Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Here I am Again

with another thrifty haul.

My adventures into the world I love of opshops allowed me to find these treasures.And since all the oppys are starting to open again bar the one that got flooded I had to go say hi didnt I? lol
In the last week or so I bought.....
another hat from same shop as last 2 and same fiber, maybe from same owner? Today got the cute tapestry look bag.

Last week this Holly Hobby fabric with  (C) American Greetings Corporation Fabrics By the Manes Organization ... and the cute shell necklace.

Some awesome patterns 50c each and I only just bought a vintage look apron pattern a few weeks back for full price, growl!!I love the mermaid pattern and one GD who loved them and I have promised 2 GDs (grandaughters )Ill make doll clothes hence those ones.And the rabbit ones well I used to make to sell so may do that again.Anyway they were a great bargain.
                                   (Why do pics sometimes go the wrong way?)

I love finding crafty bits for the kids as well so bought these bits for a rainy day plus to buy crosstitch kits usually is expensive and this rabbit one was only $1

Love this cushion is an oldie in that vintage velvet with cats and lovely fringing all in tact.I couldnt resist.Then the book with 1940s things in it including the gorgeous pic of Rita Hayworth.Another book of heirloomy things to make. A really cute top even daughter liked it (shock) A 1988 version of Millers antiques with makers marks and all sorts of helpful info that I usuualy gave to google for.
And the little decoder of the codes of the poisens in our food.Will be a handy shopping tool I think.May need to start carrying a Mary Poppins bag around if I add these last 2 items with me too lol.

Took 4 yr old GD opshopping last saturday and these were her treasures.the bird was for her 6yr old brother and I got the cugly (cute ugly dog for me its plaster from 50s?)But was too cute top leave for 80c.

And this is what I won when I made a tender at the local Tender Centre.Next time I will see if I can take a pic as its crazy mad there.

One last thing this pic is my car parked under the shopping centre and is where the floods were back in last post the floods reached the roof of the building above where my car is parked .(Love the way my car actually looks clean for a change lol)All the lifts and escalators are still out of action.

Well thats my ramblings today hope you found something of interest and dont forget check out some of the blogs I follow.

Happy Hunting

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