Sunday, December 12, 2010

Love my Opshops Show and Tell Part one

So after reading some great blogs on opshops and their exciting finds I decided I would do a weekly show and tell.Some things will be vintage (well most will) but there will be some other great bits that I will just want to share.
So hold on and keep watching there might be something you will see and like too.Oh and dont forget I have a youtube channel with other things that I may have not shared here.
All these pics are of things I have found in last month or so.New youtube video coming soon with extra things come and see.

Bangles for $1.50 love the
floral made in Thailand one wear them both all the time

Chinese style cardboard bag, loved it,originally was a gift box for tea it has 2 matching small boxes inside so cute and vintagy

Saw the box and had a nice surprise inside isnt it cute?All of $1

Gorgeous round glass dish(maybe a powder dish?) loved the fact it was waiting for me.Will be for my dresser as soon as I find one I like.(keep watching)

Gorgeous vintage purple velvet skirt by Susan Parsons

60s vintage? dress bet it was for a dance love it

Vintage jewellery bits love the flower earings

I was so happy to find this vintage necklace

I have been buying a lot of rose china peices lately whats with that? lol anyway it will get used just so pretty.

I shall return with part 2 soon have lots to share and think I will go hunting tomorrow too.Yep I really LOVE my opshopping lol

See you soon and dont forget to share with me what you find

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