Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nice Things to Share with You.

1st one is my 21 yr old son is home for a week as he heads further north for work.We hadnt seen him since December so I am so enjoying having nearly all my family around me even if LL (Lovely Laura is my 23yr old daughter for new readers) lives down the road and not here.I love knowing all my kids are nearby.Hope the eldest will move up here soon.
This is a pic taken in Mo-vember last year he goes into the grow the mo every year now.I have no other pics on this PC and the one I tried to take of him ended up being the top of his head and his hands covering his face! Shy? not when partying ha,  camera shy only when forced to smile and or sober lol.
Wish he was staying in the area.
2nd was that the grand kids had their end of term dance again and I had to share some pics with you as they looked so cute.Theme was cartoon characters.
                      Rapunzel from Tangled have you seen the movie yet?
Shame the wool hair wasnt the same as her own and no I didnt plait it I cheated and tied it in spaces  all the way down and added flowers.Did anyone ask her to let down her hair?Yere of course and she did and it was long lol (must measure it soon)
Here we have Mulan no one recognised Miss 8 at all  but she won a best dressed prize.

                                Scary Mulan!!Her staff had prior to this been used to hold my 5 mtres of my velvet  What I do for kids!!

Hello Captain Hook and didnt he just love that hook and sword hence the huge smile.

Isnt he the cutest Captain Hook ever?

Little Miss 5 (note she isnt miss 4.5 now?) went as Tiger Lily from Peter Pan
And her good friend Tinkerbell went too see her on shoulder?(notice how wonderful her eyes are looking after the Op?
(note I hate throwing anything away (but do) coz everything comes in handy sometime.Tinker was from her music box which master 2 destroyed I kept the music maker and Tinker.

The 3 amigos.These 3 go to their dance together the eldest goes to later one.So never get pic of all 4 dressed anymore.All items bar the 2 wigs and hook were from my dress up stash.

 3rd one was my lovely parcel with my brooch that turned up today,I bought  it from Nick at Collecting Feathers she sells them thru her etsy and her Aussie Made it store page.I met Nick thru blogland and she lives in the town I grew up in.Go say hi if you can and check out her pretties too.Love my brooch will wear it in my hair as well  as I do with many of my brooches.

And she sent me some of her swing tags they are much nicer than mine LOVE them!!!

4th and last but not least is Helgas tote bag which  arrived today all the way from the UK Hooray!!!

The Lovely Em from Ivy Black Chat sent it to me

Hope I was allowed to share pics ,Helga?

Em added  her gorgeous  addition to  the tote  as per the rules and she made and sent me this ever so cute tote

I will be using it to tote my knitting and crochet projects around.Thanks ever so much Em I love it and it will come in so handy xxx
So now I have to add my special bit to the tote and send it and something special to Mona from 
La Boheme    Mona lives in Romania.By the time this tote gets back to Helga it will be well traveled.

Hope all is well my lovely followers 

Nelly xxxx


Misfits Vintage said...


Ivy Black said...

Hurrah! IT got to you at last. Glad you like the bag. Lovely photos too.
I have to second Sarah! Take the photo out showing your address...just in case. Not everyone is as lovely as us

Miss Claire said...

I can see how much you just love dressing those kidlets up, they must enjoy it!!! Miss 5's eyes are looking great, what a gorgeous little girl. I'm having my very first market stall this Sunday and am feeling inspired by all of the clever swing tags you gals have been making! Let's see what I come up with :)

Thanks again for my parcel Nelly, I'm still squealing over all of it :)

Xoxoxox Claire

delia hornbook said...

aww Nelly please take your address off here sweetie it isn't safe. The children all look so cute bless them, and i have to say your son is pretty cute ;-) Love the brooch and the bag what a fun idea ;-)) dee xx

Vintage Coconut said...

*Agree* That you should edit the post and delete your address picture out of it.
While there is some very nice blogger people out there... there is also alot of looneys.

The kids look fantastic in there costumes! EVERY single one!
And miss 5 is looking just as cute as ever. Her little eyes look great.
Heck even your oldest son is cute.. but keep that on the down low because I don't want to come off as some kinda cougar! hahahahah

Nelly said...

Thanks everyone re address I had myself another senior moment (getting way too many of those) and didnt even see the address just the parcel and I am usually so careful Luckily my address is about to change xxxx

A Treasured Past said...

Damn you removed it before I could write it down..hahaha.

Your dress-up box must be massive, the kids always look amazing!!!

Miss 5's eyes are looking fantastic, I bet she is pleased.

ladychiara said...

Nelly your son is a cutie! The kids all look wonderful in their costumes. You must have such fun together! Miss 5's eyes are looking great. Love tink on the shoulder. The totes look wonderful too. Glad you removed your address, there are way too many weirdos online.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely family you have
you look to young to have kids that age and grandkids but I am told the same since our oldest is 21.

Ava said...

Hi Nelly, Your family are so gorgeous, love Hooks smile..... In my recent blog I deleted a photo because it had a room with my jewellery box in it...not much in the jewellery box but still...... I was thrilled by your comment btw ! Thankyou xx Ava

Misfits Vintage said...

And... your family are all BEAUTIFUL. Mr 21 is a total spunkybum and thoe kids all look fab in their costumes... and little darling's eyes are looking just perfect!

Sorry for yelling earlier!

Sarah xxx

Pierre BOYER said...

Great pictures !