the bills in the bedroom where my marriage went dead,
I stayed way too long I was living in dread

((go on guys do some dancing here you know you want to))

Got my Sanity back but lost my house.
Kept the big old dog but not the  spouse.
Left the bills in the bedroom where my marriage went dead,

I stayed way too long I was living in dread

Got my Sanity back but lost my house.
Kept the big old dog but not the  spouse.
Left the bills in the bedroom where my marriage went dead,
and see you later was all I said.

Hope you enjoyed it y'all and didnt Derek do a great job?Now Id love an Aussie to come make it his own.Adam Brand? Lee Kernigan? hmm anyone?

Thanking y'all kindly for staying to listen

All items (bar jeans)  have been lassoed and taken into custody by Sherriff Nelly over a period of years.They sure are purdy aint they?Aint nothing new bought in that lot below neither.

 Y'all come back now

Off to do sit ups that paunch has to be corralled rootin tootin fast!!!

Nelly xxx 


Vintage Coconut said...

*hehehe* You are just too gorgeous for your flannel!
All the jewelery you put with that outfit goes wonderfully. I laughed when I read the Mr. Bean pose. Oh my gosh I have watched all the Mr. beans and used to adore the heck out of them when I was younger. hahaha
(The song thing is not working for me.) It just says 0.00 for the length of the song. *Hmmmm* I wonder whats wrong!?

Kimmie said...

Your posts are so much fun!

VintageSweetheart said...

I can't get the song to work either but that outfit is great! Love all the jewellery and the chaps!

E :)

Helga! said...

Bugger,I haven't been able to get it going either,but the lyrics are fab and the posing is the BEST!!!
Clever sausage!!!

Crafty Carol said...

hi nelly the song work

VintageSweetheart said...

It still wouldn't work for me buy I found it online here:

Cool song!

E :

VintageSweetheart said...

but** not buy sorry!

Vix said...

You really suit jeans, Nelly! Love those poses, it's a shame I can't get the link working either.
Very envious of those chaps, mind you, that man at the jumble sale would be even more convinced of me being Cher if I turned up in those! x

Madison said...

LOL! You do make me chuckle. Love the outfits. Those boots are made for dancing.

Madison xxx

Kylie said...

All I can say is "ride 'em cowgirl!"
You cracked me up again today Nelly, love it!

Nick said...

No song either pardna! Love the chaps. When will you get to the bottom of your treasure chest?

Bungalowgirl said...

Loving the cowgirl look, you really suit the plaits. Can you chanel Dorothy from Wiz of Oz for us next, I know you already have the shoes.

Misfits Vintage said...

Those chaps are FAB! And I love your hair in plaits. All of your jewellery is gorgeous too - especially that ring!

You are so clever - that song is hilarious.

Sarah xxx

Miss Claire said...

Yehhaaaaaa!!! I love your cowgirl get-up and the song is rockin'! It's going to be in my head all night now :)

Nice work sister! Xoxoxox Claire


What a laugh I just had on a wet and cold summer afternoon! Where d'ya keep yer horse?

RETRO REVA said...

You are a terrific cowgirl! New boots?
Love the butterfly!

Anonymous said...

you are just so fun and cute. great song,I read it in a hard rock version giggle

Please may I? said...

You so make me smile Nelly! Great post as usual.

Fab outfit too. How talented are you with your song writing?!

X x

delia hornbook said...

awww Nelly i have missed you how cute do you look ;-)) Well gorgeous in fact and so clever to writing lyrics its great and so catchy a tune to love it ;-)) dee xx

Krista said...

I love your wild west outfit sweetie! I have just recently got into wearing old square dance dresses...YEEHA!!!!!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Please tell me you're going to the Gympie Muster - you'd knock 'em dead with that gorgeous face:)) You have the most incredibly huge eyes Nelly!!! xoxoxo

ladychiara said...

Nelly you are such a hoot! Loving the country & western mojo. Songwriting too? You have so many hidden talents my dear! Have a wonderful weekend. xxx

Scarlett said...

heheh you crack me up Nelly, you really should have been a cowgirl, you totally rock that look! Scarlett x