Friday, August 19, 2011

Pinking The Frock coz its Still Friday Somewhere, Right?

I may be late for Frock On a Friday but I still made it.Nearly didnt tho as I was super busy (treasure hunting and appointments)  I was also very tired when I did this and my camera refused to take decent shots for me and took it upon itself to  decide the ones that were half decent had to be made blurry (new camera on the horizon me thinks camera be warned!!) but didnt feel right not doing it so with no more ramblings, here I am in all my pink glory.....

A tad snug I must admit
 But room to pose still
 I could nearly Fly away with these wings
 And a little bit of frock bling
 Did you notice the background is a tinier bit tidier than last visit here?( I did say tinier) and check out  the ear bling
 Look old/new purple filing cabinets told ya I have been busy.
 I know it is still messy but am getting there, true I promise

 One more time ...Come fly with me,lets fly, lets fly away
 A goodnight kiss for coming to play.

Sorry the shots werent great people after dozens of outakes I was camerad out.

Nelly xxx
Just one more teaser of the treasure room which now is messier due to unpacking more items,Ill take you for a tour when done I Pinky promise ha get it pink frock pinky...... yere can tell I am super tired.
ps its 10.42 pm now and I still made FOF.Have to finish watching The Count of Monte Cristo AGAIN before I hit the zzz sack.


VintageSweetheart said...

Yay you made it with time to spare! I was too tired/grumpy after work to dress up. Those sleeves/wings are amazing! I love the pink and glam in the outfit it's a fabulous frock.

Your treasure room looks like it's coming along, my bedroom floor looks pretty similar to yours I blame it on lack of storage but it's more like laziness on my part.

Enjoy your weekend!

E :)

fabriquefantastique said...

Dig those sleeves!

Scarlett said...

That pink dress is fabulous, love your make-up to match too. And be still my beating heart at the treasure room - would love to spend a few hours in there. Mwah Scarlett xx

Vix said...

Pretty in pink, Nellie! I love your makeup today, is the lipstick a different shade to normal? That dress is divine. It's still friday here so you aren't late! x

Vintage Coconut said...

OhHhH LOOK at your lovely angel wings! You look pretty Nelly *tired or not* I love the bling around the neck and your sparkley bag.

sacramento said...

I love, love your pink dress, specially the sleeves.
Have a wonderful weekend, dear Nelly.

Misfits Vintage said...

Nelly - any chance of some more details of that fab frock? Is it handmade? If there's a tag could we please have a pic? IT's FAB and I have one almost identical!

Love your frosty pic lippy. Happy weekend!

Sarah xxx

Kimmie said...

Gorgeous as always!

A Treasured Past said...

Lovely dress Nelly, the prefect shade of pink. Love the matching makeup too!

Wow, you do have some serious clothes there...can't wait to see more. I need a fab dress-up assortment like you!

Enjoy your weekend, Tam x

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oooh you're a tease Nelly!! What an amazing frock - love the beaded collar and sleeves - squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Your treasures in the background look extremely tempting and gorgeous! I bought my camera on eBay - a pink Panasonic Lumix, 14 megapixels for $100. Bargain! I highly recommend it - it takes very clear pics any time of day or night. Go on, treat yourself! You work so hard and blogging is your sanity-saver (like me) so you should have the right tools. We wouldn't put up with a crap sewing machine would we? Big hugs to you love, and try and get some rest xoxoxoxo

grunge-queen said...

Dah-ling, you look gorgeous!!

Hello Vintage said...

Hey Nelly, look at all those goodies in the ladt pic! Gorgeous dress, really suits you. :)

Miss Peregrin said...

This dress is absolutely gorgeous! I love the beautiful flowing wings, and that shade of pink looks divine on you. Can't wait to see more of your things!