Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Treasure Tuesday.

Treasure hunting has been light on and Vintage outfits have disappeared altogether Not Happy!!
But was not deterred and Treasure Hunted  today with 2 kids in tow amongst the winging and whining  this is  what I found.
These shoes by Django and Juliette shoes
I  LOVE them but paid more  ($15 um ah!) than I normally would only coz they fit me perfectly and they are velvety fabric,leather  and a real red but if you know the brand (I just googled you will see I got a humungus bargain.(Way more red than what this looks.)

I fell in love with this gorgeous girl today she will go well with another one with 2 girls  I bought years ago.she was $1
and this cute 60s/70s seat thingy very comfy too

Some Holly Hobby finally!! for a swap and when I say finally I  had searched for Holly Hobby for ages with no luck and found 3 things in 3 shops today PERFECT!!

Miss 5 wanted this set 50c

Miss 10 found  these (one has a broken petal) She fell in love with them hmm wonder who she is takeing after?
They are cute tho.
and she also got this watsit to paint and put her knicknaks in.
This is a before after is coming soon.                                                  and a Guns and Roses scarf,

plus she found this stainless steel 50c card holder  perfect for Uncle Josh -my 21 yr old. (we are making little cards for him to store in it to give out to any chicky babes that ask lol not sure if he will like that idea tho ) scuse the sticky mark i havent got it all off yet.
This was a cheat find from Saturday embroidered ballerina.
as was this

 and this
Not the best treasure hunting ever bit better than nothing dont ya think?

Another subject is hairdressers that have no clue.
Miss 8 needed,actually wanted a certain hair do (being the little rock n roll diva that she is) she chose the style.Here she is before a bit straggley.

 The cut was all over the place and the hairdresser knew it from what she said."come back if she isnt happy" "she was moving alot""i asked if she wanted messy or neat"etc and today after a proper cut which was neater than this before her shower.
I  was much happier with this.Her best friend had hers done the same so they are both happy.

and nearly lastly the fishing festival wasnt too successful over the last weekend a few fish were caught but we had 2 winners in the family maybe next year we will win the boat???
Master 6 won a fishing rod                      and               Miss 10 won 2 camp chairs and a beach dome

And to Helga the  Tote is on its way to Romania.Hope it will be there by next week its flying xx
Was a waffly post and took me ages think I am out of practice and super tired lol
Nelly xxx




Kimmie said...

Those shoes are to die for~!

Kitty said...

The shoes are fab, I'd have bought them too!

Lyndel said...

oh the shoes♥
my dear,if that is what you find when you 'are light on this week' what's coming next week? I genuinely had an almost zero week, didnt even post on Sophies blog, but I may..just may.. do some shopping tomorrow!!

grunge-queen said...

BOOtiful shoes! And very saucy too! Show us your outfit when you wear them, please!

fabriquefantastique said...

the shoes are a hit....don't you hate those sticky labels? specially on fabric

Vix said...

I love those shoes. I'd have bought them too! x

Anonymous said...

I like the big buckle on the shoes and the color of them. I will take those and the bookshelf please.
haircuts look great, if you lived here i would have cut their hair for you for free

Ivy Black said...

I adore those shoes! I'd have had them like a shot! xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Those red shoes are gorgeous Nelly &
the little curved seat is so sweet. I am in need of doing a post. Maybe I can get with it this evening.

wendz said...

Wonderful amazing red shoes. I sort of wish I had somewhere to where such pretty shoes to but stomping around the beach and cycling here and there doesn't call for anything more than flip-flops and plimsolls. I miss nice shoes.

And that painting is great too. Really like it.

You know what? I haven't had my hair cut for 18 months because I am so distrustful of hairdressers. But it is so long now it is becoming unmanageable and the ends are dry so I am going to have to bite the bullet and have it done. Soon. Eek!

wendz said...

Oh grief made a nasty typo there - I meant 'wear the shoes' not 'where' them. Blimey I need to go to bed.

A Treasured Past said...

Gorgeous shoes Nelly!

Vintage Sunday said...

Amazing shoes Nelly, and some marvellous finds! I know what you mean about hairdressers ~ I took one of my daughters to have her hair layered, and $25 later, it looked no different, so I ended up doing it myself! Congratulations to the littles on their wins! Love Brenda

ladychiara said...

The shoes are just gorgeous Nelly! Your other finds were lovely too. Miss 10's china shoes are so sweet even with the broken petal. Congrats to the kids on the prizes they won in the fishing comp. I'm trying a new hairdresser in a few weeks.(Can't afford my old one anymore) I think I'm going to grow some length back in mine. I just haven't been happy with it since I had it all cut off.

Heather said...

wow, these are some fancy treasures! I actually have that same print of the little girls holding the rabbit. Its so sweet!~

Anonymous said...

Cute post!!
Love your blog so much.)))

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Nana's Nook said...

I <3 Holley Hobbie, have a very small collection myself. You have some great finds! and variety !!! Keep shopping , hehe

Miss Peregrin said...

You've certainly found some gorgeous treasures there! I love those shoes, they are absolutely amazing.

P.S. I'm glad that you like what you've seen on my blog!

Hello Vintage said...

Love the shoes, come on tell us, what how much did you see them on the net for? Miss 8's hair looks gorgeous.