Saturday, January 22, 2011

ARGHHHHH!!!! .....Edited problem solved

So after getting my comment box working I am now unable to follow new blogs .What happens is I click follow and I get a grey avatar instead of my pic no name or anything.Again spending I mean wasting ages googling with no luck.So if anyone can help that would be great.Doing whats left of my remaining brain cells in.
I am also dabbling with a new blog name as I dont just do vintage but Treasure Hunt for all sorts.
Anyway sorry for such a boring post and thanks in advance if you can help solve my dillemma. Argghhhhh!!!

Problem solved here is what I did,

I clicked follow then where is says  More Options.... Click that then under pic or next to it will say something like change profile or   Use a different  blogger profile  ( or something like that) coz now I want it to not work so I can explain how to fix it,It has decided to work so I cant tell the steps (Make sence I doubt it lol.)
Anyway  I had to use my google account not my blogger but now both are working what tha?? see why I say ARGHHHH? Anyway just changing the profie you use worked for me.That only took a few hours and more brain cells (like I have enuff to spare!!) trying to figure it out.

So Hope that helps someone.
Bye for now xxx


Kitty said...

sorry, no idea.

Nana's Nook said...

You have been coming across all the bugs lately. At least I'll know where to go when I can't work something out..frustrating I am sure..glad it's all sorted now :)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Yay I can comment at last!!!! Woo hoo!! So glad things are getting ironed out for sweetie:) xo

Lyndel said...

glad you solved that one, hope you are feeling better today♥

Nelly said...

@Pull Your Socks Up!

I am so excited to get comments I thought no one was reading for awhile.