Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sailor Suit Silly Me /Pin Up Pretender.

                   Come on timer Work faster my butts getting cold!
Sunglasses a must with those white legs.
 Least I didnt fall of the box this time wouldnt that have been a sight?

 You know I had to do this fast in case anyone came in and saw me being silly?

 Trying not to share my undies wasn't easy either

Where is The Captain when you need him?

He would have liked taking these shots I bet
Hope the cleavage and cheesy grin arent too much for you all.
 Strike me pink look at that mess behind me!I should walk the plank for that!

I told you I have the posing bug!!But shall give it a rest for awhile I may have overindulged! lol.

 Ok  thats it.Was fun to do hope you had a giggle.

Nelly xxx

ps if you missed the story of this suit read yesterdays post.

PPS The Captain had a laugh when he got home.He liked the 2nd pic best.

PPPS I actually spent all arvo yesterday wondering if I should post this but what the heck ya only live once and one of our gorgeous blogging gals was sent a preview and said do it!!!Thanks gorgeous one xxx

All items have been opped Navy shirt and hat and my cute red shoes.


fabriquefantastique said...

I like that Irish Chain quilt ....not bad legs, either

wendz said...

Yeah good legs. :) Great fun post - certainly made me smile this evening. And I agree about the quilt too. Lovely.

delia hornbook said...

ooohhhh Look at you foxy lady ;-)) I was smiling all the way from start to finish and you are sooooo right we only live once and you need to live in the moment and grab it while you can ;-)) Good on you sweetie. And boy look at your gorgeous legs....i have to say my favourite picture is number 4 you look so chuffed and happy with yourself its like your giving yourself a huge hug for being so brave ;-)) Love it, dee xx

Vintage Coconut said...

Who's the hot chic in the sailor getup?? WHAAAA.. That can't be Nelly she is too timid..
You look fantastic nelly!
The shoes, makeup & your smile really add pizzaz to your pics. You cheeky thing!
We should start up a white legs club (I say that because of your sunglasses comment) =p I think I can beat anyone in a white legs burn your retinas contest. bwhaha

Lyndel said...

fab photos Darlink, just wait till D. sees them!! Just thank your lucky stars you have white legs and not the white with lots of blue/red lines like I'm getting....whaaa.

Kitty said...

So cute, I don't know why you'd have been worried about posting these??

A Treasured Past said...

Nelly you sexy thing. What fantastic legs you have..the outfit is pretty good too.

Kylie said...

If I had legs like yours Nelly I'd post these pics too x

Protector of Vintage said...

Fun photos!! Love the outfit...especially those red shoes!!

VintageSweetheart said...

Almost an R rated post there Nelly... Kidding kidding. Looks like you were having a ball! I guessed right with the sailors hat!

If there's a pale leg club I can definitely join mine reflect on the camera flash ha ha.

E :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Lol! I love the cheesecake photos! You are one hot sailor-lady! Yuo know, Nelly, those are great, I mean really great pics! I think framing one of them up for the Captain of Your Heart as a gift in his Christmas stocking would be most appropriate! If that doesn't appeal, I think Elle magazine is looking ofr models. :D

Catherine said...

Well you've sure been having fun...the film crew are getting heaps of practice too! From wedding dresses to kaftans to sailor suits wahoo! I wonder what those ladies were doing in their PJ's. Thanks for the sweet mention & popping in this morning. Perhaps you could set up a home dress-up hire shop with all those lovelies to chose from : ) x

Erica Louise said...

Wow look at you!! Love these sailor pics :)

Vix said...

I bet The Captain thought all his Christmases had come at once being greeted by a hottie like you! You are a fabulous poseur, xxx

Nick said...

Hey Nelly, I can see..I can speak! I have changed to Chrome and can now view your blog (I couldn't even see your posts) Oooh and what have I missed! I whave a bit of catching up to do. Lovely legs baby!

Hello Vintage said...

I wish I had legs like yours! What a fun post, love it!

Miss Claire said...

You are fecking gorgeous, Nelly! Pin-up shots more often, please! I'll do some soon too if I have a few drinks :)

Xoxoxox lotsa love to you!!

PS. Those shoes are to die for, every time I see you in them I lust! I got a great pair of red mary janes the other day for $7, no heels though. Xox

Vintage Jane said...

Lordy girl, that put a smile on my face this morning!! You have every excuse to poose with those legs! M x

Vintage Jane said...

Hmm, poose sounds rather weird ... that should have said pose!!

Krista said...

I love you as a pinup and good for you cleavage long beautiful legs and all. I am woman hear me ROAR! You are beautiful Nelly!