Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finally after a long day

Yes I went on the garage sale trail with LL (lovely Laura) and it really was nothing to write home about,Poor LL she was not happy I said if I could see her aura it would be red she said it would also have back spots and lightening bolts (this was by the 30th or so sale we had been to ,actually didnt count but was alot) either they were not open or we were there to early or they were incredibly woeful ( seriously some people need lessons before they even attempt a sale) so glad LL is such fun to be with tho even tho I apparently drive too fast when she is looking for the house number or I break too fast for her liking was soooo funny tho had a great laugh with her.
Anyway here is Lovely but sad Laura with her buys LOL ....

Yep 2 scabby cake tins lol
And mine ......Suitcase from 80s needs a couple of repairs and cute side table to be painted eventually
1952 Yates gardening book 1983 Bushells tin.A wooden box and old bottle
Tea cup and saucers that didnt match cup and I didnt realise till I got home ,oh well
A $3 kids guitar that Master 2 has claimed
Vintage saws $1 each one was owned By Robert and is about 40years old and was used when he was helping to build a large dam in QLD the other is older and owned by Roberts BIL and is older than 40 years I love wood and old tools.
2 hessian bags what shall I do with them?This fella had a few old mags and a heap of old newspapers and wanted too much for them all and wouldnt take an offer all his stuff was at silly prices bar these
Another chair $3 a paint job methinks.

I also bought at 1st sale an old dropsided table for $20 which is residing at LLs for now pic will be posted soon.
Oh and LL got hubby a port a loo for camping disgusting things Id rather go bush myself but are great for kids who are too scared of doing it rough. Loo was never used and cost a fraction of new ones.I also got some jeans for $3 needed nice new ones

Now THIS is What I wish our garage saling had been like Vintage Sundays She seriously scored well.And I wonder how Kitty did will have to wait and see.

PS memory card issue solved just by rebooting. Thanks google again.

So who else went on the garage sale trail?I myself am hitting the hay havent stopped sneezing for hours may be from what I was doing all arvo but thats for tomorrows post.

Happy you know whatting I night now.


Scarlett Fontaine said...

Loving the suitcase, i did also chuckle at the scabby tins photo, you did get some goodies though on your travels! Scarlett x

Lyndel said...

Oh Nelly what a wonderful daughter you have to suffer so many GS's. Good finds for you, hope you have fun reMaking them.
I didnt even try here, there were none in my immediate neighbourhood, and with lovely Miss LJ arriving for 2 weeks school hols on sunday I really didnt have a lot of time. My Market Stall / eBay room is her bedroom all Term, and her room during the hols, so lots of tidying to do to make it look like a bedroom and not some sort of vintage warehouse!!
pick her up at the airport late this afternoon...yay!

Cat said...

Love your suitcase find...what can I say, I am just slightly mad for plaid :) Yea for garage sales and the friends who are game to tag along :)

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

fantastic finds! i love that plaid suitcase! =)

Kitty said...

GO NELLY!!!! My sale trail was cut short unfortunately, as I was in a friends borrowed car and he had to be at work by 9am. I also found that a lot didn't start until stupid times like 8am or even later-you can sure tell the people who never have sales, can't you?! We ended up sitting around waiting for sales to start for a while, then hit paydirt at one sale, most of the other brisbane dealers would have been on the other side of town as there was a deceased estate there so I did well on the southside. Between yesterday and todays sales I spent $270 and it was all well-priced stuff, so what does that tell you!!

Erica Louise said...

Oh I love those hessian sacks, have you seen bags made out of them? Like this one:

Thats what I'd try to do, if I found one of these hessian sacks :)

Nelly said...

@Erica Louise Great bag I had a look thanks for the idea

Nelly said...

@Kitty Oh what a shame.We had same thing here not starting till late and then driving back later just in case and then was scabby as.It had said 50 years of hoarding dunno what their hoarding idea is but sure wasnt mine lol.I cant wait to see what you go have been keeping an eye out for your newest post last 2 days lol