Monday, June 13, 2011

Crappy dap day

Sorry guys Basket opening will be delayed will be coming soon tho I promise.
Had a crappy day and wasnt in the mind frame for it sorry.

Day has flown been doing some cutting for buntings and its been much warmer so that was something I spose.

Here is the crappy bit of my day

The fishing campers came home with no prizes grrr , a sick kid (most like will share whatever it is) and a nearly dead  clutch on the 4 wheel drive which will be costing about $1500 as quoted last month.I thought the clutch had been half fixed and we were just waiting on another part but noooooo what we we paid for last month was something else altogether. The Captain only got a quote for a new one Joy.
So I am feeling crappy and sad as we have to come up with the  funds within 2 weeks to cover it and Don't you just hate times like this? A large lotto win would be nice wouldnt it?

So I have to start selling things fast and soon. I think a garage sale pre fete day  may have to happen and I may have to sell my piano (after years of waiting and finally getting one )as well as a few other larger items and whatever I can get my hands on just to get the funds.Fingers crossed my piano gats to stay.

and, and, and
I will  might have to stop opping (can you imagine?)

There are way worse things in life but things like this can get you down cant they?

Good news is they bought some fish home ha!!Shame it wasn't a wishing fish tho lol.

Prayers to Our NZ friends Helga said another couple of aftershocks hit today .See things can be worse than my moaning on.

And thats all folks I will take miserable old me back to the crafting table and try and think good thoughts.

Nelly xxx


A Treasured Past said...

Oh no, sorry to hear you are down. It seems you are not alone, maybe its the weather. I hope you sort out your car soon, without having to sell the piano. Its hard when unexpected big bills come.

It is good to put things into perspective though, material things are just that, family and friends are more. I would swap it all for my family any day.

I hope you cheer up soon, Tam x

Kitty said...
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Hello Vintage said...

Sorry to hear you are having a bad time. I hope some money finds its way to you so you don't have to sell your beloved piano. :(

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Oh no...fingers crossed the piano stays. And you can always go opping, what if there's a high value item just waiting to be discovered for pennies? x

Nick said...

Oh I am sorry!Same boat here baby...some big bills that I am choosing to forget about and pretend that they don't exist. However, on the bright side...I got not one but two sales within my first 24 hours of the new shop. Raising the grand total to $13. Take about $2.00 for Etsyand Pay pal fees. Thats $11. Next take $2.00 for my initial cost. Brings it to $9. I worked out that it took 12 minutes each pattern to list. At $20 an hour I am paid 33 cents per minute. Which makes it $4.00 per item to list.I made a total profit of 50 cents per sale. We won't even go into the time and petrol it took to source the things.Happy days.

DearHelenHartman said...

Rotten stuff does seem to come at ya all at once, doesn't it. Can be overwhelming so send thoughts that you are soon overwhelmed with blessings and good fortune. Thanks for visiting Dear Helen Hartman so I could find your blog - you newest follower.

Vintage Vixen said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're down. The good thing about being a collector is that there's always something to sell to raise the necessary funds.
You're such a creative lady you should give the op-shops a miss for a month and revamp some of your treasure instead. xxx

wendz said...

Oh blimey life is a stroppy old cow sometimes!

I hope you find a way to raise the funds you need without having to a) sell your beloved piano and b) quit opping. (Lovely word that. Easier to say than charity shopping.)

Chin up ducks - I bet you find a way through all of this. :)

ladychiara said...

Awwwww Nelly I hope you are feeling better soon and that you find a way to pay for the car repair without losing your beloved piano! Hate it when those big expenses come in suddenly. For me it's car rego and insurance this month. Lord forbid any extra expenses.Hope you find a few less loved treasures to part with for fundraising! Hugs xx

Vintage Sunday said...

So sorry dear Nelly ~ hoping that you'll be able to raise the funds needed without having to sell your beloved piano. Would the mechanics consider letting you pay it off a little at a time? Hoping tomorrow will be a better day for you! Love Brenda

Lyndel said...

big ((Hugs)) Nelly. hopefully you'll get to keep the piano, and raise some cash with a good, well planned garage sale.. XX fingers crossed XX

Anonymous said...

I dont want you to be sad
be happy our Nelly because you are special to us

Jem said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're having a rough time of it at the moment!! I have my fingers crossed you get some great prices for this things you sell so that the piano can stay!!

Jem xXx

Vintage Jane said...

Oh, poor you - hope you can work out a plan that won't involve selling your piano. If you've used the garage before perhaps they would consider instalments? M xx

Scarlett said...

oh no, sorry to hear your having a crappy time, I really hope you dont need to give up op shopping! I'm sending you some postive lucky vibes to get you through. Mwah Scarlett x

Kylie said...

hope you manage to keep your lovely piano lovely Nelly...hang in there I'm SURE things will pick up x

delia hornbook said...

So sorry to read your post i hope you are able to sell some of your things and NOT THE PIANO. You have been collecting some lovely stock, sending you some positives thoughts. Keep smiling your beautiful smile..hugs dee x