Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sail-ho Saturday

oh look theres my makeup
Ok its not that type of sail its the  yay I am selling things again sale.A few of you see what I sell on my FB page but  others of you dont use FB so I shall let you have 1st choice here ok?

Oh and if anyone knows anyone that is a good cariacture artist please let me know.There is a reason (to be unveiled at a future time)

Now on with the sale....

 Single bed Chenille bedspread $20 one small stain and slight discolour at top newly washed tho.
 70s single bedspread $20
 Enid Books $2 each (sold)
 Above the knee cute dress $10 aprox size 10
 Details of sleeves on  vintage top below.
 ssw size $10
 non vintage boho dress $10 says size 6 (what tha)
Gorgoeus home made cheongsam style dress( I adore this and wore it in a post Here) sadly it doesnt fit me.$18
 70s dress $8 has 2 buttons missing

 Chines style jarmmies $15
 Vintage 70s early 80s $20
 70s Maxi skirt $15
 Vintage dress 70s/early 80s era? $20
 A Helga dress $18
Vintage nightie ooo la la $10

 Vintage 70s? $18
 Maxi peasant skirt $15 aprox size 10 (Sold)
 Vintage 70s fine fabric poly maxi dress $15
 hmm 70s I think $15
 Ties $2 each

 80s madonna lace dress $10
 Kimino top $8.50
 Hot Tuna knee shorts satin chines fabric aprox size 8-10 $8

  Overwhelmed? Underwhelmed? Whatever whelmed you are there is lots more to come so stay tuned.Will be listing everything on my Vintage Wishes facebook shop in about 12 hours from now so be quick and say sold or sold pending questions answered in your comments but be quick.I will get back to you asap.Casting off now ...

Nelly xxx

Oh and I was nearly going to sell my 70s Arkana Chairs   but am not sure now as they are really comfy,I just dont have the space in this house(next house most like will tho).Does anyone know the value?(have seen some crazy prices) Should I sell or should I keep?If you cant comment feel free to email me (Kitty this may be one for you xx)

Arkana chairs have 2 both need touch ups on metal otherwise are perfect (shhh dont tell the kids or the damage will happen)



Mitzi said...

Wow, lots of colorful fashions! I actually like that bedspread the most, though. It would be cool to cut up and create pillows with...

Ruth Kelly said...

and the winner is the white sleeves.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

SOLD!!!!! The black maxi embroidered skirt!! xoxo

Nelly said...

@Pull Your Socks Up! sold to the pretty blonde on her birthday xx

Kitty said...

Nelly if you're going to sell the chairs, then sell them to me, 'kay?? It's the law :)