Friday, April 8, 2011

Nelly caved again and also needs help from her friends.

How does a person who has to go into town (appointment again) Resist the urge to go opshopping? I have to drive right by 2 of them what chance have I got to resist lol .Seriously I am addicted ( I know this and my family know this)  but I am  glad I went even tho I limited myself to just  2 of them and the haul wasnt big ....

But this dress caught my eye its home made and it looks like its made  from bedspread or curtain fabric at 1st I thought it was a kids dress maybe 80s but taking a closer look it is a ladies size maybe a 10 and is so neatly sewn but with a metal zipper.I think its old or old fabric has been used as the underlining is old taffeta fabric and the dress has that old packed away smell so maybe just maybe it is from the 50s?If it is 50s it sure has been well stored.
.The satin sash is beautiful and the stitching is well done.The binding around sleeves and neck is satin as well.Someone knew what they were doing.

I forgot this book from yesteday will be a great read.,Also another Little teapot whats with my teapot fixation lately?The fabrics are to make a bakers apron and hat for Miss 4 disco.
I got all these Enid Gilchrest pattern books from the same shop as the dress and there are 10 in all and were 10 in all.Less than 50cents each I think ranging from the 50s to 70s and were

Now to serious business (Me serious?)
I really need my blogging buddies to help me choose a  business name.I am now all set to set up shop using  Weebly and I had decided to go with the name "Wish Upon a Vintage Star" but then while driving into town and coz my brain never switches of I thought maybe "Catch a Vintage Star" would be better I have  always loved the song Catch a Falling Star when I was a kid and have sung it to my kids and grandkids (tho badly as I have no voice lol) My mum used to sing it to me and my sis as well when we were really little and I  can see the logo of a vintage dressed lady sitting on a half moon with her fishing line attached to a star.Also the 2nd choice is shorter for domain name.So please let me know what you all think and ask friends opinions  so I can get this shop started.I have so much I must move on (so I can buy more ha ha)

We have the garage sale trail this weekend really will try hard to be strong and not go but the urge will be there.
Happy weekend hunting and crafting cant wait to see what you find and make.

PS Just called Lovely Laura looks like we may be trailing after all so stay tuned.


Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Heya Nelly....!

I LOVE your dress & I reckon you can SAFELY date it to the 50's....What a LUCKY score.... :o) !!!

....hmmmmmm....I think I like 'CATCH A Vintage Star best....Business names are a BUGGER aren''t they.... :o) !!!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend Lovey....!

Tamarah :o)

Lyndel said...

oh..yes... definately. Catch a Vintage Star*** what a Star you are ***

ladychiara said...

Nelly I just LOVE that dress! It does look 50's to me too.(or perhaps late 40s when they recyled and reused a lot of things) I wonder if it might have been a bridesmaid or flower girl dress?

Love the little teapot and the fabrics will be great for apron & bakers cap!

Congrats on the business idea, how exciting for you. I love both names but I think your idea of Catch a Vintage Star and the logo idea sound just perfect! Good luck and I look forward to what others think too.
Have a wonderful weekend!

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Nelly,

what a great name for your online shop, I do like Catch a Vintage Star too. All the best, Weebly looks quite good.

Good luck with your weekend treasure hunting, Tam x

Kitty said...

Janelle you HAVE TO GO to garage sale trail! Personally I will be out the door by 4am as usual. It's a killer but you miss everything otherwise, it's a competitive world and the early bird catches the worm. That first dress looks 50s to me btw. My 2 cents worth, name your business something that is easily found by search engines, i.e. do as you would for ebay item titles, if you get me.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I think Catch a Vintage Star is better for the reasons you gave - and love your idea for a logo. Go for it!

Misfits Vintage said...

Whichever name you choose be sure you check carefully to make sure nobody else is using the business name or blog name or ebay or etsy or facebook or twitter... I lost three months of work because someone else was already using my original name on etsy!

Sarah xxx

Scarlett Fontaine said...

I cant go into a town without searching for a charity shop so I'm so with you on that one. Great finds. As for the name it has to be catch a vintage star - great idea for the logo too - cant wait to see it all up and running :o) Thanks also for your lovely comment on my blog :o) Scarlett x

Erica Louise said...

Op shop addiction - yes, I understand completely. That dress is so beautiful! I would go for 'Catch a Vintage Star', its really nice

Miss Claire said...

The dress is so sweet! Don't blame you for taking it home...I have a serious op-shop addiction too, i can't help myself! I like the name 'Catch a Vintage Star' and the logo sounds gorgeous....ohhhh can't wait for the shop to go up!


PennI said...

Definately...."Wish Upon a Vintage Star"!!! What a DIVINE name Nelly! More so, because of the "special" link and memories it has to your Mum. Your logo sounds fab too. Love it! Love it! Love it! Speaking of things to love, your dress find is just GORGEOUS! Well done me' dear. Can't wait for you to open your shop!


Penni xxx

The Widow Next said...

That lovely dress could be for flower girl or maybe a young ladies luncheon dress. Looks very 50's or maybe 60's--See:

Vintage Sunday said...

Dear Nelly, Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog! I'm so thrilled for you to share the link ~ thank you! :-) I know exactly what you mean about op-shopping - I'm just the same ~ I can rarely pass by an op-shop without stopping in (who knows what treasure will be there!). That vintage frock you found is just lovely - I always think it's so wonderful that vintage treasures found at the op-shop find new homes where they'll be loved and appreciated ~ well done! That's lovely to hear about you setting up shop ~ I think both names are just lovely, but perhaps the second one is a little more apt. All the very best with it! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! Love Brenda

delia hornbook said...

O wow i am really loving that dress soooo much what a beauty. I like both names but Catch a falling stall has memories for you so maybe that's a good omen ;-)) Good luck with it all, dee x