Sunday, June 12, 2011

What have I been up to?

Not much , its been so cold here (can I say I do not like winter very much?) No heaters or anything just been rugging up fur jackets in the middle of day and putting quilts thru the dryer just so we can stay warm .
Half the family went camping and to a fishing festival and they froze all their proverbials off yesterday and the  night before.Its not so cold today so no fur coats and frozen noses for us 5 remaining family members here today, yay.Am hoping the fisherpeople bring home at least one good prize between them and lots of fish too.

I now have 106 followers how cool is that?Imagine when I get to 1000 lol 150  is my next goal ,but I will keep counting. Thanks new followers  and new commenters so great meeting you all and leave a message and I will always follow back if I am not already.

I have been creating to keep my fingers from going numb.Making things for the fete which is on 16th July so have a good while to get organised,

More swing tags for the guys and gals clothes.Aged the tags in coffee and as I dont like coffee or the smell of it I put them all in a box of rose potporrie they are much nicer smelling now.

Magnets from old jewellery bits.

Added things on my FB page (think I will put in etsy and send people there from FB)

and being a hoarder  knowing that things will come in handy eventually

I used this old frame I have had for months  and placed my grans wedding picture  in it, suits so well.

and I got these drawers (have 2 of them and  paid $1-2 for both months ago.)UGLY as

 I got this paper a few months back at opshop too

 I have collected buttons forever but bottles can be messy and take up room
 so I took the paper and cut ,trimmed and glued
 and added some of my buttons lucky I have 2 of these sets of drawers as I still have lots of buttons left This takes up less space looks better and is much easier to grab out the ones I want.Will cover top and sides eventually to.

 I also covered some buttons would like to make more any cheap places to buy these self covering button thingies? Easy to do and will make nice hair clips maybe?Had enuff for 6 but 2 were stuck insie each other before I even opened the packet .Ripped off!!
Decided to take these 80s earings I am going  to try and sell

and put them on these cards instead with my details on back.
All done thru many, many,many interruptions and a tiny bit of cleaning ha ha.

Am starting on some paper buntings for my stall next.( I have a list od to dos)

I have also been reading everyones blogs. Yes I am addicted.So many fun and inspiring and talented people out there. I cant help myself.

I shall be back tomorrow with whats in this basket

can you guess?

Nelly xxx

ok, a hint? may have something in it that relates to a TV show I am loving,


Catherine said...

Love your swing tags Nellie..very cute. I think the frame & wedding photo go together perfectly. Great idea with the draws & buttons. I found some lovely midnight blue velvet in a tidy up yesterday that any good to you? Have you ever thought of making hand warmer wheaties for coat quite well & easy to can add lavender in with the wheat which is nice. Much love Catherine x

Kimmie said...

How cute are those drawers? Very!

A Treasured Past said...

The drawers are fab! Your stall bits and bobs are coming along nicely, I am sure they will be snapped up. Tam x

Vintage Coconut said...

Your tags are precious Nelly. I also love those drawers you did, they look very nice!

Your idea for the earrings you want to sell is so sweet too! You are just full of great ideas I tell ya! =D

Your talk about the cold makes me happy it is my spring time right now. *hehe*

Lyndel said...

Oh the drawers are great! please tell what glue did you use, how did you go about sticking paper to the wood? of the drawer??
I heard a great tip about 'aging' the cards if you dont like coffee...and its much cheaper.. a bottle of Parisien Essence (spell?... from the supermarket in the bottles next to food colour and vanilla essence apparently.. not tried it yet)

Saphy said...

The picture of your gran at her wedding looks like it was made to go in that frame, it look's so great.

Kylie said...

your drawers do look great Nelly and your swing tags do too...earings look so much nicer on your cards than the ones they came on x

looking forward to seeing what's inside that lovely wicker basket...

Anonymous said...

Love the pairing of your Gran's wedding photo with that frame;way to make a family heirloom! The drawers are so fantastic! I have some similar in shape and blandness, looks like the perfect fix up for them, and as small button or sewing and small item keepers they are practical made pretty. Your tags are perfectly beautiful! You wouldn't know they were hand made, they look so professional, yet homey and so feminine. Nice job!

Vintage Vixen said...

You have been productive, Nelly! I love your drawers (oh, er)).
It's awful here, it's supposed to be summer but it's really cold and it's been raining non-stop for hourse...grrrr! xxx

Vintage Sunday said...

You did a wonderful job on those drawers Nelly ~ just perfect for your lovely button collection! And the photo of your dear Gran looks wonderful in that gorgeous frame! Love Brenda

Ava said...

Love the drawers Nelly, what a lovely job you've done xx

wendz said...

Your Gran's wedding photo reminds me of my Grans piccie. Quite similar.

I am taking advantage of the mank weather today to indulge in lots of blog reading. Nice and lazy. :)

Veronica Slater presents said...

Great post, Nelly! Just started reading your blog! Love it, will be following! Best, Veronica - Toronto, Canada. P.S.: Weather sucks here too!

Kitty said...

the drawers look great! I don't know how you manage to keep all your buttons together with all those kids, VB goes crazy for them and takes them all off me the minute she sees them!

ladychiara said...

Nelly I feel quite lazy reading all you have been up to! Absolutely love your Gran's photo in that frame. Stunning transformation on the drab drawers.What a great way to store your buttons. You must have as many or more than me I think.Love your tags and putting them in some pot pourri is a nice idea.Good luck with the FB page. :)

Vintage Jane said...

You have been sooo busy - alll your things look wonderful. Love the James Dean tag - I had James Dean pics all over my walls when I was a teen! It was as cold and wet as winter here yesterday - meant to be 'flaming June'! M x

Hello Vintage said...

Great job on the draws Nelly, they look fantastic. I hope you do well at the fete. Great idea to put the earrings on your tags, much more appealing.

Scarlett said...

I wanna know whats in the basket! Im catching up on blog reading so hoping you might have already posted the contents ;o) Love your little button drawers too. Heres to the 1000 follower mark :o) Scarlett x