Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vintage earings show off post.

After browsing one of my Fav op shops today and finding nothing of interest I noticd some ladies looking into a small basket of jewellery so after they were finished I also had a look.Inside was a few earings of interest and a packet of what said glass beads but looked like older style earings so I bought the lot for $2.50.It wasnt till I had a good look later that I noticed the packet said Glass beads $2.50 ea(each)Made in West Germany and yep they are all glass earings stamped Made in Germany all screw in backs.How lucky was I over $20 worth (their price)for $2.50 the lot.I think 50s or 60s? The black ones are so old looking.
Here they are

I have been collecting lots of earings (and other jewellery bits) like this for a few years now and will post more when I unpack my prettys (eventually)!? lol

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