Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Want This Dress

Can you see why?

 The lace,the red, the sleeves,the vintageness of it.Gorgeous!!

This pic is from the Blog of the  stunningly gorgeous Roz at Clothes,Camera and Coffee.

If you havent seen her blog yet you must.

Oh and did I tell you how much I want this dress?Yes I know it would never fit me but I would love one just like this that would.

In other news I am going to start showing you all that I am selling before I list at Etsy so you can get 1st dibs in its decluttering time for me.Stay tuned I hope to add something each day.

Nelly xxx

Ps finally got a battery charger for my camera but now am having internet problems.Maybe the cool rainy weather we are having in the 1st week of summer?Bring back summer I say!!

and an hour later I am still trying to publish this post!

and many hours later we have lift off.


Misfits Vintage said...

That dress is lovely. Good luck with your internet probs - isn't it fab when it works and infuriating when it doesn't!

Sarah xxx

Scarlett said...

The dress is fabulous - i could see you wearing it and looking beautiful. Scarlett s

Aunt Jane's Attic said...

Hi Nelly
Very Wuthering Heights, fantastic colour. Julie xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Love! I was thinking Kate Bush too x

rkbsnana said...

Oh Nelly, you must have that dress. It is so "you".

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Looks very vampie to me - and very HOT! And so YOU Nelly! I know you could sew yourself one :- )

You're going on Etsy! Yaaay! And I know you're going to be a smashing success! Let us know when the Grand Opening happens! I'm featuring different Etsy stores on my blog so lemme know & you'll be there!

((HUGS)) from sunny (but chilly) California!


pastcaring said...

That is indeed a gorgeous frock, and you would indeed look gorgeous in it!xxx

Helga! said...

O,Nelly,that is a stunner of a frock,and very you!
Poos to internet issues!I find that wet weather affects things a bit,especially Skype!BLOODY technology!
Ooo,that's great that we will get first gander,you have great tasts,and I'll be keeping my peepers peeled for frocks that fit my booboids!

Sharon's Sunlit Memories said...

Its a lovely dress. I can just see you in it!

Vintage Coconut said...

That dress is quite lovely Nelly. I know it would look amazing on you too!
*GAH* Interenet problems.... hate em.

delia hornbook said...

That is a beautiful dress and i could just see that you on. I hope you manage to sort your pc out. Take care, dee xx