Sunday, June 27, 2010

A lovely little Glass Music Box/Jar

Been totally slack here lately due to numerous reasons but I am back with lots of yummy things to share so stay tuned.

Have you ever gone into a shop (for me an opshop as I am an opshop addict) and you see something that just grabs you and tho you dont buy it on the same day you cant stop thinking about how nice it is.You dont know why as it could be something that another may think is nothing.Thats what happened to me this week.I saw this gorgeouse cut glass jar music box with a little ballerina on top and she just got my imagination going.I went back and looked at it and picked it up probably 4 times in the week and finally decided to just buy it for a low amount of $5.I bought it thinking that it didnt even work and was going to get hubby to unscrew it and see if he could get it working.
After I got it home I fiddled with a couple of things pulled up one of the small nobs and away it went.I was thrilled.
I can just imagine it being given to a small girl as a present many years ago and maybe it was one of her prized possessions.

Not sure what I will store in the jar yet but she will take pride of place in my craft room when it is built.

I think it may be 1940s-60s more likely the 50sI think.What do you think?

The gorgeous fabric she is sitting on was another opshop find a few months ago.Its a double bedspread made from old velvet and covered in flowers and cupids.

As my grandkids say....Op shops rock!!!

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