Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monday Madness


Have you ever heard is of  an artist called Mary Petty ?Well I found  book by her for $2 I liked it because of the illustrations.And googled her when I got home.

And here is a pic of her with a sad tale.
I also got these great card mugs (I have a thing for cards and dice so had to have them.And the cute earings one pair are screw in one are clip ons.Green stone earings )cant think of the name of the stone tho and a carved turtle necklace for GSon.

A few more patterns (I must get the sewing urge back soon)
Beautiful  book of birds

A little blue princess cape a lovely old ledger for my scrapbook/journaling and a great little book full of pics of movie stars

and finally Princess cape for dressups with 4and 1/2 year old GD modelling it

And that was Monday mad or what?

Happy hunting one and all


Vintage Vixen said...

Definately monday madness! Great scores. I want to see more of that cape. xxx

Nelly said...

Will take a pic and put here on this post,Its only a kids one but is cute.