Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Was Blown away

Seriously I was but wait you will see.
Was the school fete today and it started raining in the middle of the night so we awoke to drizzle I decided to still do a stall as it didnt start till 11am so even I could do that.We LL(lovely laura my 23yr old daughter to new readers) and I in the drizzle putting things in our cars.Luckily there was a canopy  already set up for me so didnt have to raise ours.
We unpacked in the drizzle and may I add I looked ok when I started with jeans (sorry DD I love my jeans ) and jumper, pearl necklace and vintage earings and my rabbit fur jacket yep I looked ok when I started.(no pics tho sorry I was busy unpacking and was bedraggled by then)
So finally got unpacked and it stopped drizzling Typical!!It drizzled for awhile once later in the day.

                                              The Vintage Lady? yep thats me 

                                           Sold a fair few books ,ornaments and that bookshelf.
                                 The other side (I scored a large tent as no one else needed it)
                                                             My lovely vintage pieces.
Met some vintage loving people sold 2 vintage jackets one leather and one faux fur and one of my cute vintage bags .I was asked where else I sold my vintage at so that was nice.The cars werent as full coming home thats a good sign isnt it?

Thankfully the rides had been cancelled so a money saver there.Tho the grandkids did hit me up many times lol.lots of fun rubbish food and face painting but the free stuff was best
                                                             Master 6 putting out a pretend fire
 and Master 6 and one of his best mates in the fire truck
 And Miss 8 (with hat) in truck with her bestie.
                                                            Miss 10 in disguise.grooowl

Miss 5 went home as she was sick and master 2 was with pa at home.
I was wondering when I should pack up it was about 2pm by then and it went till 4pm ,the headmistress/principal (she is lovely) came over to say hi and then said "your tent looks like its about to blow away" I'm like na, thinking surely its been hammered into the ground???? ....seconds/minutes later this is where my tent blew to lol
Was stopped by another tent and the SES workers.Look at the size of that thing!! Was one mighty gust that could take of with that.

My everything was blown over (see the lovely young girl helping to put my clothes stand back up after it was thrown to the ground?

And  that was the end of my day.A few minutes later another tent went flying .I called LL (who was still recovering from the late night/early morning partying she did) packed most of it in my car the tables in hers and headed home.Where I walked into chaos as men dont see messes.After that was tidied I redid the shed AGAIN!! and unpacke the car phew what a day and BTW it hasnt rained for hours.

I am now relaxing and catching up on my lovely blog reading.
Nelly xxx

PS I forgot to say when I got to the site I found out my granny boots didnt like getting wet.Lucky LL went and got me my cowboy boots and dry socks (yes I love my cowboy boots too)


Kylie said...

what a crazy day Nelly, fingers crossed for better weather next time...and The Vintage Lady looked so lovely too, what a shame x

Liz said...

Sounds like an adventurous day! What a shame about the weather! Kids look like they had fun!

Lyndel said...

oh gosh sorry you had such bad weather, looked like a great stall too♥

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Mate that was adventurous! Hope all your stuff didn't get wet or blown away or anything!

A Treasured Past said...

We'll have to start calling you Mary (Poppins that is). What a shame about the weather, sounds like you had a good day though. I am sure that your customers will look out for you next time too. Have a nice relaxing night, T x

Kitty said...

Sounds like you sold a good few things and thats such a great confidence booster, well done! Outdoor events are always a drama, if it isn't the rain it's the wind or it's too hot or some bloody thing. If you're going to keep selling look at getting commercial racks, if you want my 2 cents worth about anything prop-related you know where I am.xx.

Mum said...

I bet you were shattered and glad to be home at the end of the day. Your stall looked great and even though the weather was bad you did manage to sell some of your things. Good on you for braving the day.
Love from Mum

Vix said...

Your stall looks wonderful, I'd have been over like a shot rifling through those rails. Here's to a whole new selling career ahead. x

VintageSweetheart said...

I would love to have visited your stall with all the vintage goodies!

wendz said...

You are so wonderfully enthusiastic about everything you do - such a great thing. :)

I'd have been put off by the weather but then I am a terribly faint-hearted old nag.

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Vintage Coconut said...

Your little set-up looked really cute,
awsome that you sold some stuff.
*Woot wOOT*

Miss Claire said...

Oh Nelly, you poor thing!!! Your stall was looking so good too! Luckily you'd sold some things before the wind got crazy...It must have been so nice to get home and relax after such a busy day :)

Can you please email me your address? ( I meant to write yours down off the parcel but forgot! Have been wearing the neck warmer you sent me lots, thank you so much for everything!

Xoxoxo Claire

ladychiara said...

Shame about the weather Nelly but it looks like you had a fun day with a bit of adventure thrown in! Hope none of your goodies was damaged by the flying tent incident. The kids look like they had a ball.Experience will make it easier next time!

Handprint said...
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