Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesdays Treasures on Thursday

Tuesdays Treasures Thursdays post.
Been really sick with kidney stones not fun at all if it wasnt the pain it was the nausea that got to me,
Feeling well enough today to post this tho or I will get too far behind.
Anyway my mum came to visit on Monday has been 15 months  since we have seen her and she was my op shopping  teacher lol.
So off we trotted early on with one baby gson in toe (not a great day for that but hubby went fishing) so had to take him.My pain got worse as the day went on so dragging a kid along wasnt fun,but anyway we had some great finds and a couple of misses ( Audrey Hepburn print in someone elses hands boo hoo, a large Marylin Monroe framed print (may take a pic if still there)  already sold and sitting there making people drool and a really cute Lion rocking chair All werent meant to be mine but still boo hoo)
My Toy Shop plaque I have a GD called Bailey-ann and she loves horses so it will go in her room eventually.
 Lookee here a J H Lynch print and only $1.30 sadly she has scratches but I dont care as I have been wanting one of these for ages,
 A scenic print $3.00 not usualy my thing but I liked it,On Back says "Way in the Heathy Land" but I cant find any info on it and cant see artists name.
 Scarves (the blue and pink one I grabbed thinking it was Ken Done grr note to self must look properly),cedar brooches with embroidery,red beads,3 pairs of earings (yellow ones are mummys)Scottish dog print fabric for patchwork,daily inspiration calender,vintage silk scarf oh and  fiction book about old England.

 and a pretty princess dress for the GDs to grow into.
 Gene Pitney (mum said I must add him to my collection so I did as I was told lol) an old basket,
 and this cute print by J.J Hilder

Thats it for now yesterday was a holiday and I was soooo sick and was also my Lauras (#2 daughter) 23rd she was a Bicentenial Australia day baby.Time goes way tooooo fast.


A Treasured Past said...

Hi Nelly, so sorry to hear you have not been well. I was having gall stone problems myself for a few months last year, it was terrible. Hope you recover soon. The toy shop plaque is adorable, I am sure you GD will love it! Take it easy, Tamara

Lyndel said...

hi Nelly, I too hope yr feeling better soon. Wow, if you can Op Shop that well with Mother and a baby in tow, and sick to boot... I can't imagine how you'd go alone feeling great!!! beyond comprehension. ~~ L.

Missy Vintage said...

love the J H lnych print. Even with a few scratches, that's a fab price! good find.

Nelly said...

Thanks everyone for wishing me well but at least I can now post properly.
Missy I saw it sitting up high with the corner of my eye couldnt get there fast enough I was stoked scratches and all.Been wanting some of his work for years.Wonder who was the crazy who put $1.30 on it? I dunno but I love them lol

Kitty said...

SCORE on the Lynch!!!!!!!!!

Nelly said...


Wasnt it just?Be great to find some more.

Vintage Vixen said...

Hope you're feeling better soon.
I love your Tina, she's a beauty. I've actually got two. xxx

Miss Claire said...

Oh golly, can't believe how cheap the lynch print was! I have the woodland nymph hanging proudly on my wall, water stains and all! I bought it off ebay for about $40 and thought that was a steal!

Also adore your cow! Gorgeous! Thank you for your nice comment on my dress and make-up less face! You're lovely.

Thank you for sharing your finds!

Xox Claire

Vintage Coconut said...

The pictures you found are lovely. I am on the hunt for some right now at the moment too. I have a big empty space just waiting for the perfect picture. The area is right above where I have my laptop sitting, so whatever picture it is.. it better be great because I am sure I will be staring at it alot. =)

Nelly said...

@Vintage Coconut With the things you find I am sure will find one soon.But make sure you dont find any containers and tip them over eww Yes I read that post of yours too poor thing but I couldnt help but laugh.