Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Here I am New Years day and hoping I will and can do a weekly post for the whole year ha ha lets see how I go shall we.This is really my only resolution other than trying to keep a journal/diary for a whole year.Seems I start of ok but dwindles away after a few months.I have quite a few pieces of my ramblings over the years but none that lasts too long woops lol.At least they may keep someone entertained in the future well will give a few laughs at the least.
Due to the holday season many of my opshops have been shut down for the holidays and sadly one of my favourite ones was inundated with flood waters I just hope they were able to get their stock out in time I very much doubt they will be open on the 4th as they hoped as the floods here in Bundaberg were pretty bad for the middle of town and the worst since 1942.Very sad for many people who have lost all their possessions.

So my finds have been few but I did pick up this lovely Vernon Ward print a couple of weeks ago.Was only $5 as they were having a 1/2 off sale.It was in its original 60s frame but as its got chips and peices missing and since matching the paint will be near impossible I think I may reframe it but will see.I have had a thing for swans since I was little always reminds me of balllerinas Maybe coz they are so graceful and I always loved the story of Swan Lake and funnily enough thats what is the name of this print as its written on the back.I am now going to keep my eye out for more of his prints as I love his art workl

I also found these lovely vintage gloves more for my collection.

and this piece of curtain lace which I will use in a vintage 1800s outfit am going to create.

Oh and I have been reading alot of Blogs one I love is called I op Therefore I am .

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