Saturday, April 9, 2011

Filling in my blog time

due to having to days post ready to go but sim card from camera having a wobbly and not allowing me to upload pics (hope its due to low battery and nothing else)
So there will be a break in normal transmission ,instead I  will share with you a pic of a car I drooled over today.It was at one of the gsales it was a purple vintage holden I did take a picture but then realised I forgot to put my sim card back in last night growl anyway  imagine the green area in this one is  a really deep purple...
It was seriously nice sorry I had that senior moment.

This one would do me but would prefer it in green (being my fav colour and all)
Can just see me hooning around picking up all sorts of things on my opshop garage sale runs.
I just love these cars used to be in love with VW beetles and still think they are cute but the Old Holdens are for my mature taste Can you see why I want one?

Second choice would be an old dodge like these

Arent they so cute?

What sort of car would you like or have?
Back to normal blog status shortly IFFFFF my sim card starts playing again.
In the mean time I shall go see what you have all been up to.
See you soon.


Scarlett Fontaine said...

oh wow - would love to own any of these cars. Im always lusting after a vintage pick up truck or a 50's buick...maybe one day :o) Scarlett x

Ruby Rach said...

I'm a little biased, but I would have the first car (the EK). I have an FC, which looks pretty similar to that, it's just a couple of years earlier. I would love a Dodge pickup too though.

Vintage Sunday said...

Our family car growing up was the very top one ~ the sweet old Holden ~ but in pale blue! The red one reminds me of Claude Greengrass's car in 'Heartbeat' ~ but my favourite car of all would have to be the 'Oscar Blaketon' car (also in Heartbeat) ~ a green (of course!) Morris Traveller, with timber trim! Love Brenda

Nelly said...

@Vintage Sunday would love to see your family car shame its not still in the family or is it? I hope it is.I grew up with holdena and fords pre divorce parents and after was vw beetle and then combi then all sorts lol I dont get to watch Heartbeat have seen a few episodes over the years is a good show.
AHHH green the colour I love

Nelly said...

@Ruby Rach Oh you lucky gorl what a great cat you have what colour is it?

Nelly said...

@Scarlett Fontaine Maybe we both will get lucky one day then we can swap pics of us in our dream cars lol