Monday, September 20, 2010

60s Tasselled dress and other yummy things

Can you beleive it I have done 2 posts in a week how rare is that but I just had to share I mean show off ha ha.
I went to one of my fave opshops and walked straight to the retro section as I do (not often they have real vintage, tho last week I got a gorgeous 80s bridemaid dres) and there hung this gorgeous tasselled silk satin 60s dress.To me it looks like a go go dress but I dont think its the right name or look for a gogo its most likely an evening dress.Its label as seen below is SSW as many seemed to be back then befireall the junk food we now eat was even heard of and caused us to get larger lol.Its more a pink peach colour than orange like its showing.
I can also find no info on the Brand so most like wasnt a huge maker.
Here it is in all its glory isnt it de-lish?There is a very small hole on back near zip which doesnt detract from it at all and could be easily repaired.

The small hole

(Sorry for some reason pic keeps going sideways)

At another opshop I found this dress its not vintage at all but reminds me of a 50s style dress I have a couple of these I love to wear that are in cotton fabric this one is stretch lace and in my fave colour (anything in any green gets my attention) so bought and it will get a huge wear during summer shopping days.

and close up of ruching and fabric

Then at another one I saw this bag of craft bits turned it over and saw rhinestones so had to buy.Seems like someone took a lot of time trimming things from shoes to use for craft.I already know what I will do with a couple of things and seeing as there are 2 of most I will be able to replace rhinestones from one to put in another.For $2 it whawas worth seeing what was inside and I am more than happy.A couple of bits are just total junk but thats ok by me.
Saw this side 1st
then this side ....
Then unpacked and had these....

The large round ones will become one hairclip or brooch and the others we shall see.
Oh and I got another wedding dress(was cheap and pretty) in the Jane Austen style (mostly for my fancy dress as it isnt vintage)will show in another blog as I have a few gorgeous Vintage wedding dresses to share.

PS I have a lovely dressmakers dummy called Mabel who shall be coming out of retirement soon so I can display my dresses better.
PPS I hope to get better with making my pictures fit nicer this will happen eventually,any tips will be gratefully accepted.
Hope you enjoyed and have found your own treasures this week.

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