Friday, May 21, 2010

I admit it I am a crazy collector

Yes I am and it must be official coz my daughter said so lol.This is how the story went ...I dragged my 22 year old daughter to the opshops to see what I could score to put a smile on my face and saw some old wooden school rulers a couple even had old metric measurements and how could I resist seriously I had to buy them and start a new collection.The daughter rolled her eyes again and said Oh Mother which means your crazy she did have a smile on her face knowing that as long as I am happy life is good lol.(by the way even tho she may be dragged screaming and crying into the opshops she usually comes out with something she is happy about)
I am making sure the grandkids know opshops are great and they are seeing what great bargains they get and the value of it.
The guilty rulers that showed I was crazy

None of my collections are overly large or crazily excessive but I do have a few differnet ones.Many may have only a few bits to it but they are still a collection that I enjoy.

I have mens vintage ties most of which have that retro flair and colour.(will have to count them one day)I used to cut them up for patchwork and then realised how pretty they were and they are way too nice to cut up.

This is a minute part of my tie collection the pink and orange are my latest finds

I have dice which I am always adding to.They have to be old dice from games none of the brand new ones with no history.I have lots of marbles (never will be able to say I have lost my own marbles now )Many of the marbles are ones my mum owned when she was young.They also must be old ones or they dont get added.

I started collecting vintage powder compacts recently and kick myself for not nabbing a gorgeous one from the opshop I saw earlier this year which had the whole set including lipstick holder compact and pill container it had coloured rhinestones embedded in each piece and was an oldie.It sat for ages I was watching,the price was a tad high but I found out later that when they reduced the price it got nabbed very fast.
This was an ebay find and is the 1st of many I am sure

Sadly many of my collections are still packed away waiting to see the light of day when we build our new house and I get my craft/office come storage room.That includes my vintage clothing and jewellery.Thats when I will be adding alot more pictures.In the meantime I can and will only be adding things I can get to and new things I find.

Have to tell you about a collection thats not vintage,old or anything yet ( you will then agree I am certifiable crazy stop laughing!) You know the toys that the kids get when they go to maccas or micky dees also known as Macdonalds? Well the kids have to be quick to open them or they go into the future collectables box never to be opened.Daughter says I am mean lol but the older ones are starting to get the dont open the future collectable idea.

Am sure I have forgotten other things I have started collecting but that gives me something for another post later.

Talking of collections there is a great Aussie show we have here on ABC each week its called Collectors and it shares the collections of many other Australians. I love it coz I dont feel so alone in my crazy world of collecting and it also makes me realise my collections has nothing on many other peoples.

I was also reading other blogs out there and one smart person had a list of many Op shops in Aus and I hope they dont mind but I had to do the same so go Here and enjoy many other op shops in Aus you may not have known about.

So now its known I am a crazy collector but I dont care and I know by coming out I will meet other like minded people. If you are one no matter what you collect please come say hi so we can share our craziness together,

To the craziness of collecting,


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