Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I have a huge crush

on velvet anything.I just love it always have, doesnt matter what its made into I have to touch it.I plan on making a huge patchwork bed cover in it one day.In deep gypsy colours.
Today I am wearing some of my crush.Skirt, top  cameos and flower are all opped.Top was bought yesterday I couldnt resist the colour lucky it fit me.More info on the bag for Sarah below.
Child go away

Fake Flower cut of and rammed into my hair.
I love the pics that blur my face lines lol

Goofy grin time again.

Gran's poor granny boots need a revamp asap they are peeling away ( stay tuned they are on my list)

I do love cameos and have a few.
Now for the bag story.
This little bag is leather and I think came from Mexico.
Remember my Whats in the Basket post? Well this was one of those items so its an oldie.Goes great with todays outfit too
Inside isnt perfect but its mine.

Now darling Delia wanted a close up of my sparkley ones so here they are I forgot to put  the little glomesh purses on left in the Bag Lady post yesterday.

I bought this about 14 yrs ago for $5 at an oppy I thought it was expensive then but had to have it.

I have been collecting them for years.Hoarder?Me?Why would you ask that?
Kitty  and Please May I asked How many did I have and Kitty also asked what was I going to do with them.Hmm,well I counted 48 including the purses but am sure there are a few more somewhere.Maybe but only maybe I will let some go eventually but not the cane or sparkley ones or ... hmm maybe not.
 To the Duchess wouldnt that be funny.Shame you didnt write your name inside lol.
This little basket has been in my collection since I was little maybe 5 or so.Sister got a red one hope she still has it.We got it at a school fete I believe way back in the  early 70s in Perth (yep Kylies city)  and I have loved it and looked after it ever since.You knew I was a basket case too right?

I have had a few comments on the patchwork you see in lots of my pics lately.I made it about 13/14 years back when I was in my patchwork craze.

Thanks all for your great comments on last post so glad you all had a good giggle and as you can see I survived lol.

Miss Claire I have sent you 2 emails not sure if they are getting thru to you.Please let me know xxx

One last pic of my velvet loving. Its this gorgeous velvet bedspread  I bought last year for $10 at an oppy. I was going to resell it but its velvet and its gyspyish and did I mention its velvet so its staying.All it needs is some new edging added to the list of NTD (thats another made up one it means Need to do.)
Hmm may have a nap now.
Even has little cherubs awwww how cute.

Do you love velvet too or does it creep you out like I know it does some people? Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE velvet one day I might tell you all about it.... lol

Nelly xxxx


ladychiara said...

Nelly I love your velvet pieces. I am very tactile and can never resist touching things like velvet. The colour in your blouse is so lovely and it looks great on you! The cameos look wonderful too. I am so enjoying your treasures.xxx

Kylie said...

Hi Nelly, I'm not a big fan of velvet although I do have a vintage velvet jacket that I love...I also like bedspreads like the one in your pic...I have seen some crazy ones with bulls and matadors on them etc and they appeal to my kitschy side.
I love the little basket you got from Perth it's very sweet.
Can I just say that I am going to miss it if you ever decide to give up posing Nelly...and that I love your granny blanket too x

❀Young Vintage Girl❀ said...

You look Lovely I love the purses!! :)

Vintage Coconut said...

I love the first pic of you (Child and all) *lol*
I like the vintagey velvet in the bright rich colors.
I also think your bedspread is AWSOME!

PJ said...

i'm the complete opposite of you .. i can't stand velvet!

VintageSweetheart said...

I've been buying alot of velvet lately I mainly like black velvet though!

Love that bedspread!

E :)

Frocktasia said...

Hi Nelly,
I like velvet too, especially devore velvet.
Back in the early to mid 90s I was velvet mad, I had loads of velvet dresses and a rather fetching velvet jumpsuit too, I think I still have it somewhere, you've made me want to go & hunt it down ;)
Take care luv,

Vicky said...

I love velvet, I have plans to make a quilt using velvet too one day :0)

delia hornbook said...

aawww bless your heart thank you for showing the sparkly bags my heart did a little flutter seeing them all up close. I collect vintage evening bags to i will have to show my little collection some time although i don't have as many as you ;-)) I love that little pink one and the one you showed on its own there is nothhing like going out in the evening and swinging along a little sparkly bag ;-)) You look adorable as always your hair looks gorgeous like that and with your cameo choker you look pretty foxy ;-)) Have a great day, dee xx

Gypsy and Nell said...

I totally love velvet, I have been known to fight with my Mum over velvet at jumble sales and charity shops, she loves it too. Your patchwork quilt is so lovely. And the bed cover, is beautiful xx

Vix said...

You look so fab in velvet, Nelly, I love that outfit. Child go away did make me laugh, I have the same trouble with my cats sneaking into the limelight. x

Liz said...

Bedspread is very unusual! Don't think I've seen patterned velvet before. In the 70s I wanted a velvet jacket - eventually got one in the 90s and now it doesn't fit! Must diet! Loved the post!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Scarlett said...

Oooh loving the bags and of course loving the cameos - im a big fan too :o) Scarlett x

A Treasured Past said...

Love your boot and nanna blanket in the background. I have a lovely velvet scarf that I bought when I was 17, I won't ever part with it.

I love the first photo...you are so funny.

RETRO REVA said...

Oh My Gosh!
You look absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and nope, my hubs "cleaned" out our e-mails (Grrr...) so could you sned it again? I didn't get it. Soo sorry!

Bungalowgirl said...

Loving all your dress up photos, you must have a HUGE wardrobe (or was it a shed?)Love love love velvet, still have a red velvet dress I bought in Oxford to wear to a university ball. Also love corduroy, the soft sort, perhaps even more. melx

Krista said...

Nelly you look so adorable in this outfit. I too love velvet but haven't worn it in a while. Your blingy bags are to die for!!!

Mum said...

I love velvet and have always wanted a long green, scoop necked, swirly velvet dress. Alas I've never come across one.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

you look so pretty, love the outfit and I think every woman in the world should wear chokers, I love chokers.

Please may I? said...

Fabulous outfit! Looking stunning in velvet hun!

Thats amazing how many bags you have! I'm more of a shoe person, although that said i have a fair few bags too! (don't tell hubby he'll go mad!)
That little bag is beautiful.

x x

Lyndel said...

you look fab in velvet!!.. great photos, and the bags wow!!!♥

Bohemian said...

Oh yes Nelly, this one is very much like the Vintage Italian Velvet one I have... I adore mine too!

Dawn... TheBohemian