Wednesday, June 8, 2011

About to start

 listing vintage things plus future vintage  at my Facebook page but before I do I want to ask all sellers of vintage clothing out there,How do you know what to sell things for?
I dont want to give them away (like it seemed I did at Ebay after fees took all my profits and left me with $2.75 ) I also dont want to ask too much and have them sitting.
So any suggestions please tell me.I will start listing tomorrow a few items a day I hope.

On a different note the grandkds school is having a fete soon and I am prepping to have a stall woo hoo.
I am even making cute swing tags for the clothes Calling myself "The Vintage Lady" I have aged the card and printed out a few differnt  pics this one is the 1st I have made they will get better.

My details are on the back am putting a vintage button where hole is and will thread thru some ribbon and attach to whatever.

Hopefully someone will come and ask if I want to buy their grannys box of clothes cheap ha A girl can dream cant she?

Nelly xxx


A Treasured Past said...

I know what you mean about the ebay fees.

Love the swing tags Nelly, hope the stall goes well, Tam x

Lyndel said...

oh lovely tags. I usually check COMPLETED listings on eBay in the Vintage section to get an idea. eBaying is hard, and you have to really stick at it listing loads until you are well known and get repeat buyers. I've been selling on eBay for 11+ years now, but dont have much luck with vintage clothing, in fact I really hate selling clothes on eBay, too much measuring, not fitting the buyer etc... at least at fairs the buyer gets to see, feel, try on !!

fabriquefantastique said...

Try looking at etsy as well....and go somewhere in the middle. I think you can always add a bit for a desirable label.

Kylie said...

sweet label advice on prices from me Nelly, I'm a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to buying vintage!

Vintage Vixen said...

Those are pretty labels! I'm with Kylie, I like my vintage to be cheap as chips. xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Good luck Nelly - and yes free reign in the fantasy Grandma's attic would be fantastic!

Ivy Black said...

Love your labels...they'll be great. I have to agree with Kylie and Vix, I like my vintage inexpensive although I have been known to pay for a rarity! When I sell I tend to price inexpensively so that people will buy but not so that I'm out of

Scarlett said...

Those tags are so cute, I hope you do really well at the fete. No advise on prices really as Im the boot sale bargain hunter. Scarlett x

PJ said...

the swing tags are very cute. Pricing vintage is a bit hard ... some people charge exorbidant amounts when you can know that they've probably bought it for a pittance. Price them for whatever you'd feel happy with receiving > and don't worry too much : )

ladychiara said...

Love your tags Nelly. I stopped selling on ebay as it was too hard to make any real profits. Pricing is difficult because we all love a bargain. Price things at slightly more than you hope to get and leave a little room for bargaining. Good luck at the fete. :) said...

Cute labels. I am not a fan of Ebay, I think the only people making money from Ebay are Ebay!

One Gal's Trash said...

Checking completed listings is a great way to see what stuff actually sells for on eBay. Sweet little tags! Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Swing tags are beautiful! I'm not any kind of seller savvy for FBook, Etsy, or whatever. I didn't even know you could sell on FBook as I'm barely a presence there. You are among great company for info, though through your blog! I leave you in the hands of the very ine Ladies and Gents! Happy selling!

Vintage Jane said...

Good luck with your new venture. The tags are fantastic. I've been making cards all morning, just stopped for a quick choc and blog break! M x

brismod said...

I sold some vintage clothes on ebay a few years ago. Mostly mod, 60s stuff. They sold but I always made sure I was able to cover my costs. I mostly wanted to get rid of the dresses rather than make money though. xx

RETRO REVA said...

Hi my Love !!!!!!!!!!!
sooo good to hear from you !!!!
I missed yo bunches :)

re: vintage>..............
i have no idea as i see items sell so very cheap as well as super expensive.
A great place to compare would be Second Skin's Etsy shoppe.
She has many things and seems to be middle of the road to on the less expensive side.
I suppose it depends on how "into" the items the style crowds are leaning towards.
Like your super spats ( LOVE THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!)
You could sell tons of them and i am planning to wear them on a post next week :)

any type of lace, slips, hats sheers seem to be really hot right now, and the florals seem to be getting bigger ( in size)
also, I found some sheer skirts that i am gonna cut the faux slip out of and make them more "hip"......
that's an idea, especially sheer floral long skirts.
Also , many places like free people, etc.
are chopping gypsy skirts off above the knee in front and leaving them long in the back.
very cute!
You are such a great seamstress, I know you could sell this type of stuff and make lots :)
Oh and attaching garters to the bottom of tank tops is a really big item ( steampunky ;)
good luck!

I honestly didn't have super good luck, but i got pooped out before i really got into my true vintage.......
I would suggest trying to sell something low-ball and something high and see.
If it's an item someone really wants they will usually pay the price you think it's worth, so
i suppose i'd check out supply/demand and see what is selling right now.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hi again Nelly - I have just 'liked' your Fb page from my new facebook page (Faith Hope and Charity Shopping). I don't think business pages liking each other show up in the number of likes you get, but you are featured on my profile. I'd love it if your page could like mine too :-)

Anonymous said...

oh I love your tag and I am so sorry I missed your giveaway I just haven't been popping around blogs a lot lately. Re the price of vintage clothing I think you should charge a decent amount if it's good, every item is different I suppose but my 18yo buys vintage things off Ebay a lot and some of the things go for heaps she sets herself a limit depending what it is but I know if it's 80's stuff it goes for lots like around $55 for shirts and more for cardigans and jumpers and also 60's style dresses she has paid around $50. But the best thing is just look around Ebay to see what similar items are going for xx

Anonymous said...

Very cool blog! Thanks for stopping by the other day.

Nick said...

Hey Nelly, Have a look at Apron Thrift Girl as well. She has alot of advice and seems to be some kind of savant re marketing and shops. One of my BrisStyle friends who sells vintage online on Etsy said she does well with it...Saying that J'taime Vintage seems to have a massive turnover on Ebay.I think I will go Etsy. I am used to itand it makes buying easy and it is pretty. If it doesn't work out, I will try ebay. How are the Facebook sales going?

Miss Claire said...

Hi Nelly, I love the swing tags and the button idea is great! I was a lucky girl a few years back when a garbage bag full of 'mums old clothes from the 60's' made its way to me! It was like 10 Christmas's coming all at once!!

I got the slip for your parcel in the mail on thursday I think, just have to go and pick it up & because of the long weekend, have to wait until tuesday....I'm so excited, thanks!!!

Xoxox Claire

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

more than dream, nelly!
knock them out!!!