Monday, July 18, 2011

Have you seen a UFO?

No not that type ha ha got ya .LL and my dear mother swear they have seen one or 2 but thats another subject.LL is fascinated with that subject tho and has many books in her collection on it.
Today I am talking about the U.F.Os that many of us have lying around our homes, those  Un-finished Object ones we hide  in boxes or baskets the ones that we keep thinking about and that keep saying FINISH MEEEE!!! FINISH MEEEEE!!! (do tell me they talk to you too? Scary voices they are lol)
Anyway I have a few and want to get them finished soon so I can get my W.I.Ps done (thats works in progress for any non crafty people) and then get stuck into my W.T.Ds (ok I made that one up it stands for Want to Do'es)

My UFOs are these satin patches from years ago when I was having a pathing moment.There are quite a few squares.What would you make how would you quilt it? I think it would be a small quilt if I use whats there and dont make more.

A pile of mending,a petticoat for this little girls dress I finished ages ago.Some may remember the fabric and vintage pattern from an old post.

I still have a  gypsy lady  crosstitch to do (dont hold your breath on this one) See it at my defunct craft blog HERE and I have a  lovely cloth lady ribbon embroidery picture  I have packed away at LLs shed  somewhere. I hear her calling me often but I cant find her yet (will show you when I do)

 I shall finish this knitting during the above (cant say what it is or who its for but is for someone many of us know)Yes I like to tease.

Then I want to make some Victorian/Edwardian outfits using some of these patterns I follow
The Dreamstress and SteamEngenious and a couple of other bloggers who make awesome period outfits they are  so inspiring.

Then I want to turn this lace (you see a tablecloth dont you) I see a jacket/shrug/cardie type thing  Magnolia Pearl style.

And I really want to start patchwork again.Its been years.This is one of my quilts from about 14 years ago.a queen bed size all machine done bar the hand quilted flowers took awhile but was satisfying to do.

Its a queen bed size I have been inspired to quilt by seeing some amazing bloggers quilts like our very own Dee Dees who made her very 1st one and mostly by hand.How cool is that?

But I finally finished Miss 5s owl costume remember it from HERE  

 Well ta da 

 Yes I am slow but I do get there eventually.

So I figure if I write all my U.F.OS, W.I.PS and W.T.Ds  I will have to do all the above as you are all going to kick me into gear and keep asking what I am up to arent you?

In other news

Miss 8 nearly broke her thumb we thought it was till xray showed it wasnt. She did it at school jamming it in the flying fox The things kids do for attention!! LOL she is ok tho.

Nelly xxx

ps Sorry  my blogging O.S darlings but we had another scrumptiously warm and sunny day here.When are you moving over? I promise snakes arent seen that often and spiders are few and far between.


Lyndel said...

oh hope little Miss 8 's feeling OK.

glad you got one UFO finished.

I dont even want to start to list mine, but the knitting from my blog... well that hasn't gone far. I have finished other things but that bolero was just a bit too fiddly (stitch counting) for me at present.

good luck with your things to do...

Kitty said...

Yes it makes one 'do stuff' when you've blogged about it, good one!

A Treasured Past said...

Ouch, poor thing, I do sympathize. I hope Miss 8 recovers quickly, with lots of ice cream perhaps.

The owl outfit is stunning.Maybe you should make costumes to sell?? The quilt you made is also gor-ge-ous!!

As for your last comment, maybe in your neck of the woods you are snake and spider free :( Maybe we should move also.

p.s, my mum swears she saw a UFO many moon ago too! And no she wasn't on anything..hehe

Vintage Jane said...

If I wrote down all my UFO's, WIP's and WTD's I think I would have a nervous breakdown.

Regarding your last comment ... but you DO have snakes and spiders! My Mr lived in Australia for a couple years and would move back like a shot. He loved it and reminds me at least once a week. In fact, last night we were watching his favourite programme, Grand Designs, and guess what, it was a re-run of GD Down Under. He kept saying "if only ..." M x

Kylie said...

I've always wondered what ufo meant...I've seen it mentioned on peoples blogs (including yours Nelly) and had no thanks for clearing it up for me.

Your quilt is amazing and Miss Five's costume is c-r-a-z-y! In the best way possible of course!

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh yet I have some UFO laying around.
1. Is the wrap skirt I blogged about uhmm lets just say (Weeks ago)! I even went and boughtsome fabric... but the fabric is still in a pile and the pattern in its envelope.
2.) I am also working on a scrap crazy style quilt. I started off strong and am still very excited to do it. But when its hot and muggy in the house I just don't feel like sitting down to sew.

- That silk patch blanket you have got going on is gorgeous Nelly! (SERIOUSLY wow)
- I don't know what that is your knitting but I am sure it will be lovely. I only know how to crochet. Maybe this Winter I can learn me some knitting *lol*
- Your patch quilt is pretty! That is also something I want to get into.. I am starting by making a scrap quilt then I will go from there.
- Holy HECK on the owl costume! ITS GREAT! It better be entered in some kind of costume contest because I am sure it would be a winner.
- Thank goodness Miss 8 did not break her thumb. Ouch!

Vix said...

There's nothing like blogging for having a reason to get stuff done, is there? I swear I'd live in a pigsty if I didn't have the incentive of cleaning my house up and featuring it on the old blog!
That owl costume is amazing. I love it, well done. x

Helga! said...

Hahaha,if I told you all about my U.F.O's etc,you'd cry!!! I'm a shocker....
LOVE the owl outfit!! SO cute!!!

VintageSweetheart said...

I have a couple of ufo's.It's normally when I run out of spraypaint my inspiration runs out too!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I love love love the owl costume, it is awesome. And she looks so sweet wearing it, I'd make her be an owl all the time!

C.K.Garner said...

Unfatigue-able Opshopper! :D

Krista said...

The owl costume is so unique I love it! You have got some talent sweet lady. Sorry to hear about Miss 8's little mishap, kids :)