Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Teddy Bear Treasure.

Pleased to meet you.

Meet my little teddy bear                                        
He is as cute as cute can be,
But that darling little teddy bear
has no eyes so he cant see.
He has alot of patchiness
and threadbare places too,
he can no longer squeak to me
but I remember when he used to.
and even with those problems
 I do adore  him  so
as he is forever special
to the little girl in me, you know?
My grandad went and bought him,
when I was only  small.
I think I was  a new born,
or maybe not yet born at all.
and every time I see him,
I see my grandad too,
coz my grandad he did love me
and his other grandkids too.
Teddy has been loved alot
and tho he is looking bad,
I will always love my teddy
just like I loved grandad.

by Nelly July 27 2011

I never had a proper name for my teddy may have tried Bobo out once.
This is my grandad with me and my cousin on his knee.I may have been 2 or so which would make this 1966 or there abouts
Grandad liked his ciggies.He ended up with Emphysema.
Grandad has been gone along time now.I wish I had known him when I was grown.
Have pics of me and my teddy but they are at my mums many hours away.

This is my grandad as a young fella.
Percy Edward Miller

and on his wedding day to Doris Eileen Pearl Slow (her pic is on my sidebar too.)
Grandad was my dads father.He was kicked in the head by a horse when he was young which damaged his right eye.He was lucky to survive.
Love you Grandad xx

 The above poem came to me when I knew I was doing my teddy post.Did you get teary?Have you got a favourite teddy to share?

Nelly xxx


Kimmie said...

Lovely post~!

Kitty said...

No bears here, my mother always threw everything out, and I mean EVERYTHING. There's not even a photo of me as a kid. I like the poem, so sweet!

grunge-queen said...

What a lovely post, so nice you still have your Teddy and such lovely pics and memories of your Grandad. I have a Teddy to share and will do it one day soon - thanks for the idea! xo

grunge-queen said...

P.S. Your poem is so amazing! I write little ditties for family members and it's such a great way of expressing memories, even when they're lighthearted and funny ....

❀Young Vintage Girl❀ said...

Aww! I love your Teddy and the poem you had going with it and Yeah my dad has emphysema and I try to get him to quit smoking but he loves his ciggies too!

Vintage Coconut said...

Awww your bear is so cute Nelly! Your lucky to have him. My Bear from when I was a baby is dead! He was a furry yellow duck with felt feet and a felt beak. It was so incredibly cute... well I went to clean it cause it had some dirty spots.. I put him in the washer and when the wash was done I opened it up and all I saw was guts and insides.. OH AND A SHREDDED SKIN! DON'T WASH YOUR BEAR!
Duck Also had a little black cylinder noise maker inside him.. I kept that. *LOL* It is my only memory of him.

Your childhood pic with your Granddad is so cute. The other pics are very nice too.

Helga! said...

Ooo,teddy looks scary!
Your Grandad looks lovely though.I do love old pix!
I have Gutless Wonder,my childhood teddy somewhere.I'm not into stuffed animals anymore,they give the heebies nowadays!

Lea said...

Hi Nelly, I came from my buddy, Karlyn's blog. You chose some great things for her. How clever and what a lovely swap gift you put together. I know she is thrilled.

VintageSweetheart said...

Love the photos. I have my teddy from when I was little his name is Rupert and my nanna gave him to me. He resides in my wardrobe and guards my clothes! ha ha

E :)

Kylie said...

I never had a teddy, don't know why...I'll have to ask my husband still has his Red Ted though from when he was a has been to the dolls hospital for major surgery but you can still see his age (ie how much he was loved) x

Liz said...

I had a teddy called Fluffy! My Mum threw her out, but kept my brother's teddy! Says a lot!
Good post!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Scarlett said...

Loved this post, old photos are always great and your grandad looks like a lovely chap. I didnt have a bear when i was little but a comfort sheet which got so manky my mum had to dispose of it! Scarlett x

Lyndel said...

I got my teddy when I was 1, and he was rather large and lived in my room until I was 18 and went to live overseas. I gave him away to a neighbours daughter, a little girl called Heather who was born with spina-bifida. That was a long time ago, don't know where Heather and Teddy are these days.

Ivy Black said...

He's lovely! I've still got my bear from 1968. Apparently I hassled my mum for it at a jumble sale and wouldn't let it go!XXX

Vix said...

What a sweet poem and I love the picture of you on your granddad's knee, he looked a lovely chap.
I'm not keen on stuffed toys, I gave all mine away when I was a little girl. x

DearHelenHartman said...

My sister had one just like that! Heard the panda crazy in teddy bears was started when pandas came to the Washington DC zoo. My aunt used to clean old stuffed animals with the kind of brush used to comb out wool, slowly and gently she'd revive old toys that were not meant to be machine washed.

Misfits Vintage said...

Annabel has my teddy on her bed! Share the love, I say. Your pics of your granddad are lovely Nelly - thanks for sharing.

Sarah xxx

CRY said...

my Hailey has a teddy bear named BOXER
I bought him one year for her b-day and it was a place like build-a-bear before the real Build-a-bear came out.
we celebrate boxers b day
i told hailey that boxer will even come to her wedding and i am buying a little tux for him,
she sleeps with him every night.
teddy bears are special!

C.K.Garner said...'s neat that you still have him! Alas my stuffies, including a Snoopy and my old bear Borimer were in a storage unit in box where a possum got in and had babies all over them. Bleh. Had to toss my stuffies. I did, however, manage to keep my grown son's stuffies! When he moved out last year he still had his Winnie the Pooh and and Elle the Elephant twenty years in! :D He takes a ribbing for it from his mates, and they rest inside his closet on a shelf, now, but he just tells them they are for his kids one day. Oh, I like the photos of your Grand-Dad. Amazing generation of people!

Gypsy and Nell said...

Poor old ted! you are a poet nelly....Grandad sounded like a great character xx