Friday, July 23, 2010

I found the Era I love best.

If you have read my previous posts you will know I have been a lover of old things like Forever! and have been totally fascintaed with the way many women and some men also dress in the vintage way of their choice.This ning site one of my favourites for vintage styles.
Even tho I collect as much as I can I have never dressed like this ( an occassional fancy dress party besides) as I knew it wasnt my era and am often envious (in a good way) on how great they look and how each of them know where they belong ine their sense of themselves and the era/s they adore.

Anyway for ages now I have been wondering what would I be most comfortable wearing what attracts me the most what gets my goosbumps moving well really what era is really for me?

And at last I have finally come to the conclusion that the Victorian era is 100% for me.From the beautiful hairstyles right down to the boots its exactly what I am most comfortable with.I LOVE and have always loved (even as a child) watching any movies where they are wearing that style like in many of the old westerns and musicals like Hello Dolly and My Fair Lady.
Oh and I mustnt forget Titanic (who could forget that one) and the Pirate movies (yes a bit before Victorian) but still up my alley.

This style has always made me want to be a part of it and after after visiting a great place called Steampunk Empire It was like a revelation (I saw the Light) of course my era is the Victorian one.

So now I am seriously thinking that I need to join a theatrical society or something where I can learn and help to create these type of costumes.I have always wished I had gotten involved in theatrical designs and now I am getting Old/er I think its about time to put my creative force in that direction.

I will always love other eras and will continue collecting but to be able to integrate Victorian fashions into a modern twist is where I will be heading.Dont get me wrong I wont be garbing myself in bustles and huge hats to go shopping lol but taking some of the style is what I will aim to do wether its a vintage looking jacket or lace up boots (which I have some of) thats where I shall be.

BTW if you havnet seen any or all of the above movies you so need to (tissues a must for Titanic)

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