Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nelly scored and kept her hat on.

Been a week and a half with new babys, trying to get house loan organised,sewing dress up stuff for kids disco next week (pics to come) knitting cuffs, drs appointments and of course the thing that keeps me slightly sane.... opshopping and


These 70s dresses most with the shop tags still attached  were in one shop I had been there that morning and they were not there luckily I  went again in the arvo (well I had to drive past anyway) all are in great condition just need a wash (after I remove tags and tags will be readded after).One dress had a twin that I was going to buy till I saw the moth holes in back of the top (should have bought it to make a skirt) Lady wouldnt drop the price  said they would fix it (wont happen as they wont be able to and they wont bother I bet)Also one chinese inspired childs dress.Most are super long.Saw the brown and creme one first (2nd from left) Sorry pics arent great will redo soon.
Polyester Heaven ....

The twin was  to the floral one at the right.So many tagged wonder where they have been stored all these years

 a few have Susan Parson tags I have a collection happening with her label.

 Some had no brand label just sizes

An Akubra brand hat thougt Id share a close up and I Hate closeups lol 
A shabby chic stand -will come in very handy,some 70s mugs and saucers (going to my shop) vintage glassware pieces and kids coathangers which I am gathering together now, silver serving tray, and some gorgeous nylon gloves they have little flowers all over

Lovely large bone bangle and wooden one, shell ring cameo ring,vintage folding comb made in Stafford.Ceramic frangipani  for daughter #1 to turn into a clip or brooch,plastic vintage neckwear,divine vintage rhinestone earings,silver hoops and abolone sterling silver earings for Lovely Laura,

Tartan tam-o-Shanter purse for Miss 8 and old dice for my collection

 Miss 8 also scored this gear a leatherette jacket, shoes,shirt,tights and kilt some to be worn at her disco so she can go as a drummer rock star (her dream ha ha) Miss 8 has drum lessons each week.The disco is career themed.

Johnny Cash vinyl I am a country music lover and look at that metal bucket only $2 a keeper.

And lastly my vintage wooden dominoes (may use them in a craft ) and this vintage eye and hook tape

I have been reading all your blogs just not alot of time to comment on all.Thanks everyone for following me too and hope you continue to be entertained.

Will be getting my outfits for kids disco  finished and also focusing on getting my online shop organised (have so much to sell )so stay tuned.

In the mean time happy hunting and creative crafting to everyone


Kitty said...

such a busy life, I don't know how you do it. Sounds like you're making good progress on the washing though, well done you! Good score on the Akubra, they are very popular, nothing wrong with that close-up, you look great in it so don't be shy!!!

Vintage Coconut said...

Omg all those dresses look FANTASIC! What a haul!
And I also like the jewelry you found too!

delia hornbook said...

wow that is a good buy ;-)) I really like the orange and blue the best flower power is just great ;-)) Have a lovely weekend, dee x

Lyndel said...

oh great finds! you sure have a lot more energy than I do, all that sewing, knitting, washing, wow!!
I've been experimenting with a bit of 'jewellery' knitting.... mmm.... may or may not work, I'll keep at it for a bit longer.

I have Miss 11 gr'daughter arriving Sunday so less computer time, as holidays is the only time she gets to Blog on her own blog. You'll need to follow her I think to find out what we've been up to all week.

The Widow Next said...

I really enjoyed this grouping of items. I could think of ten things to do with each one! No worries about responding, if fact I'm delighted to hear that you read all of us! It's just fun to see what you will post after each shopping adventure. TWN =^,^=

sacramento said...

I am always so jealous of all your fabulous finds.
Thak you for your kind words , my dear Nelly.

PennI said...

Great finds Nelly! You certainly have a good eye, and a good op shop to visit! You go girl!


Penni xxx

Scarlett Fontaine said...

oh my you certainly scored!!!! Wowsers at everything! Im a massive cash fan so the vinyl is awesome, ive got a few tucked away but his cd's are always on in my car :o) Scarlett x