Friday, May 21, 2010

My Newest Retro and Vintage Finds

You should have seen my excitement today when after going to some pretty sad garage sales and feeling disapointed I decided to go to one of my favourite opshops and am so glad I did as I found not one but THREE gorgeous retro dresses then I found some gorgeous vintage gloves (have some gorgeous vintage gloves also yes in my other collection) What a great opshopping day for me I am still smiling.
The 1st dress I saw and thought wow is a dark aqua/green colour (pic doesnt show it well) and is quite flash with all the sequins on the neck and cuffs.The Brand is Trevira and is called Marcia June.Sadly someone has cut off half the tag so dont know the size but I think an Aussie 10-12.Fits me firmly and I am a 12 so would fit a perfect 12 or larger 10 well.

The next Dress is a Glenys brand from Brisbane.Has buckle at neck and cuffs and the neck area has a long tie at the back.

I love the fabric and colour of the 3rd one its also a Glenys brand.Its actually a vibrant orange.

The Green Gloves are very emerald in colour.What amazes me is how small womens hands used to be back in those days along with their tiny waists.

I hope you enjoyed my new finds I just had to show off I mean share.Leave me some comments on what you see here would love to connect with others who love what I love as well.

Till next time happy treasure hunting,


Retro Chick said...

That top dress is gorgeous!

lovesuperkarma said...

it been quite awhile since i saw you on skype so i am here to say hi and tell you what a great blog you have here ....