Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dont you hate doing something totally STOOPID!!! and I am also Sharing come see

Well I did that in last post when I showed the lovely parcel I recieved with my address on it!!!,I feel such a dope now but thanks to all my bloggy buddies who brought it to my attention.I removed it as soon as I read my emails grrr me!!!(I was actually wondering What Address on my blog I dont put addresses on my blog!!) Then I saw what you all meant.Durr.  I was so excited by getting it I didnt notice anything bar the pink package does that sound odd? I am usually ever so careful with privacy too anyway thanks girls for watching out, you are all awesome.Without you I would have never given it a second thought most Will be calling myself all sorts of names today but will teach me to be extra careful in future.I am feeling sick about it to be honest!!Stupid, stupid!!

Ok Moving on

since I had to write this post I may as well share something new

Sharing this vintage swimsuit blog  at Glamour Splash  after the good response from my swimwear post.
Sharing a pic of me in my mums 1963 bridesmaid dress which I hadnt tried on since I was 18 (and do have a pic of ,but its in storage) Will share that and my mums pic when I get them.And no it doesnt do up anymore and no I will never sell this one.(sorry for blur had grandchild taking it.)
 Bad pose this!! least you know what I look like when pregant and no I am not but I look it lol
 Close up of  fabric and details

Sharing kids dress up rack yes this is only some, more is in storage and yes I love collecting dress up stuff and have a list of others I want.Most has been bought from oppies.

Sharing the fact I am trying to talk LL to go visit the UK on a working visa b4 she heads of around Aus on her own.Told her she would do well there what with all my lovely UK blogging buddies who can advise her in places to visit etc she would be safer.
Sharing that Mister 21 may be staying in town after all as looks like his job up north may not be happening.Maybe he can go to UK with LL?

Sharing some vintage baby dresses
1st one from opshop, knitted one was hubbies and LL wore it when she was a baby bonnet is packed.Hubby is 52 this year.
!st one from oppy 2nd one from oppy about 26 years ago #1 daughter and LL wore it and also #1 and #2 grandaughters.
3 little dresses Middle one was mine as a baby.Sadly it has small moth holes from years ago.

Click on pic for closer lok at design and fabric

Sharing my new old bag coz it was only $2 and I liked it.Must try and reline it tho (spray glue and funky fabric YES?)
Sharing my cute manicure set 1960s?

Sharing this awesome 70s crochet book 20c find if anyone wants to see more and get a copy of one of the patterns let me know.

I am sharing that I really really want to get some Annie Sloan paint but its not in Aus yet but is coming according To Annie who I Facebooked with the question.

I am also sharing that If anyone can buy me the Mags. Molly Made and Flea market style (and one other new one in the UK I forget the name  )I will send you the funds and postage via paypal or Alertpay.
I am sharing that I am finished sharing but am still feeling STOOPID but I will get over it AGAIN!(stoopidity is one of my things to get over often lol)And yes I know how to spell stupid ha see.

Nelly xxx


Kimmie said...

Lovely lil bubba dresses :]

C.K.Garner said...

Lol! Oh, Nelly, you are too hard on yourslef, and since the Ladies Club were on it like me on cookies, I'm sure you have no worries. But you are right...careful in future, and you remind us all to keep our vigilance, too! Your Mother's bridesmaid dress is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS vintage piece! Wonderful that you still have it, and your baby dress. I wonder if the little moth holes could be embroidered around to save the piece? Oh! And you are wearing the fantastic shoes! If they were red, Dorothy would steal them from you to prance down the road to OZ! Lol! Have a great day, and thanks for the photos. You are a slice of happycake every time I see your blog. :)

Nick said...

Does your family throw anything away? My goodness. I wish I had thatmuch history. Well, I must be just as duh, I didn't even notice the address on the package. If this goes through it means I can comment again....and I have no idea why or how. The computer is messing with my mind!

Hello Vintage said...

How lovely that you have yours and your dads baby dress. They are so gorgeous. Don't worry about the parcel photo, we all do silly things from time to time.

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh love - you're not stupid - just excited!

I would absolutely LOVE the pattern for that amazing rainbow maxi dress!

Sarah xxx

Ivy Black said...

I wouldn't worry about it, darling. We all do silly things. I just know from experience that people on Blogger are not all nice and in fact some are downright awful....some of the emails I's a good job I've got a thick skin!!
Anyhow, those pics of you look like vintage Sixties're channelling Liz Taylor there! Beautiful

Vintage Coconut said...

Nelly: You are not stupid, anyone could of made the mistake in a moment of excitement! Just remember to be careful in the future. =D
What a pretty dress that is!!
Those little baby dresses are so sweet. I have been keeping a eye out for some for future coconut. lol I passed up on a couple about a year agao or so.. but now that I am getting some sort of future baby chest started. I hope to find one or two for vintage baby days. *lol*
That manicure set looks very pretty.

Helga! said...

We all make mistakes,darl!!
LOVE that bridesmaid frock!!Heavenly!!!
AND you new bag,so yummy.Funky fabric interior would be awesome!!!
Your blog always has such treasures!!!

Betsy said...

We all could have made that mistake...I don't know if I would have thought about it. Aren't we lucky to have such good bloggy friends to rescue us? Love all your vintage goodies especially those little dresses.
Thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments.

Linda said...

sounds like you got to the address issue pretty quickly so I wouldn't be so hard on yourself. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bridesmaid dress it is gorgeous

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Heya Nelly....!

I hope you're well Lovey & having a FAB weekend....!!

I DIDN'T see the pic of the parcel you're talking about but can well imagine & understand your distress....Don't be too hard on yourself....It was an easy enough mistake to make given how excited you were.... :o) !!

Your baby dresses are GORGEOUS....How LUCKY you are to still have them....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

That dress is beautiful! =)

mitziscollectibles said...

That bridesmaid's dress is retro cool! The rosettes are popular now, aren't they? I,m itching to buy some Annie Sloan chalk paint too. I'll bet that company is pinching themselves....their popularity is soaring!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hiya Nelly, your partner in the swap is Karlyn whose blog is Rosa's room. Here's the link to her blog x

Frocktasia said...

Hi Nelly,
I've just fallen head over heels with that stripy crochet dress but I wouldn't know where to start, making it...perhaps learning how to crochet would be good.
Take care luv,

sacramento said...

I love that wonderful pink dress. You look like a fairy.
Thank you so much for your visit. You always brighten my day.

CRY said...

I couldnt even begin to tell you how many of those type of purses I have bought, Im an addict on how they open and close and wish the designers would make some now days

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Nelly, you have a heart of gold so I'm not surprised you didn't realise about the address thingy - there are some sick and twisted people out there and beautiful souls like you are rare. You can buy spray glue????? I can see a whole new world of crafting opening up before me!! Yes, get the kids over to Europe - they won't regret it!!! xoxoxo