Thursday, October 6, 2011

Which Frocking Friday Frock?

My circus tent frock its a Mary Charmaine original Brand. Can you tell I wasnt feeling it?
 But I love it still.$6
Look at all that work.

Do you prefer  my groovy green frock?$4 Peer Gynt Brand. Looks like Bark cloth fabric?

needs a few alterations in the straps before I wear it out.(am safety pinned in right now)
 yes its way more me.
Do you all have the apple seed necklaces?
 This is my bits and bling.All opped over time

 Or do you prefer my  vintage cameo lace top I found yesterday?(Cameo lace top coz you just have to wear cameos with it dont ya think?) (no brand just size tag yes I just squeezed into a size 10 couldnt breathe mind you lol)

 and looks whos making an appearance.
 I cracked myself up here I nearly gave you the finger when showing the ring realised what finger it was  and dropped it just in time. lol Its my cameo ring I just glued together,it didnt work as earings.
 and the bits and bling.You think I like cameos?Mmm I think your right and this isnt all of them.
everything here has been opped over time.
 This was the other top which is really a capelet and I bet used to have a dress with it.Wish Id find the dress too.Hand made with love.

 I am going out to appointments now and this is what I am wearing.Top was opped yesterday not vintage just pretty.

and now I am all frocked out am off like a bucket of prawns in the sun.

Nelly xxxx


Helga! said...

O,hell,Nelly,you make me giggle like a gaggle of schoolgirls!! I'm not sure about the first frock,but everything elese is making me drool with envy!!! EEEEK! You're rockin' it,girlie,o YES!!

Vintage Coconut said...

Did someone say Prawns? LOL
Oh Nelly first off I read your comment on my last post and LOL'ED at the thought of a guy trying to pick up a girl saying "Everytime I see a crustacean I think of you." Then I giggled and giggled more.

Now about the dresses. I think the top one is cute. I love all the fantasticness up on the top.
The barkcloth one is my favorite! *So bright cheery and fun* I love the crazy designs on it.
Your cameo ring is lovely. (I am glad you didn't tell us all to F off!)
*Plop you into a victorian movie in that black getup and you would fit right in.*
YOU LOOKED GREAT in all you have shown us today.


My Vintage Vow said...

Oh Nelly I am smitten with the Peer Gynt, it's green my most favorite color, it's bold, it's wonderful. The caplet is ever so sweet too. Loved all your other finds especially the tooled leather bag.....drool.

Susan @ Second Chances by Susan said...

I love the cameo bits and bling...the hat, the shoes, the purse...all of it! And, I love the black lace blouse...very nice!

Kitty said...

Well you might not be feeling it but you're certainly looking the part!!! Those last few pics of you are so lovely, your inner self is really shining through :) Personally I like the second dress best.xx.

Max said...

the peer gynt! I am 99% certain my gran has curtains in that exact same print/colour in the 70's. The first dress is beautiful, I think it needs a blonde though maybe (do you have wigs amongst your many groovy accessories?) Have a great weekend x

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Great dresses! I like the first one a lot. I'm into flowy dresses at the moment. I'm a big cameo fan too.

Em x

pastcaring said...

All fab but the barkcloth Peer Gynt is definitely my favourite.
Gorgeous little capelet too, and the cameo ring is brilliant.
Looking good for the weekend, Nelly, looking GOOD!

Vintage Jane said...

I really love you in the first one ... looks kind of sweet, but by the time we get to the black lace the innner vamp is coming out!! M x

Kylie said...

I love the Peer Gynt Nelly, so perfect for Summer with a nice pair of wedges or even thongs and the little lovely, just lovely x

Bungalowgirl said...

I haven't been able to post comments for days and it has been driving me bonkers but think I finally might have fixed it. Firstly, LOVED your little dress/bloomers/bonnet combo- it wouldn't be a size 3 by chance would it? You must be psychic too as it's a bonnet that I am making miss Liongirl.
Secondly love the nut cracking mat and your new green barkcloth dress is my fave too. Love frock on friday. melx

Vande Historic Costuming said...

Surely the Peer Gynt will be a staple this summer! Delightful!

Vix said...

Perfectly styled and all fab but the green one, wow! I'll swap you my kitchen for that one, deal? xxx

Betsy said...

Let's see....I think I like the long green dress the best. I think it's fun, funky, and casual.

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Hello Nelly! And everyone else! I am new to blogging & I bounced here from I'm not even sure where now! But I'm sure glad I did & I've spent a good bit of this morning exploring and LOVING your site. You're a clever and lovely gal (a GRAMA you say? Of SIX?! Hoo-boy, you've got it going girl!) I shall stop by often - BTW what really snagged me is your "Kind Hearted Blogger Pledge" - I shall take it & use it (as soon as I figure out how - I'm new, remember :- )! Thank you so much!

Krista said...

Hi Nelly! Prawns in the sun hang on I'm coming!!! I love your top hat outfit, kinda like an evil Mary Poppins, the whole outfit is killer!!!!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh that green frock is SPECTACULAR! You look amazing in it and I LOOOOOOVE the fabric! Love all of your cameos too - and of course, that top hat!

Sarah xxx