Friday, July 22, 2011

The Pyjama Ladies and a Questionaire

Funniest thing yesterday I went into town and went to one of my oppies (or 3) no surprise there and the LifeLine ladies all had PJs on.I asked if they had forgotten to get changed or had a girls night in.They were having a ball.Here are some of them here.

I forgot to ask what for, but would be some charity do no doubt.I told them I would be sharing the pic on my blog and would be seen all over the world they thought that was funny.

Now I  HAD to go in to buy something that goes with a hat I bought recently.Ideas anyone?
It had been there for weeks too but I thought at $12 it was over priced but then I thought how often am I going to find one like it?Its going to go in  my fancy dress collection.What you think it might be?
All I need is the pants ha got you thinking now.I'll share pics tomorrow.Be ready for a laugh at my poses.

Now look at this lovely pile of velvet the lovely Catherine from An Angel in the Garden sent me.

Isnt she wonderful? I better get stuck into some patchwork soon.Thanks Catherine so much xxx

Now I have some questions for you to answer.You can send the answers  via my email

The reason for the questionaire is...
I LOVE sending surprises but sometimes I am not sure what to send or what size etc and asking around doesnt always help but does sometimes (some of you will know what I am talking about lol)
so please assist me

Your address.
Favourite colour.
Can you knit, crochet ,sew?
What is your size including waist, butt and boob measurements in case I find an outfit to send.
What type of lollys/sweets do you like?
What do you collect mostly?
Do you have pets and what sort?
What is your fav fabrics if any?
What is your favourite Aussie animal/thing (for O.S bloggers only)
Is there any small item you are looking for and cant find yet?
Your email would be great too if you havn't got it on your profile as its hard to answer things without it.

All above information will not be shared with anyone else.Unless stated it can be.

Looking forward to replies.
Oh and I am on skype -aussiej64 even if it looks like I am not there leave a message and I will get back to you.I show as invisible but am often on.

Nelly xxx

Ps I love all your comments they always make me smile I dont always reply and I dont use the reply button at the comments anymore as no one knows I have replied,I will at times reply via email so please make sure yours is on your profile or send it to me xxx

Oh and if you have that painful verification thingy on your comment box please, please get rid of it . I promise spamming isnt that bad I think I have had 3 all up so far and I just remove them.

PPS see I can do short posts sometimes. xxx


Kylie said...

I have so much fun with the old girls I work with when I volunteer at the oppy on Sundays. And I'm learning so many new (and handy things too)...I feel like I have inherited a bunch of new Grannies...but we haven't broken out the p.js. yet!
I loved the green dress you were wearing yesterday Nelly, and the poses too x

Vintage Coconut said...

Well those ladies look like they know how to have fun!
The velvet looks lovely.. I hope you get some patchwork done soon. =D I love the previous patchwork you showed off! In 12 hrs I will be garage saling.. WOOT!

A Treasured Past said...

It is depressing to say that I often see people shopping in their pj's..I kid you not! But I do live near struggle town..haha.

The ladies look like a great bunch. At least they are dressed in their pj's for an organised event, and not because they have done walkabout..haha

Looking forward to tomorrows photos. T

VintageSweetheart said...

I don't think I could walk around in my PJ's some brave ladies there. Were you perhaps talking about the sailors hat you bought recently. :)


Misfits Vintage said...

I agree - the word verification is just annoying and unnecessary and it's annoying when you can't find someone's email address on their blog or profile... especially if they ask you a question! Can't wait to see your mystery item Nelly.

Sarah xxx

delia hornbook said...

aawww bless them they look fab ;-)) And so does your fabric. I haven't a clue what it is your thinking about but i will look forward to seeing your photo's. Have a great weekend dear Nelly, dee xx

wendz said...

OK I have a question for you....why do you guys in Oz call it an op-shop?

Totally with you on word verification.

VintageSweetheart said...

Answered your questionare let me know if you got it.

C.K.Garner said...

Aww, shucks, makes me think of my Mum and her sisters when they were last together in a sleep deprived, wine sippin' sleepover! After I finish this next move, I'll make a point of digging out the photo of them in their jammies, booze in hand :D Thanks Nelly!

Lyndel said...

oh what fun, no shennanigans like that at my op shop (thats Opportunity Shop for the non-aussies)..;)

Kitty said...

Good call on the word vero, it's bloody annoying!