Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My finds of the week

Flood waters have receded and the clean up is well on the way.I found out my fav opshop lost everything so will be awhile before they get going again.Be nice to see their new stock tho and will be there with bells on when it reopens.

Has been a good week for opshopping so far Id be there every day if it wasnt such a drive into town and most of the ladies know me now they know I am an addict and what I am looking for so will often tell me if something I would like comes in.Below are the main items.
1st I found these chaps made from leather/suede with heavy duty metal zipper on each leg and in great condition year made? not sure but perfect for my fancy dress collection.I have also always had a thing for cowboy/girl gear and adore cowboy boots and OK cowboys too lol Found kids cowboy outfit awhile back will be on my YouTube channel as soon as I can so keep an eye out there.

Then at same shop was this butterfly top which I think is done on silk and I think is from the 80s the blue sequins have some colour has rubbed off but still very cute.

This cute tea set I will use in my hireing business eventually,.They are made in Australia and were only $2 the lot 8 cups and 8 saucers.

These odd bods came to $3.50 all up I love vintage crochet bonnets and bootees reminds me of what I dressed my girls in as babies.I have a few peices like this packed away.The little salt shaker looks art Deco and was 50c made in England.Just liked it and no other reason for buying it.

Todays finds were these boxes which I will eventually paint again and use for all my crafty bits and tho ugly were nice and cheap.

and last but most exciting was my 2 vintage hats.40s/50s? So cute.

Speaking of hats I am in the process of making an Edwardian hat using a mans straw hat check out my craft blog for that.

I also went to the Lavender shop for lavender so I can make some sachets as after all the rain things are smelling a tad musty.
Well thats it hope you enjoyed I shall be back soon in the meantime Happy hunting and please comment I would love that.

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