Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New vintage finds.( I love opshops)

I promise, well I will try very hard,to do a weekly post.I must admit I have been so busy at the Steam Punk Empire I have neglected many things.They are so very creative over there.I cant wait to make something Victorian.I have been buying bits and pieces for the outfit I have in mind tho and naughty me I just bought a pair or very Victorian style boots of Ebay but they were calling my name so I caved(yes I am weak)but arent they so Victorian looking and so gorgeous arent they?

Anyway will show you lots of Steampunk gear very soon.At the moment I am on a truly Vintage roll.I am growing my personal collection and am thinking of adding them as a seperate part of my fancy dress hire business.All my fancy dress gear is still in storage at the moment but I will get into it again very soon.I am missing playing with all my pretties I can tell you.

So here I am to show off, I mean share all the new things I have bought the last few weeks.
The first is a jacket that I call Joyce (after the previous owner).Joyce was bought from the Bundaberg Markets from a lovely lady who said it used to belong to her dear friend Joyce who would be 94 this year if she was still here.I told her I would add it to my lovely collection and that I would be back as she has a few more odds and ends to bring to next markets (lets hope she remembers) Joyce only cost $5 so was a vintage bargain she has a label that says Created BY Los Angeles Tailor of Melbourne with another tag that sais DiamondFur made in England.I havent been able to find any info on either company yet.Id say Joyce is from the 50s or 60s.

Now I know these shoes are not old or vintage but I had to buy them to put with my 60s outfits They are a Djano and Julliette brand Dont you think they look 60s? $5 and they were mine.

Here are my newest vintage hats.The woven one and the yellow and black (bee) one have no labels but are very vintage as you can see .The bee coloured one had netting that I will replace in time.The white one looks very classy.It has a label that says Gerrards of Melbourne.It is so lovley with the way it has been made and the lovely velvet like flower.

Last but not least is something that is not clothing but very vintage and I couldnt believe no one had snapped it up already. double chenille bedspread with all the patterns in colour over it.I have seen these on ebay and they usually go for a good amount.Mine was from Endos and only cost $10 Its a keeper thats for sure.I got the velvelt floral one in previous post there also for same price.(see under ballerina musical box/powder Jar post)

Well I do have other bits to share but will add them to a random post at a later date,which will be next week when I keep my promise....
Hope you all enjoyed my finds ...till next week happy hunting and may we all find a treasure this week.

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