Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Had my STOOPID on again today

but before I talk about my STOOPID seriously whats with me this week??I will show you what happens when this granny goes crazy
she trashes the girls room

mind you didnt look that much better before I started what with my 5 grandies plus one.
but when Granny is done it sure looks good don't it?

Now for my Stoopid #2 this week.
My mum has a neighbour I have known  since I was 14 she is 2 years older than me tho due to her hypochondriac ways she acts like she is 30 yrs older and dresses the same.Anyway this said neighbour and her mum were "friends" of ours in my old home town but the mum wore my mum out with her gossiping etc. So mum thinks lets move so we did....... fast forward 20 odd years later my family move then this family move there too and fast forward a few more years the daughter then marries mums neighbour JOY!!!! My step dad passes away and the neighbours starts picking on my mum her garden is not neat enough its bringing snakes and lots of other garbage as mum has a great garden they have a car tip and 10 dogs in theirs and the mum also  starts gossiping.My mum has had enough so she goes away,I get email from said "friend" is your mum ok havent seen her can you contact her?  (mind you she hasnt even bothered to say hello to mum for ages other than sticky beaking at any move mum makes so she can find something to gosspip about)and my mum saved her from a dog attack with barely a thanks and  anyway what sort of daughters does she think we are,of course we would know if our mum was ok grrrrr.So mum sneaks, yes sneaks away early one morning as they have near broken her.( she is even going to sell up after 22 years there)

So I get this email and decide to forward this to my sister  and I write  "got this from the B**rtch (note I used the softer version in the email) and also made a comment to sis of " I should say mum is visiting her boyfreind "(which she doesnt have) well do you realise how close the reply button and forward button is and how out of practice I must be in forwarding and how exhausted I was from the above effort?Yes you guessed it I pressed reply!!!! STOOPID!!!!!

Took me a good 5 or more mins before I realised and Oh my I near had a heart attack (mind you having a laughing fit while the heart attack is going on) as I am so not a confrontational person AT ALL just ask my freinds and family !! Are you laughing yet?
Now I blame my sister as I couldnt get her on the phone and she was showing on skype but not answering ...but maybe just maybe it was meant to be The captain and LL think so as they have never liked this family anyway.

So I thought better email again saying yes this is what I think of her as she and her mum are gossips and have caused alot of damage to lots of people over the years etc etc.and they have no right to judge others as only God can and should do that!(they are supposed to be good religious people!!)

Then I finally get a hold of my sis and she laughs then starts stressing -yes an even worse stress head than me!!Hard to believe but true.So she gets me to email again saying a few other things and that mum has no  BF and if we hear any gossip saying there is there will be BIG Trouble.As it is I will be taking LL with me when I visit as she is hanging to have a go at them lol Go LAURA!! (doesnt take after me at all)Poor mum I am 8 hours from her and sis is 12.

Moral to this STOOPID? be careful when forwarding make sure you  dont hit reply instead and yes this person will be blocked (after I see her reply of course lol)

I am one of those strange people that thinks things but keeps them to myself so if this Stoopid hadnt happened they would hav ehad no clue what I thought yet (gutless wonder me but there is a reason I dont do confrontations but thats another childhood story)
Least they wont come near me when I do go down as they now know what I think.
Hope I dont sound like a Bi*rtch myself but well its happened and I needed to tell you all about my STOOPID.
Go on make me feel better do with your comments. Unless I lost you all with all that reading lol
Nelly xxx

PS I hope my STOOPIDS are all done for a good while now.


Kitty said...

Oh NOOO! but i reckon it was meant to happen, you never know itmight end up making things easier,xx,

Nelly said...


Is what me and sis are thinking too Kitty even sis decided to email and put her in her place too as its been going on too long and our mum is broken right now.Nice way to treat a grieving widow aye?

Miss Claire said...

Hahaha, Oh Nelly you dag! I have done that sort of things lots of times, and heard of a friend who did that with her boss and got in heaps of trouble! Try not to stress-I know it was an accident but at least you've put her in her place, haha! Don't let it stay on your mind Xoxoxox

Adele - A Lass from Downunder said...

Oh NOOOO! Was exactly what popped out of my mouth too when you got to the fwd/reply button bit ... I think things happen for a reason and it certainly sounds like your Mum's neighbour could do with a dash of someone else's opinion! said...

Oh my! Well you are probably better with this off of you chest and out in the open. Maybe she needed to be confronted.

Vintage Coconut said...

I am sorry Nelly but this story made me laugh so hard!! I think maybe it was meant to be.I happen to know a few gossipy woman.. and I will tell you what.. I steer clear of them as best as I can. Cause even if I run into them in a store while shopping for groceries and say hello.. I know hours later they will say they saw me down at the beach in a thong! *LOL*
Its a very weird world for little sneaky yappers. They love to lie and talk talk talk.. obviously because they are bored and have no real life of their own.

delia hornbook said...

Your poor poor mum bless her my heart goes out to her and to you and your family dear Nelly. But every thing in life happens for a reason and this well what can you say i think its great that you hit that button because hopefully now that stupid women and her family will back off, well if she has any sense. So well done to you ;-)) hugs, dee xx

A Treasured Past said...

Your first photo is like my house on Thursday morning before I have a chance to clean. The room looks super great, I bet the girls love it!

There are some horrible people in this world, selfish, spiteful and arrogant, I deal with lots everyday at work. Sometimes they need to know that they are. I wouldn't fell bad, because that would mean they are important to you, which they aren't so , chin up, and move on. A taste of their own medicine after all these years may not be a bad thing.

And no, I don't think that anyone else would think that you are a B*****.

Hope you are enjoying the school holidays, Tam x

Nick said...

Dag is the right word! Oh you poor thing! How cringeworthy. Did you just want to curl up in the foetal position and pretend 'real' life isn't out there? And then you sent another one!Crikeys. It sounds like a movie script.
I have had a similar week...I stood my ground on a couple of things and was abused for them. Unfortunately I stood my ground in writing on the internet. I hate confrontation as well, it eats me up like a cancer.
How can I make you feel better when I empathise and feel your pain! Oh and your poor mother. She is living next door to this woman! Am I making it alot worse? All I can say it is all out in the open now, and hopefully the woman will err on the side of dignity and ignore your whole family. Lovexx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Sometime these things are just meant to happen. They might start going easy on your mum now - I hope! I love the before & after bedroom pics - amazing!! xoxoxo

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Oh dear! Have done something very similar myself! But it was at work...wanted ground to swallow me!

Vintage Jane said...

Sooo funny! They had it coming to them. Don't feel bad. M x

Nana's Nook said...

Oh NO!! but I did have a giggle. That eamil might be just the thing the other end needs to read, sometimes I am sure ppl don't know what they have been or are really like, cause no body tells them !! Poor Mum, poor You.. don't let it bother you too much, meant to have happened. Oh and do you want to make a quick fly down to my place, family visiting in the morning, and my place still looks like your girls room did !!! lol

Lyndel said...

OH SHE Sounds so horrid a good telling off may just be the right thing.. poor YOU... big Hugs.

The grandies room looks GREAT, for today at least!

Crafty Carol said...

Nelly I am proud of you, I know you and I always say nothing happens by chance,she was meant to get your email,you are a very caring and kind person, its about time she was told, I dont ever find it hard to say what I think, as you well know, I used to be like you a hundred years ago, but I got sick of people, hurting other people so I just tell them and now I get in trouble with peter and family, haha ITS VERY HARD TO BE MEAN AND ITS SO EASY TO BE KIND and thats what I live by the girls room looks fab lots love to u and family carol xxxxx

Catherine said...

Oh you are such a hoot Nelly. Cringable that's the word for it! (great word I heard a while back) Thanks so much for your caring supportive comments I really appreciate them : ) Now, I haven't managed to send the velvet yet as I have gone & mis-placed the best bit..put it somewhere know the story. It'll turn up & I'll send it'll be a surprise then won't it xx

Ava said...

Sounds like they deserved it Nelly, Lucky your mum has daughters who care xx Ava