Friday, September 17, 2010

Some cute finds and a bit more.

What a week of dramas.I wont go into the personal stuff but seems getting back into my own home is getting further and further away as does my own craft/study/storage/labratory/creatin and Grannys escape room.My daughter and I spent all last Sunday unpacking one storage shed and placing in another so I could get my vintage pretties out and after spending the week arranging my dresses on racks in the shed where we are living we then find we have to move out soon so away I went again packing them up but not before I got a pic to share.(see below)Oh and remember those boots I bought from a few posts ago? Well while unpacking all my gear I found 2 more pairs in my size but I suppose you cant have too many vintage look boots can you?lol

Oh well such is life at least I have my opshop addiction to fall back on to keep me sane! Well kind of sane ha.

This week I didnt get out much but was able to find these gorgeous old teapots.After I finished creating the mad hatter outfit I thought it would be fun to start getting a collection of teapots so we may one day have a mad hatter party for the kids.I figure the teapots would be great to use to have kiddie drinks in and am sure they will love it.My youngest grandaughter has had a fascination with teapots for ages now and I bought a small teaset for her which she has had fun with.

Today was fun, I snuck out for a bit hoping to find some vintage clothing,as I was having opshop withdrawals.No dresses but I found a few lovely old watches.The one on the left isnt old at all but I will use it, the middle ones arent very old either but the one on the right is an old wind up one.All bar one work and were from $2-$4 in price so will go well with the rest of my vintage watch collection.(yes packed away)

Then I saw this gorgeous brooch,I do think its old.Sadly the clasp at the back isnt the original.You can see where the old one was and someone has glued a new back onto it.I think it is silver and turquoise but cant find any markings(may have been on old clasp?)Even if not vintage its still very sweet.I also grabbed another pair of glass earings also from West Germany as ones from last post were.

The little rings I couldnt resist most like as 2 were green (fav colour) and had an old look even tho they are only brass I think they are still very pretty and came as a group.

Now here is a teaser of some of my vintage dresses all squashed in a rack before being repacked. I have collected for years,there are many others also.One day I hope to show them individually but for now this will have to do.Take my word there are some yummy dresses in that lot.

Happy Treasure Hunting everyone and thanks for reading.

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