Monday, August 30, 2010

Vintage Patterns how exciting.

Yes a bit late with my last promise but will have to double up this week.Been busy creating costumes for the grandkids story book day.One is Mad hatter(he is old) another Wally (from the Wheres Wally "80s fame) and last but not least is little Pippi Longstocking (remember her?).I do love creating outfits for the kids.I will post pics very soon (cos they are all vintage and or retro characters arent they?).I have also been knitting some items for a friend so haven't just been sitting around.Excuses excuses I know.

So here I am and ...

Today on my search for the bits to finish off the above costumes at my fav stores (yes the thrift ones) I saw a packet of vintage patterns and they were only 50cents the lot maybe because they are German but the pics inside are awesome.They are like a mini magazine with ads and pictures and the patterns all inside.Am so happy the opshop ladies didnt see their worth and price them higher.
This is what I saw and grabbed...

I didnt even have a good look at them till I got home and they are 1963 and 1964 patterns I am so excited even if not written in English (translators are awesome for helping out)Will have to add using them to my project list along with all the other things I have to do.Ha ha.Nothing worse than an empty project basket I suppose?
Check them out.March/April/May/June/July/Aug/Oct/Nov/Dec 1963

On the back of all the above there are ads 5 of them have pics 60s of wedding dresses 2 have ads nylon stockings and underwear last 2 have one for Vitamins for kids and one for koffee.

The following are from Jan-June 1964 with differing adverts on the back.No dresses tho.

Hope you enjoyed them.I know there was a lot of pics.I mean a real lot well seemed that way as I had to start all over loading

This last vintage one I picked up a month or so back.It is for Barbie dolls and similar sized dolls.Very 50s/60s.

Will most like give them a go eventually there are still little girls in my family who love their Barbie and hey I still have my very 1st one (early 1970s)and she needs a new wardrobe as she has lost hers over the years.(any excuse I suppose lol)

Till next time hope you find a treasure to love.

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