Saturday, April 9, 2011

Come play in my shed with me (lotsa pics I mean really lots)

Remember I said yesterday was a Loooong day well I decided while I had the energy to get into my storage shed last seen HERE and do something with it (been bugging me for ages) The plan was to get it totally sorted to make room for hubbys shed of stuff to go in so we only pay for one shed not 2 ha wishful thinking me!!!
So here I am inviting you into my mess shed and see what I got up to and what I find.Lots of pics are you ready??????
This is me ready to attack/slay  the mess

I had this handome man for company he is actually an old tie box isnt it great?
and was able to say Gday to 2 of my guitars stuck and hidden  in the corner
Uncovered my huge port of fancy dress patterns,

A 70s vase

My gorgeous retro girls so 70s this was a $5 bargain a couple of years back

Wheres the cavelry? I think I am trapped.!

Yikes never know what you will find

 My baby grandkids 2006  how big they have gotten

And my own babies circa 1995  now nearly 27 ,23,21 and 16
Some of my vintage/ retro fabric
2 special dolls mine from birth and 21 year olds Ben both need a hospital visit.I operated on my dolls eye when I was little grand notions of being a dr maybe so her eye is loose lol
ok had to have another break with my vintage hair dryer

My lovely Indian lady

and my Spnaish lady bought her at a market many years agohad to change her frame she is vintage.
Oh look another wedding dress who woulda thunk it lol I actually have 2 bags full And the fur under is just fake fabric lol

A hat break 

My hat box

A little bit of Johnny plus some other vinyls.

My captains chair so I could sit and survey
this mess
 I didnt even know I had these pants in my dress ups what shall I do with this fabric way too cool to hide away.

Ideas anyone?

A sweet bickie barrel need to buy a lid anyone got one?

My woooden lap desk I rescued from sister who had nails in it sitting in the weather naughty sister
2 of my old old ports

Cufflinks anyone? JR I found your cufflinks

What I did in a previous life
This mess slaying is hard work! note to self dont forget the fluids next time!!!

 Oh look some of my Golden Hands books yay

                            Well My dear Watson I think we are as good as done for today

Yes still looks messy but the boxes at door are rubbish and I can actually walk thru once I shift the stand,

Lets see if these shoes work "Theres no place like home theres ...."

Nope didnt work had to drive myself home in my mighty steed after a drop into shop and get fluids fast trip

I also found a bag of baby boy clothes (see how being a hoarder comes in handy?New grandson will be  well dressed for months.
Next visit I will take some pics of my retro dresses and mens clothes.I now know I am well prepared to start selling in my shop  I have sooooooooooooo much I just gotta get my site  finished.Would love to know how everyone else knows what prices to put on their clothes. Any shop know how tips  would be great.

Did you manage to read everything? I hope you were entertained and Thanks everyone  who follow me and make regular comments you are great.


Misfits Vintage said...

Hey Nelly,

Ideas for that fabric - yes, send it to ME - I love it!

Hey we have the same faux fur hat with pom poms!

The crochet poncho with hood pattern on the cover of that Golden Hands is AMAZING - any chance you could scan the pattern for me? I would love to use up some of my old wool making one of these over winter!

Pricing... well, it takes time time time. Do your research. Look at completed sales on ebay for similar items and see what others have paid. Look particularly at the condition of the item. Wash, mend, iron and take GOOD photographs (your pics are not good enough quality for good sales) and give very detailed and accurate descriptions, including measurements for every item. It's very time consuming! Good luck!


Lyndel said...

O M G I'm exhausted just looking at your shed... every time I think I have too much stuff I am going back to this blog to remind myself I have NOTHING compared to some.
Good luck getting it all in order for your store. There is someone I follow on f/book MOCKINGBIRD FAIR, she seems to sell all she lists, so guess her prices may be a guide for you. (?)
And Sarah is right, measure, and re-measure every item/detail before commiting it to sale.

Nelly said...

@Misfits Vintage Hi Sarah yes I will scan it and send to you when I go over there again which will be this week sometime I think.
I used to sell on Ebay and my pics were much better and I used to size everything yes very tedious.I know the ones I have on my blog arent shop worthy lol and was something I knew I had to make better,
The look on ebay sales tip was great thanks.

Will get your email or addy as soon as I get the pattern done for you.

RETRO REVA said...

And that material is great!
I'd just love that beautiful vest!
You are so sweet and generous!
Honestly, vintage is the way to go if you are gonna sell stuff as postage is a killer ;)
I've got to go through mine and part with some1
My e-mail is:
and I will do a post about it and egt you some business ;)
i did find out the hard way
( i am gonna do a blog post on it next week)
shipping is your killer.
Try to stay under a pound or up-charge for shipping.
People like to see free shipping, so work it into your price and if you go E-bay, they charge to put it in, PLUS 12% commission!
I think Etsy is the way to go........
That's where I'm heading and then i am gonna sell my more "modern" stuff on my blog, not for profit, but to get rid of it ( again, the shipping is a killer)
II'll try to reveal more and have a better outline.
Also, you must market your shop or noone will know to come there.
Traffic, Traffic, Traffic !!!
Definitely get on Twitter!
( i am still learning ;)

Nelly said...

@Lyndel Your exhausted ha I am still recovering.I have more in the garage here lots of my shop stuff washed and ready to go plus all the rest of my crap I mean treasures,I will check out your friends things thanks

Nelly said...

@RETRO REVAAm emailing you now Reva

ladychiara said...

Oh Nelly what a wonderful treasure trove you have there! I loved so many things...especially the Indian lady picture.
That fabric would make a great kids bean bag.
Love the old school desk, so glad you rescued it.
That old biscuit barrel is just gorgeous, hope you can find a lid for it, if not it would make a beautiful vase!
Good luck with getting your shop organised, afraid I have no experience in that area but I am sure you will get lots of tips from bloggie friends who do. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! :)

A Treasured Past said...

Gorgeous biscuit barrel, I hope you saved it from the shed. Tam x

Scarlett Fontaine said...

hehe - loved this post! You are so a chick after my own heart with all the goodies in your shed, your shop is going to be well stocked with great stuff! I agreed the fabric is amazing and so needs to be used in something crafty. Scarlett x

Kitty said...

Love the interior of that hat box! It does make you feel so much better when your storage shed/area is tidy and you can see what you've got, doesn't it? Again if you want any help with anything like photos, pricing, or whatever just email me anytime.xx.

The Widow Next said...

I think you might find a buyer for the cuff-links on SPE. There is a Marketplace within the COG of Acceptance, anything that might go Victorian Era would work, I think. And my, what big heaps you have, said Goldilocks to the Gran Bear!

BTW you make a fantastic Joan of Arc in the chain mail! And those beautiful Ladies! Hang them up or find one more and sell them as a set on ebay auction! They are so lovely.

PennI said...

Hi Nelly! What an amazing stash!!!! I love the fabric on thoses pants you were talking about! Just an idea, but I would buy some op shoppy T-shirts, cut out the funky fabric kiddies, and applique them on! That way each design gets featured, and a series could be created that you could give a name such as "retro kids" or something. Anyhoo, just an idea!

Take care!

Penni xxx
(Penni Pops Designs)

Vintage Sunday said...

Oh Nelly ~ I wish the sorting of all my stuff was as much fun! Great job! I have an identical biscuit barrel in green - also missing its lid! I know what you mean about some garage sales - some people really don't know how to run them well - some are so ridiculously overpriced, and continually seem to say "oh it's worth this much in the antique shops" ~ and I think, yes, but I'm not shopping in an antique shop (where they have overheads to meet, and a living to make), I'm shopping at a garage sale - where everyone expects a reasonable price! Thanks again for the fun pics! Love Brenda

Nelly said...

@ladychiara HI LC I love my Indian lady have had her for years think I may frame the fabric its so retro.Will see tho

Nelly said...

@A Treasured PastLeft it at the shed its safer there away from my distructo grandkids.

Nelly said...

@Scarlett Fontaine So glad you enjoyed it lol

Nelly said...

@Kitty Thanks Kitty I did send you an email ages ago but dont think you got it I used email in your profile I think

Nelly said...

@The Widow Next I think SPE will be seeing a few of my things including mens vests Love my chain mail lol been in my collection for a few years was a great bargain at ebay
Wont be selling my ladies have had them forever may think of copying and selling if copyroght allows

Nelly said...

@PennI Nice idea but am thinking of a wall hanging maybe?

Nelly said...

@Vintage Sunday Would love to see your barrel lets hope we both find lids soon wish mine was green.Some Gsales ae just silly and such a waste of time I think they are peopel who have never been to any

Young at Heart said...
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Young at Heart said...

wow...what treasures amongst the trash!! I used to have a basement room that looked like that, every time I passed the door I'd just fling something in: magazines, a broken sewing machine, mugs without handles, curtains without windows....... it is delightfully cathartic clearing out though....