Monday, December 13, 2010

OP Shopping Part 2

Remember I said I was going opshopping at last post? Well I did lol and was lucky to buy a Janome sewing machine I saw the other day for one of my grandaughters (they will all have their own soon)See my own brand new one on my craft blog.Anyway this was my first buy of the day and as you can see its a good old one.I still want a treadle Singer eventually tho.Then I spotted a table (not wood or vintage sadly but a perfect size for 4 sewing machines that will be on it soon and great for cutting fabric for me)

So here are the pics.
Ar rose patterned plate by Myott I googled and seems to be a collectable brand.My plate is called Rose Garden.It was only $1 and so pretty.

Two new scarves one with roses (I must have a rose patterned fetish at the moment lol) and the other one is silk and has a signature Monika Ernst I couldnt find any info on her.Love the pattern.

Grandaughter loved these hair bits.

Look at the crosstitching in this tablecloth it would have taken ages to do LOVE it!

Pillowcases that will be turned into vintage look aprons Keep an eye on my craft blog for them.

A bead sorter for making necklaces $1 for grandaughter a bargain

Had to have these spoons will be used for a kids mad hatter party Havnet seen them with aces and spades before.

More marbles got a great bag last week too they will be on my youtube channel soon.

More hankies all kids ones this timeI hope to one day fimd one worth over $100 like some people do wish me luck ha ha.Also couldnt resist this little 80cent hankie holder.I bet it was made for market stall little tag says
"If your hankerchief is dirty,
Put it in this little shirty
If a clean one you would find
Look in turned-up tail behind"

So you store cleans ones in pocket at back and dirty down fromt of shirt.Cute? I think so Will come in handy soon as my other hankie holder is getting full.Also a pattern to make petticoats.
I am not a tea towel collector (yet) but coulnt resist this 1985 calender koala one
The blue one is from 1977 and was my grandmas.

Vintage look leather red shoes and my size I couldnt resist $4.Cant see the brand as its mostly worn off.

I dont know what I will do with these frames but they were only 50c or $1? all up so I figured the inspiration will come to me later as things seem to do.

Two great books one to inspire me to create some heirloomy gifts and one about
Joan Sutherland for the ideas for costumes.She wore some amazing things.

(sorry pic wont go right way )
Fnally my very 1st Sarah Coventry piece bought for grandaughter so all 3 girls would have a necklace while opshopping with Gran.

Ok thats it for you the kids absconded with a few things so this will do.
Hope you enjoyed my finds more to come soon.
Dont forget to share your finds with me.

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