Friday, July 15, 2011

Frocking not Rockin

Was more blow me away while modelling my Frock and Miss 10 doesnt tell me they came out weird like Miss 8 does and note to self dont do it just before school when in a hurry and see how windy it is 1st.I shall say no more go on be my guest have a laugh, I did...

Yep hilarious isnt it?Looks like I have a nappy on.The expression? No excuse glad that saying "dont pull faces or the wind will make it stay that way"  isnt true.I really didnt notice how windy it was till I looked at these pics hours later and after I had got home and changed.
I wore some tights and my lovely nearly worn out boots.White legs ...Look out.
I do love this dress.
This dress was a vintage one I showed you awhile ago was $4 and fits like a glove.I threw on the opped jacket and this cameo pendant wher I got it I do not know.Think it was in teh fancy dress gear I bought.I have a few cameos.

I will do better next week I promise.
and because my frocking wasnt so rocking here is some bla bla bla...

 wish me luck for tomorrow as I am having a stall  at the school fete (if it doesnt rain) I have been busy pricing all sorts of junk in the shed plus some vintage.and making some cheapy bits and pieces
I still was able to run into town and score this book it was only $1
 mmmm Mr Gable
was I happy? You freaking bet I was.I love these type of books and I have a nice collection happening.Was from same shop as last lot I got but this was only one that was any good to me today.
and look at some of the pics inside.
This is dedicated to Dakota
Plus so many more.LOVE!!!!

These are some of the things I have been playing with for the fete ....
                                                     Scrabble and Dice rings
                                                          Domino rings and brooches
                                        Dinosaur rings and badges (as boys dont wear brooches.)
                                               Rings made from scrappy bits and bobs.

I was also going to make some felt owls and  mini top hat hair clips  but am worn out.
Am doing some top hat practice for now.
Cute no? Not good enuff yet tho lots of lovely mistakes.and look I am modelling wrappedn in my warm jacket and looking extra messy ha!

Oh and I bought this for 2 buckaroos at the book oppy too (stop going sideways!!)

Ok thats all my dribble
Nelly xxxx


Kylie said...

Never dribble Nelly...
Good luck at the fete tomorrow, here's hoping you sell, sell, sell!
If you have a letter K Scrabble ring left over please save it for me and I'll buy it. I'm glad you liked my post about the real Lucy Violet, I knew that wedding dress would suck you in! My friends daughter is called Elodie Violet btw...

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Nelly, your rings and things look great. I do love the mini top hats they are fab!!! HAve fun.

p.s. you also look fab :)

simmone said...

Had a laugh with you,not at you.Clever goodies for the fete,hope you sell lots.Love Magnolia Pearl's house.

Kitty said...

Oh Nelly you are a dag, nappy comment=BIG LOL!!!

Vix said...

I love this outfit Nelly, that sexy lace dress, Victorian lace-up boots, retro cameo and battered denim jacket are so cool together, you look fantastic.
Good luck with the sales tomorrow, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some dry weather. x

Krista said...

Found you by way of colorful Helga! I love all this gypsy fashion on your site...I am so loving the Magnolia Pearls!!!!

This black dress of yours is so adorable and looks super comfy...bonus!

Vintage Coconut said...

When I saw the first pic on my bloggers I adore list in my sidebar, it looked like you were wearing (Ruffley chaps) And I was thinking.. WHAT on earth is Nelly wearing! LMAO

Upon closer inspection I realize it is a lovely dress that looks very nice on you despite the wind. But I am glad you could give all of us a Friday chuckle. ;)

The stuff you put together is very cute Nelly! Yoou are such a crafty chic!! Good luck with your sales tomorrow and have fun! Who knows you may find someone selling some fluffy chaps! hehehe

wendz said...

Smashing outfit - never mind the wind. You look great. Love that cameo too. And your rings - very clever - I am no good at making things like that.

ps. Hope your stall is a sell out.

Liz said...

Good luck tomorrow! Love the pic of Clark Gable - wasn't he a honey?! Hope all your lovely rings and things sell!

Protector of Vintage said...

You look great. Love the outfit and those cute domino brooches!

CRY said...

I really like the suit case and the mad hatter hats

ladychiara said...

Oooooh Nelly I LOVE that dress! Good luck with the stall at school. You have been busy! Loving the dinosaur badges ;) Have a great weekend. :)

Helga! said...

Love the lace frock!!! Nothing like denim and lace either!The song AND the combination!!!
Hope the fete goes well,love the creations you've been playing with!
I'm planning to wear the silver bow you sent tonight...weeeeeeee!!!

Lyndel said...

oh that outfit looked great!~... maybe an animal print jacket with it tho?? oh No! I'm reading too many of Dees blogs, think everyone now needs animal prints! LOL

delia hornbook said...

You look gorgeous love your dress and i have to say i love a denim jacket with dresses i wear mine all the time ;-)) Good luck at the fete have fun, dee xx

Max said...

I love your dress Nelly, it looks brill with the denim jacket. your very clever making all that stuff, dinosour rings-brilliant!

C.K.Garner said...

The dress is quite lovely, I like the boots with it! Oh, those rings are too neat! So you can purchase ring bases in bunches, I take it? Like from a hobby store perhaps? I'd love to do that with the many single earrings I have laying around, mate missing, that would be the perfect solution. :)