Sunday, July 3, 2011

Overall Invite a bit of craftiness and some new pieces.

 Miss 10 and Miss 8 are down at their nannas for a week and master 6 and Miss 5 were at their nanas for the night so we only had master 2 at home and how quiet was it BLISS.Dont get me wrong I do miss them when they arent here and I love knowing they are safe when they are home.( I know they are safe where they are too but you know what I mean I am sure)

So getting back to my post heading remember awhile ago I showed you my 50c overalls HERE 
Well the other day I had a new comment by an overall/bib wearing fan (did you know there are groups for people who wear them lol?) anyway I was  invited to join the International Overall day  FaceBook Group and I thought Id send the invite to all you that have and or love wearing overalls too.


I have been busy crafting for some swaps  so have tried to be good and not blog (but have been reading everyones of course)
2 neck warmers
 2 dragon scarves nearly finished.


 here are a few little things I found on Friday
 Akubra hat 50c still with paper in lining and lovely beaded purse.$2.50
Some kitschy bits an  Owl,dear, dog and squirrel

Hoping to find some vintage outfits this week have severe withdrawals.

Nelly xxx


Misfits Vintage said...

Oh that little dashboard deer is darling! I also received an email from the bibprofessor - isn't he lovely?

Sarah xxx

Kitty said...

Put the Akubra on ebay.xx.

Vix said...

Those dragon scarves are absolutely amazing, Nelly! You are so talented. Love the hat and the purse. I agree with Kitty, get that hat on eBay! xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

I LOVE the dragon scarf, What a cute idea!
Sweet finds too Nelly!

Helga! said...

Goodness,a group for overall wearers?! Some thing for everyone!
LOVE the neck warmers,darl!You are a clever possum!Fun dashboard decorations,too!

Kimmie said...

Love the pink neck warmer so pretty!

Frocktasia said...

The dragon scarves ROCK!
I'd definitely wear one of those.
I also like the cute kitschy bits, I bought a small framed cross-stitch owl at the car boot sale yesterday...I do like an owl, so I do :)
Take care luv,

Vintage Jane said...

How clever are you? The dragon scarf is fab - my little man would have loved one of these when he was younger. M x

CRY said...

really like the things you made.
as i sit here and write to you I am wearing my overalls becuase my husband and i did some yard work. i love overalls as much as i love aprons

Nana's Nook said...

so happy that you got a little crafting in, well looks like more than a little!! I love the neck warmers, beautiful work, and the dragon scarf, well that is just too cute !!

bibprofessor said...

thanks a lot Nelly for promoting our shared love/passion for overalls ! niels/bibfessor